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Editors Note: When chatting with APW staffer and photographer Emily, it came up that she wanted to shoot a wedding all on Instagram. I thought that was the coolest thing ever, and hooked her up with my friend Rachel. The resulting photos blew me away. The fact that this wedding was shot and edited on the iPhone only is a testament to what a skilled photographer can do. —Meg

* Rachel & Jelmer * Photographer: Emily Takes Photos * Soundtrack for reading: “The Way You Do the Things You Do” by The Temptations *

One sentence sum up of the wedding vibe: We tried to keep things simple, fun, and kid friendly.

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The Info—Photographer: Emily Takes Photos / Venue: Las Cumbres Community Center / Rachel’s Dress: French Connection / Jelmer’s Suit: Suit Supply / Wedding Invitations: Minted

Other cool stuff we should know about: We were first married in March, with our parents as witnesses, in the Netherlands. The setting was very different from the Santa Cruz Mountains, and we officially feel as though we have two homes.

We had our guests officiate our wedding in unison. Since we had been married for a month, we did not want to simply go through the steps again. It seemed more fitting to have our friends and family join together to marry us as a way to also symbolize the joining of the families. It was fun for us to watch everyone and a great way to get the whole room together.

Logistically, it was a family affair. The parents did the majority of the work. Rachel’s dad did most of the preparty planning, and her mom did the day-of organization with the caters. Jelmer’s parents set up and took down the decorations. And Rachel’s mom had a friend from work who acted as our bartender too. The only thing we regret is that we misplaced the tequila and couldn’t have margaritas as planned!
Favorite thing about the wedding: The people! We are so lucky to have the nicest, warmest, and most caring friends and family.


Emily’s Note About How The Wedding Was Shot:  After reading “How to Crowdsource Your Wedding Photos with Instagram,” I mentioned to Meg how I thought it might be fun as a professional photographer to shoot and edit a wedding entirely on my iphone. She put me in touch with her friend Rachel, and it worked out that I was able to attend their wedding and shoot it on my phone!

I found myself working harder than normal to get the right photos; normally I can trust my camera to help me make beautiful images, but I was on my own here. The nice thing about using the phone instead of my regular (giant) camera, is that fewer people noticed me taking photos, so it was easier to get candids. I borrowed my husband’s Ollo Clip for some wide-angle shots which helped me in a few tight spaces. All the photos were edited on my iPhone using the PicTapGo app (which I LOVE) and then published on Instagram (I didn’t use the Instagram filters, but I did use the tilt-shift function on some of the images). I did all the cropping in PicTapGo, so some of the photos are square, some I left in the original size (SquareReady is another app you can use to publish photos on Instagram without cropping). (You can read more about this on Emily’s blog today. —M)

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