Roundup: Wedding Wedges

Because stilettos and grass don't mix


Q:Can y’all do a Roundup of Wedding Wedges? I am SO struggling to find ones, and Maddie has such great taste!


A:Well, first things first. Flattery like that will get you just about anything you ask for. Second, wedges are magical shoes that I happen to live in year round. So lucky for you, I’ve done a lot of research on the matter. Before we get into our roundup, there are a few things I’ve learned in my quest for the perfect wedges that I should pass on to you in your own search.

Bottoms Up

Our philosophy on wedding shoes is that if you’re wearing a long dress, most people are only ever going to get a glimpse of what’s on your feet. So your shoes? Those are all for you, baby. It’s important to have at least a few things in wedding planning where nobody else gets a say, and that goes both ways. If you want to wear simple, practical shoes, go for it! If you want to wear outrageous, avant-garde shoes, we support you whole-heartedly. That said, when it comes to wedges, the only part most people are going to see is your heel. So if you do want people to ooh and ahh over your fantastic footwear, look for shoes that have an interesting heel (especially if you opt for platforms).

Keep an eye Out for the Heel Height

There are usually two reasons to buy wedges instead of regular heels. One is for comfort. The other is so that you don’t sink into the grass when you’re outside. If you’re going for comfort, know that not all wedges are created equal. Even though it may add height, I find that a little bit of a platform generally makes wedges (really all heels) more comfortable, especially if you’re going to be wearing them for a long time. That’s because platforms help distribute pressure from the balls of your feet to the rest of your foot (and the squishy platform padding doesn’t hurt either). If platforms are out of the question, just keep an eye out for the heel to toe height ratio when shopping for wedges. A less spiky heel doesn’t automatically denote comfort.

All Hail Jessica Simpson

I don’t know how she does it, but every pair of Jessica Simpson wedges I own is also the most comfortable pair of wedges I own. This is not a paid endorsement. Her shoes are just really good. And made of leather. And less than a hundred dollars. So if you don’t find anything you like here, that’s where I’d start.

Black & White: 1. Rebecca Minkoff Lore Wedges via Zappos ($117) 2. Jeffrey Campbell Croquet Sera, Sera Wedge via ModCloth ($125) 3.French Connection Ulie Wedges via Zappos ($117) 4. Diane von Furstenberg Balgo Suede Point-Toe Wedge Pump via Neiman Marcus ($350) 5. Madison Harding Glinda Flatform via NastyGal ($155)

Color: 1. Jessica Simpson Cipriana Wedge Sandal via ($90) 2. One Suite Day Wedge via ModCloth ($40) 3. Diane Von Furstenberg Wynne Criscross Wedge Sandal via Neiman Marcus ($179) 4. Mind Over Matte Wedge in Sage via ModCloth ($37) 5. Asos Photogenic Wedges via Asos ($56) 6. Charles by Charles David Nemesis Wedge in Blue Suede via Zappos ($200)Metallic: 1. J. Renee Chrissy Wedge (available in gold, silver, bronze and blue sparkle) via Zappos ($100) 2. Jimmy Choo Baxen Glittered Wedge Pump via Neiman Marcus ($625) 3. Tory Burch ‘Emerson’ Cage Wedge Sandal via Nordstrom ($295) 4. Senso Wilma II Pewter Wedge Heeled Sandals via Asos ($222) 5. United Nude Collection ‘Kim’ Sandal via Nordstrom ($239) 6. Liliana Jaida Women’s Ankle Strap Wedges via ($40)

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  • Another Meg

    4. Mind Over Matte Wedge in Sage via ModCloth ($37)

    These were my wedding shoes! They worked out really well. I’m not a habitual wedge wearer, but I was surprised how long I lasted in them before the inevitable pain and removal.

    • Kristina

      And they were cute as hell.

  • Lawyerette510

    Yay for wedges! I found the ones I wore for the wedding by going on Zappos, doing a search for wedges, limiting the height and the color and ranking by price. Then I ordered a bunch so I could try them on and wear them around the house and see what worked for comfort and with the dress.

    I can vouch for these: (and I’ve been wearing them all summer since the wedding)

    • kcaudad

      That is what I did, too! Future hubs didn’t know what to say when the giant box of shoes arrived! ;)
      I hate traditional shopping, so I order like 9 pairs and tried them on around the house, then returned the other 8 pairs. Just wear them on carpet so they don’t get scratched up on the bottoms or look worn when you return them.

    • Meg Keene

      I did too. And then returned them all and wore something I already had, because of course. Don’t regret it for a second though, those were some damn fine shoes (that I’m still wearing).

  • emilyg25

    I’m one of those weirdos who actually finds wedges -less- comfortable than regular pumpa. I wore chunky heels for my backyard wedding.

    • laddibugg

      I don’t think they are less comfortable but I do sometimes feel less ‘stable’ in higher ones than I do in regular heels.

  • Lauren from NH

    I love love love these TOMS…

    and wear them everywhere. With the right boho dress they could be a great wedding shoe, but mostly an awesome everyday, all day, I can walk any where and elevate past 5’2″ shoe.

  • macaroni

    Hey! I asked this question!! And I think I’ve found my shoes, unless they’re too short for my dress (tried it on with 3 1/2 inch wedges at the first alterations appt, and these are only 3 inches:
    Not technically wedges, but they have thick heels and are comfy to boot! Still super duper thankful for this post since I haven’t bought shoes for the rehearsal yet!

    • Erin

      Those shoes are so pretty! Love the gold!

      • macaroni

        Thank you! I think they’re so fun.

    • Meg Keene

      Cute. Well played. Comfy looking. Not that I wore even slightly comfy shoes at my wedding, but my dress was SHORT, so, you know. It was half the outfit.

      • macaroni

        Thanks! I almost talked myself into unexciting basic wedges but decided it’s my damn wedding, and I’m getting fun shoes, even if barely anyone will see them.

    • Hannah B

      often, a shoe’s actual height differs from it’s stated height. 3″ could easily actually lift you 3.5″..if you can return, why not buy them and then try them on with your dress? How far off the floor your gown is is also a matter of taste, not a moral absolute, so a half inch lower to the ground might not be out of the question, unless you were already dusting the ground as it was. See what they look like. You don’t want to step on your gown, but other than that, the length at the hem is negotiable, in my book.

      • macaroni

        I hadn’t even thought of that!! I went ahead and bought them, and I *think* they’ll work. I’m pretty sure the dress was about an inch or so off the ground in the other shoes. I need to go to the store and try them on with the dress, just to be sure. Definitely don’t want to pay to have that thing hemmed!

  • I gotta add Mohops, which are what I wore to my wedding, and to everyone else’s wedding this year. They are handmade in the US with sustainable wood, very comfortable, and they come with a variety of ribbons so you can swap out the color/design/lace up style of your wedges.

  • JDrives

    Yeah wedges! I got these for my wedding: and they are all kinds of comfortable. Plus, SHINY!

  • mimi
  • joanna b.n.

    I just drooled all over my keyboard. Good lawd, those are some hot shoes!!!!!

  • Caitlin_DD

    Yes. Jessica Simpson somehow made all heels comfortable. Spot on selections Maddie!

  • kelly

    YES, WEDGES! I’m actually wearing the Jeffrey Campbell Regina in nude (the original version of those Modcloth knockoffs. Just saying.)

  • Pileofstix

    I’ve posted this before, but for those of us gifted with built-in water skis, here are some brand/stores you can find larger shoes:

    1. Barefoot Tess/Long Tall Sally
    2. Nordstrom-They carry large sizes inbrands that have them and their BP (Brass Plum) store brand goes up to size 12.
    3. Macy’s-Again, they carry large sizes
    4. Steve Madden-Up to size 12
    5. Abound-Up to size 12
    6. Nine West- Up to size 12

    7. Franco Sarto-I believe these go up to 13
    8. Sam Edelman- At least up to size 12
    9. Rocket Dog- At least up to size 12
    10. Dolce Vita-Up to size 13

    Additionally some brands have lines that go up to size 12 that aren’t the same label as the original brand. Finally, some brands (Naughty Monkey, Betsey Johnson) have only select shoes in larger sizes.

    • vegankitchendiaries

      For you ladies in Canada:
      Call It Spring

      Or, my personal favourite for optimum success, get in the car and drive to the states. :(

      Nobody be fooled by the Aldo “size 11”. Totally, totally not even close to being 11s. Shoe vanity sizing is really, really stupid.

  • Meg Keene

    I was on vacation when this post was written, so I didn’t get to shop it till now. I love that I can SADLY pick out the most expensive shoe in each layout as the one I want. And since it’s for everyday, not a wedding, it’s MUCH HARDER to justify $200 or $350 and DAMN IT. Cough. They’re all cute though. But #4 on the first board DAMN IT.

    • Bsquillo

      Um, yup, #4 is beautiful. And I have the same problem…

  • Nell

    Are you guys in my brain???? I literally just bought wedges to wear with a bridesmaid’s dress! Some of these are way classier than the ones I got:

  • Leah

    I wore these:
    and didn’t take them off all night. SO comfortable, and super cute. And $70.

  • april

    What, no Seychelles? Seriously, they have the most cute/comfortable wedges:

    • Megan Shelby

      Seconded. Recently wore the pewter “like a lady” wedges to my brothers wedding. I could dance in them and everything. Silver shoes = much jealously.

    • meeliebee

      Love me some Seychelles!

  • KitBee

    I am pretty sure I need #1 under metallics, just for my LIFE.

  • Mrs. Peterbot

    Also, Loeffler Randall. Her S/S collections have featured great low wedges for the past couple of years. You can still find some on sale, like these for $112:

    I wore these for my October wedding and could not believe how comfy they were: Plus, I’ll totally bust those suckers out for work, just to cheer me up on a Tuesday ;)

  • I just wanted to put in a plug for Shoes of Prey. They make custom shoes for about $200, and they have wedges of lots of heights in a couple of materials, and you design the upper part to look however you want. It’s awesome! I was having trouble finding wedges for my outdoor fall wedding, and I got some wedges from them that are sparkly mules with low heels. Exactly what I wanted!

  • ART

    Yes, Jessica Simpson wedges are basically magical shoes.

    Also, I just have to say that as someone with long toes, I really wish “closed toe” was a search option on zappos/etc, as opposed to just “open toe” – I think I own one pair of open toe shoes and I never, ever wear them! My wedding shoe search was mostly me sifting through hundreds of pairs of open toe shoes with no way to weed them out :(

  • H

    Did anyone else’s brain take a moment when they saw the crazy, Reflektor-esque, title picture shoes? I have never wanted a pair of shoes in my life quite this badly.

    • YUP. Want want want.

  • Colline

    A hint for those with extra wide feet – I have 7.5 double wide, and dress shoes are impossible to find. I was given a tip to look at ballroom dance shoes. You can custom order the heel height, colour and width. Some companies offer a street sole, but I had to get one put on later. My shoes were super comfortable, light, and a short heel was practical on grass. Plus, I still got glitter!

  • Adelaidey

    I’m wearing these Seychelles wedges: so unbelievably comfortable!

  • Laura D

    And for those with wide feet, the search continues…for those with short, wide feet, the search is unending!

  • Number two on the metallic board are so pretty! I also love number one BUT I have a weird thing about noping out as soon as I see bows on shoes. I wish there was a non-bow option for those.

  • AlisonHendryx

    I wore BCBG’s Treese wedges and I’m just aching for an excuse to wear them again because they are so comfortable and SO cute (the color is nicer in person than in this picture) :

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  • Stacy {Woodsy Weddings}

    There are so many great choices here. My favorite is the 2nd one in white, understated elegance. It would look great for an outdoor wedding!