Wedding Undergraduate: Overwhelmed With Joy

I thought we’d end the week with something simple and joyful. Reader Liz sent me this quote from her friend Kris’s blog, because she said, really, it was what APW was all about:

I am overwhelmed with joy.  And not because of my dress, the cake, or any of that bullshit.  Because it is, let’s face it, beautiful, pretty, very fun bullshit.  I am overwhelmed and close-to-tears pretty much a lot of the time because I feel so fortunate that I am going to get to marry the man I love.  It sounds so silly.  But as someone who was married before–and loved her ex–I did not know that it could feel this way.  I can’t wait to marry him, to be married to him.  I would do it in our messy living room in my pajamas this very moment.  We have a really cool officiant–I think she would be all for it.  I am excited that our family and friends will be there.  I am excited that we will have good wine, and a great DJ.  But it turns out none of it actually matters.  What matters is that I will get to be his wife and he will get to be my husband.  It turns out my wedding fantasy wasn’t Catalina after all.  My wedding fantasy was to feel honored, happy, lucky, a little nervous, and so, so much teary-eyed joy.  I hope that is what you get to feel too, because I believe it must be one of the best feelings in the world.

So now that Kris is married (and I hear it was full tilt fabulous)…

wedding graduate?

And with that, I’ll see you Monday. Jet lagged and hopefully tan, but home.

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  • Jessie

    I felt the same way, and I didn’t even notice anything else. What a wonderful start to a new life. Beautiful.

  • UGH! I could have sworn that clicking on the expander link was going to result in some additional wise words from what seems to be an extraordinarily wise woman. Her heart and brain seem to be in the right place and I can’t wait to hear what she has to say. Wedding graduate INDEED!

    Travel safely, Meg!

  • Love everything about this…those are very much my thoughts as well. Congrats!
    And love that the David’s Bridal dress was the one you loved first and ended up the winner even after all the usual bridal searching. See, David’s is not always the antithesis of all things APW ;)

  • Yep. She is right. About all of it.

  • Yes, more! Please be a wedding graduate, Kris!! :o)

  • Alyssa

    Know what the best part about Wedding Grad posts? Even ones that are only kinda sorta Grad posts?

    No matter how frickin’ OH MY GOD I’m going to tear your face OFF annoying your husband is that day, you can read one of these and get the warm and fuzzies about him all over again.

    Unless you trip over yet another water glass he’s left on the floor.

    But it’s nice while it lasts! :-)

    • Ali

      Haha – yes – it is nice to be reminded of that lovey-dovey feeling.

    • Erin

      Can I forward my warm-fuzzies on to my husband? Cuz I’m usually the one who left water glasses all over the apartment…..

      • Liz


        a few weeks back, i may or may not have been a jerkface to my husband (i know, i know- shocking).

        luckily, meg was posting “things to read at your ceremony” or something. and i read one that made me particularly weepy. sent it over to the man, and all was well.

        i try not to abuse this superpower.

        • Erin

          Oh yes, truly a superpower. I think I did the same thing with that post, and was greeted with much cuddling when I got home :)

  • I loved that quiet happy buzzed feeling of joy before the wedding. I still get it too.

  • I also felt that way leading up to my wedding. It’s second only to the sudden little moments when life is going along very ordinarily and the thought will pop into my head that I’m now married to this wonderful man. And suddenly waking up next to him, or folding the laundry or watching a movie with him turns into moments of pure bliss.

    Id also like to add another request for a graduate post, please.

    • Jessica

      Love your examples of mundane, ordinary, routine times turning into bliss. I have these too. Grocery shopping tends to bring them on most frequently.

  • That is so spot on. I’ve been feeling like that since we got engaged a year and a half ago, but as the wedding gets closer and closer everyday (57 days to go!) this feeling keeps building and building. Like my heart is going to explode or something.

    We got our wedding bands this past weekend, and it was really amazing. To pick out this thing we’re going to wear for the rest of our lives. My fiance and I were so high from that experience.

  • KristieB

    Hooray for joy!

    Safe travels home, Meg.

  • I love this post. I love the realization that the wedding fantasy is about the person and not any other detail about the wedding. Hooray for joy!

  • I adore this post! On Sunday, we will be five months away from our wedding day & every day, I get more & more excited about marrying my fiance. I constantly want to pinch myself to make sure this is real because it feels too good to be true.

    And I agree with everyone who hopes Kris writes a wedding grad post :-)

  • Karen

    Yes, yes, a million times yes!

    When I was at the wedding dress shop, the owner asked me, “What are you most looking forward to on your wedding day?” And I quite honestly said, “Getting to marry my fiance.” She was shocked–apparently it’s not the normal response for wedding dress shoppers. But it’s so true.

    I am frequently tempted to have my fiance come see me at work (I work for a judge) so we can just do it! But I’m okay with waiting for the family and having a party—so long as he’s the one I’m marrying.

    Thanks for brightening up my day!

  • Sarah

    What a perfect post for me today … 2 days out of marrying my love, and so full of it all.

    The love, the joy, the nerves … and yes, the stuff. The stuff can go kick itself tomorrow at 6, I’m taking that last night to enjoy good friends I rarely see, and just enjoy myself, and the feelings.

    And then Sunday … !!

    Thank you thank you thank you to ALL the ladies (and the guys!) of APW … what an amazing support you all have been! <3 <3 <3

  • Ash

    This is adoreable!!

  • “I hope that is what you get to feel too, because I believe it must be one of the best feelings in the world.”

    This. This this this! I kept thinking during our wedding day, “I hope all brides get to feel this way because it is *amazing*”

  • oh yay I LOVE this! I’m currently in the same place.. our wedding is next weekend and people keep asking if I’m ready. At this point, I figure if something goes wrong, I probably didn’t care enough about it to make sure it was right. The day will be perfect because we’ll be married.

  • This looks so fun! The bride and the groom truly had an awesome time.

  • That was great, really, really good perspective.

  • It’s imrepaitve that more people make this exact point.

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