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What’s The Most Frustrating Part Of Hiring Wedding Vendors?

I mean, it's just basically ALL of your budget. How hard could it be?

A few weeks ago, I was at a friend’s house for her kid’s fourth birthday party, when I happened to run into the female founder of a large wedding business. Because I am a nerd, this introduction quickly turned from social-conversation-about-our-respective-children to wedding industry conversation. We mused about how far things come and how far there is still to go.

Ever since that conversation, I’ve been thinking about the fact that, despite obvious progress, some parts of wedding planning feel as frustrating now as they did when I got married ten years ago. When four of my closest friends got married last year, it became abundantly clear that two frustrations in particular are still persistent as hell in wedding planning: families being family (aka making you crazy about nonsensical stuff) and vendors being really hard to hire. From venues that make you set up an appointment before they’ll even tell you their baseline pricing, to trying to figure out how to narrow down fifteen awesome wedding photographers without having a degree in photography yourself, the early parts of wedding planning can feel like the worst parts of speed dating mixed with trying to do your own taxes.

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Based on the open thread from a few weeks ago, it seems like a not insignificant portion of y’all are those weeds right now. So I wanted to open up today’s thread to ask you about your wedding vendor frustrations. What’s the hardest part of finding and hiring them? What are your worries for the day-of? How could things be better? Have you guys hired all of your vendors, or are you still looking? Which ones were easy to get out of the way, and which ones are still keeping you up at night?

There are so many problems we want to solve here at APW, and connecting couples with the right small businesses to support your wedding is pretty much what I get up in the morning each day for. But so much of the wedding industry is focused on what vendors need. And today, I want to know what you all need. What does the dream vendor hiring process look like to you? And how far from it are we right now?

Give me all the dirt: TELL US the most frustrating part of hiring vendors for your wedding in the comments? And for extra CREDIT PRETTY PLEASE FILL OUT THE SURVEY BELOW.

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