See It, Do It: Peel-And-Stick Letters

Say it with vinyl

We’re introducing a new feature today! See It, Do It is a hybrid of How We Did It meets How To (Lite). It’s our answer for those of you who want to submit your wedding, but maybe don’t have a whole story you want to tell. If you have a cool lazy-girl project that you want to share, send it in using our Wordless Wedding form, telling us what you did and how you did it along with a few photos. For the rest of you, this is our effort at filling the wedding world with projects that have actually been executed at real weddings, instead of imaginary things that are really cool as one-offs, but that would make you pass out if you attempted full scale. The first is a highlight from this morning’s wedding, and it inspired the series.

See It/Do It: Stick-On Letters | A Practical Wedding (7)See It/Do It: Stick-On Letters | A Practical Wedding (10)

Peel-and-stick letters + Quotes = Magic

The letters are available on Amazon (for cheap). The quotes are in your brain. These letters are easy to apply, and easy to remove without damaging your venue.

Effort: minimal. Impact: Big. Just how we like our projects.

From Kelley and Matt’s wedding, photo by Hart & Sol West

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  • Kayjayoh

    I imagine you need to take careful stock of the letters involved in your phrase(s) and make sure you buy enough letter packs: 1-B-D,F,G,J-M,O-Q,S,T,Z. 2-N. 3-A,E,R. 6-I.

    • M is for Megan

      We’re doing the party sign from one of the early party store tutorials, and just yesterday I found a piece of paper in my bag with the wildest sequences of letters in a column and could not for the life of me figure it out what it was… But it was a test to see how many packages to buy!

      • Guest

        oh great thank you for sharing.

    • Kayjayoh

      It occurs to me that a way to accurately count your letters is:

      1. Type your text in Word, put a space between each letter and paste into Excel.
      2.Use “text to columns” to get one letter in each column.
      3. Copy that column and “paste special” (probably onto another worksheet page) with “transpose” selected to get the column into a row.
      4. Finally, use sort to get the letters into alphabetical order. The number of each will be very easy to find.

      This might not be the *simplest* way to do it, but for some people, it will be a handy way to get a very accurate count, especially for a longer phrase.

      • Emily

        Love the Excel approach! Glad I’m not the only nerd who’d do something like that.

  • Laura Libby

    One word of caution (if this even needs to be said): The adhesive on these letters is permanent, so make sure that, wherever you stick them, your venue doesn’t freak out and/or charge you a massive damage fee!

  • This is freakin’ genius. And from a pro, I emphasize checking with your venue even for the removable letters. You wouldn’t want to spend HOURS (ahem) on a project (cough, cough) only to find out at your rehearsal that the venue won’t let you use it (hypothetical, ahem).

  • Jenn

    There are some spectacular temporary wall vinyls on Etsy. I’m getting these for my wedding next year to put up as a background for the sweetheart table!