Eloping on a Tuesday Night

A private ceremony that everyone knew about, but was just for us

Tania, Graduate Student & Rachel, Development Professional

One sentence sum-up of the wedding vibe: We wanted the wedding to be a representation of who we are individually and as a couple.

Soundtrack for reading: “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz

Other Cool Stuff We Should Know About

We basically eloped, but everyone knew about it. We got married on a Tuesday night; we both took the day off but worked the day before and the day after. It felt right for us to have a private ceremony even though it wasn’t a very popular idea. I think it helped that we knew we wanted to have a reception at some point, which had in February 2015! After the ceremony we joined family at one of our favorite pizza places, Tutta Bella.

We made our wedding rings with Stephanie of With These Rings. Rachel made her own glitter heels.

Favorite Thing About The Wedding

It was simple so it allowed us to focus on being together.

The Info:

Photographer: Jonas Seaman | Location: Seattle, WA | Venue: Woodland Park Rose Garden | Rachel’s Dress: Catherine Deane Omari dress from BHLDN | Rachel’s Jewelry: Yoola Designs | Tania’s Dress: Heidi dress from J.Crew in champagne | Tania’s Tuxedo Jacket: Banana Republic | Tania’s Flip Flops: Brazil Havaianas in White

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  • Violetta

    I love the selfie pic! You look so happy. It gives me all the feels.

  • kate

    just came by to say, HOTT tuxedo jacket.

  • MABie

    What a sweet wedding! I love it!

  • love this!! congrats you two <3

  • Kelly

    Yay, Seattle in the evening! This is so lovely and intimate! I especially love that silhouette photo of the two of you and the tree.

  • AGCourtney

    Sandra Boynton book!!! Love it. Beautiful and simple. Congratulations!

  • Hannah

    Bravo! It sounds like you made some bold decisions that paid off with a meaningful experience. The photos are beautiful. The Tutta Bella on Stone Way is dear to me, too: my girlfriend brought me there for our first anniversary (back when we were fresh out of college and underemployed, so it was really special). The place always has such a festive atmosphere: perfect for toasting a weekday elopement, I imagine!

  • Lizzie

    So beautiful! And way to do what you wanted even if it wasn’t popular. My husband and I had our reception portraits taken just a few blocks away, by the same super-rad photographer. ;)

  • Sarah

    So beautiful, simple and intimate
    Also, love Rachel’s dress and that Tania is apparently wearing havaianas! Most comfy flip flops ever :-D

  • I love these photographs. What beautiful moments, captured.

  • vegankitchendiaries

    Holy Lord, these photos. Jonas Seaman is incredible. How does he capture such perfect moments? Always so in awe of JS, every single damn time.


    • Daniella

      Every. Time.! I know!

  • Manda9339

    My friends used My Personal Penguin as their vows, too! They got married outside not so far from an airport, so the words were unfortunately lost on a lot of the guests. But since I’m pretty…well read in the children’s books arena, I was bawling. So beautiful. Good choice!

  • Gina

    Everything about this is so beautiful. The hug picture in the first look gave me chills! Congrats!

  • Rachel Townsend

    Thank you everyone for your very sweet comments! <3

  • I am INCREDIBLY in love with this wedding.

  • Sarah

    As a fellow curly-haired girl, I am LOVING Rachel’s hair do! Gorgeous curls! (And as a mom, I love that you used Personal Penguin!!)