A Wedding With Kids

I love this picture of Ember and Ben’s wedding, and after the comments about there being very few resources for parents getting married, I just had to put it up. This casual, spontaneous, loving moment during the vows made me so happy.

Photo by One Love Photo

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  • Thats cute.
    You’ll get a kick out of this. Its a friend of mine’s wedding. How cute is his little tux onsie?


  • One Love Photo

    The cutest part is that at the very start Finn was right in the middle sipping a juice box. The straw got stuck down in there and he was fussing. Em (motherhood duties never on hold) helped him out. Then he was up in her arms and then the judge handed him the flowers to hold while they exchanged rings. It was perfect. Leo the older one watched from a distance just taking it all in. I have a great shot of Em from the next day in her pretty blue dress helping Leo out on the toilet. It’s priceless.

  • Thanks again Meg. The funny thing is that yesterday morning as I visited your blog and saw pictures of this amazing wedding, I was already planning to write a post about how to get our toddler involved in the wedding and how difficult it was to find inspiration on how to do it on my own blog. I was beginning to think that we were the only ones in that situation!

    The timing was perfect and I was able to add links to both your blog and to One Love Photo’s…


  • We were flipping through my best friends wedding album with her 3 year old, and every time we had to point out how the little baby there was him.

    He was so cute, he slept the whole time while the best man held him.