Wedding Morning Glee

I found this picture of bride Emma rocking her headband, and doing a little pre-wedding teeth brushing via A Cup of Jo.

This is it! This is how I want to look the morning before my wedding. This is how I want to feel. I don’t want a thousand people primping me. I don’t want a gown that takes five people to get me into. I don’t want to be thinking about if the programs came out right, or if the centerpieces have wilted. Eff the centerpieces! I just want to be rocking out, giddy, excited, happy, and brushing my little teeth. And David will have to document it for you, because to save money on the wedding photography front, I decided we did not need pro-shots of me in my skivvys.

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  • hehehe – thats such a fun shot! I wont be trying to recreate that one though because I would be the one to burst out laughing and cover the camera (and person behind it) with toothpaste spit.
    Just a thought about the 5 people to get you into the dress. Mine has a zipper up the back and I can get myself in and out of it in 5 seconds flat… but I’ll have a picture with some of the women helping me pull the wedding day together in a getting ready shot as a symbolic, they helped me in so many intimate ways to become a beautiful bride who can’t stop smiling…. anyway – just a thought from my bizarre little world. :-)

  • ~M

    awesome shot! i definitely nixed the photos of me in my bridal lingerie…that’s for my husband and me only, thankyouverymuch! :)

  • Aw, her expression really does tell a thousand words.

  • Love it! (and the hair as well!)

  • Love it! It’s funny, I’ll be getting my hair done and will have people helping me but I canceled the photog coming ahead of time to take pictures of me getting ready. I know, that if there is one time that I will have a meltdown or bridezilla moment it will be while i am getting my hair and makeup done!
    these kinds of shots, IMO, are better taken by friends!

  • Anonymous

    Cute. I’ve opted out of the professional prep photos as well. Don’t see the point of them. Besides, do I really want to see pix in our wedding album of me with bad hair and no makeup? Um…no.

  • I love this photo! Although I think the original pictured said in comments that this was actually post wedding. I think though that the idea of focusing on being incredibly giddy the entire day through is a good goal!
    When Dad and I do wedding photography, the “prep” stuff is usually something like setting the veil, putting on the shoes, etc. I cannot remember my father being in the room with the bride having less than the actual dress on! The whole idea of a photographer you don’t know snapping pictures of you as you’re poked and prodded into a dress is a bit creepy to me!

  • So refreshing to hear. My wedding was 1 1/2 weeks ago, and we do not have prep pictures. I’ve seen our full set of proofs already, and I don’t miss those pics at all.

  • Thanks, ladies, for all the sweet comments. This was, in fact, taken post-wedding, pre-bath, pre-sleep, but all the excitement and joy etc were definitely still there. My husband took the photo, and as the photographer is still developing the pictures, it’s one of the only shots we have thus far. Luckily, it makes me remember how blissed out I felt the whole day. Weddings are the best. I want one every year, like a birthday party.

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