Wedding Party Alternatives: The Non-Bridesmaid

I had to share Lauren’s fabulous wedding party plan:

I’m not having bridesmaids, so I sent an Evite (I love Evites) to 10 of my friends asking them to be non-bridesmaids, with the following job description. It was really fun to read what everyone wrote back (and they all loved the idea!)

A non-bridesmaid:

  • Listens to me complain about how expensive weddings are.
  • Comes wedding dress shopping IF she wants .
  • Helps my mom throw a shower.
  • Domes to the bachelorette party if she can.
  • Helps out doing whatever she likes to do or is good at (i.e. baking snickerdoodles, making invitations, making funny videos of the other guests, drinking mimosas, etc).
  • Helps me get ready day-of (hint: this may involve drinking mimosas).
  • Tells me when I’m being bride-zilla-ish.

A non-bridesmaid does NOT:

  • Wear the same dress as all the other non-bridesmaids. She wears her own dress (or skirt, or lovely pantsuit) instead.
  • Get her hair or makeup done for my wedding (you all are very familiar with making yourself look beautiful every day), Caveat: if you WANT to get your hair or makeup done because you love any excuse to be pampered, then I am all for that! Pamper yourself!
  • Carry flowers. Caveat: if you really want some flowers, I will get you some, just for being such a fabulous friend.
  • Stands in the front of all the other guests. But you can sit in the front row if you arm wrestle my brother for his spot!

I hope you get the idea. If I were going to have a giant wedding party, you would absolutely all be up there with me, but I’m not, and I still wanted you to know how much you mean to me and how much I appreciate your friendship. Plus, with an Evite, you can all read each other’s clever comments!

PS – How is it that after we finally settle on a wedding party alternative, suddenly there are a million and one amazing ideas flying around?

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