Welcome Home!

Welcome to the new site!!! It’s funny, after months slaving away over it, the last few days have felt like we were wandering around in a big empty house… so now, it’s a full house! Yay!!!! I know it looks different (and hopefully wonderful), but I wanted to take a moment at the outset to remind you it’s still the same APW. The content is still the same. The advertising policy is still the same (no crazy WIC nonsense here). I’m still the same. But now it’s prettier, and much better organized…. And now you can send people to the site, and they can figure out what the h*ll is going on here.

Let me show you around. Excited?? Ok, first, the header. Since my designer Liz and I are both pretty conceptual when it comes to design, we wanted to create something that visually represented the APW ethos. So, we played with the idea of tangible objects as a way to bring it back to basics – wood, chalk, rings, and lace. We used real wedding dress lace, and then Liz painted all over it – a way to take tradition and deconstruct it, re-invent it, make it ours. And then there are the wedding rings, which speak for themselves.

Places you should look:

  1. The drop down menus! Can you believe it? We have drop down menus!! Some of them are for really big topics (manifestos, say), but then when you look at the dilemma category, there are a million topics. I want you guys, as you are planning, to be able to think, “Hum, I’d like to read some APW posts on registries”… and bam, there you go.
  2. The wedding graduates!!! I’m so proud of this. The first time I looked at a completed wedding graduates page, I think I finally got it. Because there were a million weddings, like you’d see on, uh, Big Wedding Website. But instead of there being some text about the couples colors, or favors, or what they DIYed, the brides were having their say, about their very own experiences. And I love that so much. So go, play around. And refresh the page…. You’ll see something new at the top each time.
  3. The How-To page. It’s not that full yet, but it’s pretty. I’m excited to see where it will go, and thrilled that we have a place to organize resources.
  4. Comments. So, to get a little icon of yourself when you comment, you can sign up at Gravitar, which works on tons of web sites. I would love it if you did, since I know most of you by ‘face.’
  5. We now have community moderated comments! There is a little flag icon by each comment, and if you see someone being a jerk or violating our comment policy, YOU get to flag the comment. Yay! Democracy!
  6. Can you see the ads on the right side? (If you can’t, I’d love it if you’d support the site by white-listing us on your ad blocker. No ad will EVER flash at you here). Anyway. We have all the same advertisers, and exactly the same ad philosophy, but they are so much prettier now. It makes me so proud to see all these artists and business people that I’ve been partnered with for a year plus, over there, finally with a way to really let their stuff shine.
  7. Hit the reclaiming wife button… there is a little surprise for you. (I know, right?)
  8. The frazzled bride logo. Thanks to David’s obsessive focus on taking the bride with us, the original APW logo is still on the site…. You just have to find it, so go look!

Other than that, show yourselves around, I really hope you like it. And hats off to Super Runaway, who were tireless in getting the design just so (thanks Liz), and the website working exactly the way I wanted* (thanks Jeff).

Oh! And it only seems right to give you all a little present, so:

And now, I’m going to take a nap. Maybe for a week.

*There will, of course, be bugs. The biggest bug is that Internet Explorer 6 is not supported by anyone anymore, so the site will look a bit wonky there (Sorry! I know!). For other bugs that crop up, please let us know, and we’ll try to get them fixed as soon as we can.

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  • squee! it looks loverly! I can’t wait to explore it even more.


  • I LOVE IT! It’s going to make finding an older entry that I need so easy. Thank. You.

  • Coleen

    wahoo!! it’s gorgeous meg! can’t wait to wander through and see all the nooks and crannies. thanks for all your hard work!

  • Hooray! This is exciting – and the site looks so SPIFFY! One question, though – am I the only one having a really hard time seeing the text in the drop-down menus? It could just be that my eyesight is horrible, but it seems really really teeny.

    • Sara

      No Mandy, I can’t read them either! I’m actually having troubles with the drop down and the header text…which is weird…because I am a designer and have a LOT of fonts on my computer. :/ But the rest is awesome!!!

      • I’m glad it’s not just my eyesight, then! I’m not having any actual trouble with the fonts, I just have to make my page zoom in really far if I want to actually read them. And that’s not usually the case anywhere else. But everything else looks so awesome!

    • Sorry that you’re having trouble! The fonts tend to look a bit different in different browsers; we’re investigating a possible fix. If you could let us know what browsers you’re using, that would help us hunt down the problem.

      -Jeff, co-founder Super Runaway

      • I’m using Mozilla – just updated it last Thursday, so who knows? Could be a new bug or…something. Listen to me, trying to sound all smart about the internets.

      • kc

        First, the site looks awesome! I’m having the teeny text issue also. Using Google Chrome.

      • Sara

        I’m on Chrome, but I have the same issue with IE. I checked both on my home computer and work computer – same issues.


  • This. Is. Fabulous. Congrats, Meg! I’m a long time reader in the home stretch of wedding planning. This site has been a great source of comfort, inspiration and relief. Thank you!!

  • Meredith

    LOVE the new site!!! It’s so pretty.

  • Christa

    Congratulations!! The site looks amazing, I can’t wait to play with it even more :)

  • Meg, Meg, Meg!!! It’s amazing!!! I rarely find websites to be beautiful, but this one is! It’s so much better than I could have ever thought! I hope you are celebrating with a bottle of wedding wine and a full night of sleep :)

  • Leigh Ann

    Looks GREAT, Meg!

  • kalli

    looks great! nice work all around.

  • amber8184

    the site is GORGEOUS. {love.it.}
    and I love the use of the frazzled bride. :)

    • amber8184

      and I finally have an avatar! weeeeeeeeee!

  • Katherine

    Congrats on the site launch!

  • MinnaBryn

    Oooh, I can’t wait to explore and I love love love the new header!

  • Rock the heck out! The site looks FABULOUS. Love it love it love it!

  • Amy

    This was well worth the wait! The new site is lovely. I can’t wait for more new posts and to explore the older ones.

  • Shelagh Baird

    Maybe (probably) a dumb question but will I need to adjust my RSS feed to ensure that I keep getting updates from this new site?

    • Not a dumb question at all! Your RSS feed will keep working as it always has–you don’t have to do a thing.

      -Jeff, the technical half of Super Runaway

      • rainy_day

        Yes, I had to update my RSS feed too!

    • ddayporter

      actually I did have to update my reader because I had been subscribed to “apracticalwedding.blogspot.com” so I had to fix it to “apracticalwedding.com”

      Meg this site is amazingggg!!! I feel silly even commenting because you’ve got so much positive feedback already but it really is just awesome. I’ve hardly even had a chance to roll around in it yet but so far it’s exceeding expectations! :) :)

  • Congratulations! It’s beautiful!!

  • Yay! CONGRATULATIONS, Megaroo. What loveliness.

  • Congratulations Meg! This is so excited and such a beautiful design. I can’t wait to get comfortable on here and check out all the things you have created for us!

  • AHHH!! Meg! It looks amazing. And functional/user-friendly, which is just as important in my opinion. Congrats on all your hard work, I’m thrilled for you!

  • Nicole

    Looks amazing!! Congratulations!

  • caitlin

    I will now be visiting your site just to gaze at the beauty, in addition to reading the wonderful wisdom. :) excellent job on the new look! it’s fabulous!

  • purrrrr-ple. mmmmm.

  • Julianna

    it all looks fantabulous! love the drop-downs SO so much.

  • Love love love love love! The site looks so great! I think this is going to go a long way into finally making APW reach its complete, resourcey potential!

    • meg


  • I love it! Great job on the redesign!

  • Oh. My. Goodness.

    This is absolutely beautiful, and wonderful, and amazing…*happy dance* I love it!

    YAY! Congratulations!

    Thank you, Meg. Thank you a million times over for giving us this space.

    • meg

      Ok, damn it. I can’t keep leaving Awwwww comments, but they all need one. Thank you!!

  • AussieAndy

    Ditto what everyone else above has said! Drop dead gorgeous Meg. Feels like home.

  • Elissa

    so cool. I don’t know where to look first… :)

  • it’s stunning Meg– congrats. It feels like a treasure hunt- looking for all my favorite things in a new pretty space.

    It’s well organized, the drop downs make sense, it’s easy to figure out your way around (yay usability) and I love the smears of purple on the right side.

  • It looks amazing! Congratulations. Now get some rest, girl! <3

  • Aine

    OMG its GORGEOUS! Sorry for the incoherence, but the site is SOOOO PRETTY!

  • redfrizzz

    Mazal Tov!!!

  • anat


  • Bonanza! Can I be super lame and say I adore the purple paint swooshes(?!) in the right hand pane. Love it!

  • Hooray!!!!! It’s so lovely, now I’ll have to read from the actual site, not just the RSS manager :D

  • Brenna

    Looks great!!! I’m looking forward to exploring even more. Congratulations!

  • SaraB

    The redesign looks great! I found your site after a conversation with the FI that was along the lines of “How much do weddings cost? Ye Gods! How much is *our* wedding going to cost?” It is great to read the posts and comments that let meknow that a wedding can be planned sanely and without buying into all of the WIC “requirements”.
    I am especially excited by the “reclaiming wife” area since a lot of our current “pre-engagement negotiations” are about how to build our future marriage and life together. Thanks for putting this all together!

  • I adore the redesign! Absolutely lovely, and so much easier to find things! Can’t wait to rediscover all kinds of awesome content as I poke around!

  • Jessie Decker


    So proud to be a member of Team Practical!

  • gorgeous! how fun!

    though i feel a bit overwhelmed by all the organized content! so much to dig through, exciting!

    • meg

      That’s a good problem as problems go…

      • Absolutely. Since new readers will pop up constantly as they get engaged, it’s much much easier to get a quick and clear understanding of the resources here, vs. digging through older posts or tags. Yay! Plus, those of us who never thought we’d get married in a million years & don’t even know what to ask have a nice guide now too.

  • Kayla

    Pretty pretty pretty!

    I love it!

    Thank you!

  • I LOVE IT! Gorgeous, and the design hints at everything this site is and needs to be. And the organization is brilliant (soooo much easier to find things). And I can’t wait to dig through it all again, now with the pretty making it all pop so much more. Not that we needed Pop, but it really does make it official, doesn’t it? A real ballast against the non APW-type sites?

    Oh, you’ve outdone yourself. I knew you would, but it’s so much fun to see.

    • meg

      Phew. Didn’t want to be… to… wedding-y? Not sure I have words for it, but you know.

      • kahlia

        No worries, we get it. And it’s spot-on.

  • Congrats! Looks fabulous. I like the Bio/About section, and love that you are a fellow “theatre person.” :)

  • It’s beautiful and lovely and in my wedding colours (grey and purple) and it’s so shiny and I kind of started to cry when I saw the new site because the old one was so important to me.

    • meg

      Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. In a sort of sad voice. I actually tried to make it not *too* shiny, because, you know, that’s emotionally distancing. And you can always go visit the other one if you need to http://www.apracticalwedding.blogspot.com. But hopefully this will feel like home soon.

  • jeneen

    Beautiful job making the best wedding site on the web even bester!

  • Pretty! I can’t wait to go exploring.

  • WHEW! Seriously, go take that week-long nap. You’ve earned it! The site looks fabulous, and you deserve to be super duper proud. :) CONGRATS!!!!

    • meg

      Thank you!! I want that to be in all super big caps. And with that, I’m actually going to go to bed.

  • Woohoo!!! Congrats, Meg!! This is awesome. :)

  • I LOVE IT.

    Looks amazing. Looks like YOU, Meg. The headers (both, yay!) are gorgeous (love the choice of rings) and the new straplines are excellent. (And good on you going for the “sounds homophobic” option, we’ll see how it goes down, eh? I have a feeling your readers will be cool with that.)

    I love the colours, and the gravatars, and the little frazzled bride for the non-gravatared among us. And you can reply to a particular comment, yes! (I want that. I should move my blog too.)

    The Wedding Graduates were so worth all your hard work, they look amazing and I just want to dig right in even though I’m not planning a wedding AND have already read them all!

    Well done, my dear. Totally lived up to my expectations this morning. Now have a good rest, you’ve earned it xxx

    • P.S. I put my little badge up already, it looks goooorgeous :)

      • meg

        Awwww. I’ll have to go look! That was totally my designers idea.

    • meg


  • Congratulations Meg. The redesign looks so good, the site is so practical {excuse the pun}! You can find things so much more easier now. You must feel like one proud momma, with her new baby! Well done on creating a new home for us online.

  • Love love love it! The site looks beautiful, and I’m glad that you’ll continue to follow the same track with content because this site has been such a great voice of reason in something that can get so crazy. I’ve been lurking for a while but just had to step out of the shadows to say how great everything looks :)

  • kahlia

    Well done, it looks fabulous! The purples are great, and not too wedding-y. I can’t wait to go back and re-read it all!
    Also, “Yay! Democracy!” in the community moderated comments section made me happy. That was my reaction, too!

  • Ruth

    Your website is helping keep me sane during the planning of our wedding. Can I also please say that I love the spelling you use for the word ‘yay?’ My fiance teases me for spelling it that way, but it makes sense to me and it makes me happy when I see other spell it that way. Thanks for just one more reason I think you rock.

  • Love it! Also, I love not having to use Blogger’s commenter – this is JOC/The Social Commentator, but now I’m using my usual/known online handle, and pointing to my Twitter, which I actually update, instead of my desert of a blogspot blog.

    Oh, and the site itself is pretty, too. :)

  • Looks great Meg, well worth the hard work.

    I am sure that every newly engaged person who comes looking for a sane place to assist in their wedding planning will be eternally grateful. (and those of us who are already married will enjoy it just as much).


  • carak

    L-O-V-E! it’s gorgeous!

  • Laura

    I love it! Congratulations on your relaunch. The new design is really great.

  • Love love love the redesign! Can’t wait to spend some time digging through the older stuff now that it is all so accessible. Well done. Congrats.

  • MWK

    wheee! It looks fab-o-lous. So excited for you! (and for all of us as we geek out and explore the new site). I can’t believe you have 70+ comments before 7 am CST! Just shows how much people love it, and your work. Congratulations, you DID IT.

  • A-L

    Wow, what a difference! It looks great, but I’ll need to spend more time later browsing around. I have to say though…it looks really cool!

  • Cat

    Oh, I LOVE it. I love it all. Massive props for putting so much work in, SO worth it.

    (as an aside, I think that’s my wedding ring in the header. So I love it even more)

    • meg

      It’s my ring! It’s vintage 30’s, I believe, so we must have similar rings.

  • Kristin

    Congrats, Meg! The site looks fabulous!! I can’t wait to dig in and explore! I hope this doesn’t sound weird, as you and I are complete strangers, but I am so proud of you!!!

    • meg

      Not *complete* strangers :)

  • Kim

    Oh, it is GORGEOUS! I absolutely love it. Even if I am somewhat new to APW (been reading for a little over six months), I was a little bit worried that I wouldn’t like the look of the new site… which is ridiculous. I feel like we have so much stuff in common, it’s normal for me to love the site as well! I shouldn’t have been worried. Again – absolutely beautiful. And I like the fact that the reclaiming wife posts have their own mini-site.
    Looking forward to spending even MORE time here this year!

  • LPC

    Congratulations Meg. A million congratulations.

  • Mollie

    Todd and I were lazing around last night on our laptops- I was poking around the new APW (love it!) and the “wedding graduates” page when he looked at my screen and said, “that looks amazing! what is that??” When I told him that you relaunched your site, he said, “I’ll say! That looks awesome.”


  • The new site looks great! I love this look. I love that it is still a blog style format. Your header rocks too.

  • LawDoc

    LOVE the redesign. Thank you, Meg, for working so hard to put together such a FABULOUS site!

  • Natalya Hopper

    It looks beautiful – I LOVE the new header!!! Nice one Meg!!

  • Tricia Nason

    Hi Meg,

    I love the organization, but miss the frazzled bride (I haven’t found her yet).

    Thanks for sorting your photographers by geography. It was a little too late for me, but still really good to see.

  • Danielle

    Love, love, love. I’m going to explore.

  • The new site is GORGEOUS, Meg! I’m so excited for you and so proud to be a tiny part of Team Practical.

  • Emily

    i love it i love it i love it. I was a little scared of the changes last week, but it is beautiful!

  • Oh my God, Meg!! It looks so so so amazing! Congrats!!

  • merry

    I’ve been a lurker and dedicated fan for months and months and this is my very first post to say: SQUEEEEEEE. The new design is fabulous. It’s gorgeous. I’m so excited to start digging around. Of course I’ve read everything twice already, but the new format feels like a gift waiting to be opened.

    You are one of my heroes, Meg. Congrats on a fabulous design.

  • Congratulations! The site looks great! Can’t wait to explore all of its nook and crannies!

  • It’s perfect, in a not-too-perfect way! It’s lovely to look at and well-designed for you and for Team Practical. :) Bravo!

  • <——- The new home of the frazzled bride?

    • meg

      Yesss…. or happy. It’s random.

  • Love it! First redesign in a long time where I’m actually excited to learn the site. Yay! Congrats! Now go sleep!

  • peanut

    Ahhh!!! I love love love it! Totally worth all your hard work!

  • It looks beautiful! I really love the header, hard and soft at the same time.

  • Oh Meg. It’s perfect. Absolutely perfect.

  • Jessi

    WHOOP WHOOP! looks awesome!

  • Well done chicken! It’s amazing, you’re amazing, it’s all amazing. I love it.

    Well well well done.

  • I also really really love it. The header is beautiful. I love how you have the name written in chalk and I am another fan of the purple streaks. I think this is the first time I immediately loved a re-launch. Well-done.

  • Meg, it looks so beautiful! The header is such a perfect fit. Yeah!

  • Sarah A

    Love the new site. So often when sites change they turn horrible and un-navigatable. This is lovely!

  • it’s gorgeous Meg!!! it really is!

  • Jillian

    The site looks so amazing and professional.
    I can’t wait to keep reading and indulging my A Practical Wedding obsession!


  • I’m late to the party, there are a million comments before that will be identical, but I DON’T CARE, because I need to tell you that this is AMAZING, Meg, really just amazing. I’m so glad it’s coming together so well, and I hope you get a chance to rest (naps! you deserve naps!!) after all the hard work you’ve put into this. It’s a really beautiful site, with totally awesome content, and I’m really excited.

  • I love the new site! The header is gorgeous. I just found your site and I cannot wait to dive in. Congratulations!

  • My favorite parts so far: The two gorgeous headers and the Wedding Graduates page: Just a glance was all it took to remind me of all the best advice and quotes that I didn’t want to forget when I read them the first time.

    Thank you for all your hard work. I’m excited for more commenting functionality and for more prettiness in the world.

  • Awesomethesaursus, you did a great job Meg :) Having a similar text problem as Mandy way up the top though, all with the teeny tinyness of the drop down menus (Mozilla). Love that there’s an easily accessible Reclaiming Wife link too :)

  • It looks amazing, Meg! Congrats! So gorgeous and simple and still totally APW. Yay!

  • oh meg… it’s just beautiful and stunning and awesome and real and wonderful. what an amazing amount of work and time and energy (such powerful good juju-energy) went into this—from you, liz, and i-forget-names-but-the-other-awesome-elves. thank you.

    and the graduate page? i almost cried. it takes my breath away.

  • Robin

    Oh, Meg…It is just lovely. And logical, and nicely organized, and other important user-friendly type things. But mostly, just lovely. Even though my Google Reader loves you best, and always puts you at the top of my reader home page– I will have to start clicking through more religiously, so I don’t miss a thing here in your gorgeous new home. Congrats!

  • Robin

    Oh. And the Team Practical badge? Might be fabulous enough to make me start a blog. Just so I can have one.

  • Great job on the new site! Just the right amount of shiny!

    ; )

  • april

    Oooh, preeety! Great job, Meg – it’s really fantastic. Can’t wait to explore a bit more…

  • Sharon

    Looks beautiful! I’m so excited!!!!

  • Allison

    i’m de-lurking for the first time to say congratulations :) this new site is just so awesome. at first my RSS reader missed it, but i’ve got it set now so i dont miss a post.

    keep inspiring us!

  • I love the header! I love the re-organization. Reclaiming Wife! Marriage Equality! So perfect. I effing heart you!

  • Love! I finally got a chance to hop over, and once the page loaded I actually audibly gasped and said “Oh, look!” It’s so pretty! I love the lace and that you used your rings for the header! I haven’t gotten a chance to poke around too much (yet), but I already love the layout and the Reclaiming Wife button! Hooray! I’d buy you a celebratory margarita if you were in Texas or if I were in San Francisco.

  • Rose

    I love the new site! It’s lovely and wonderful, and feels like home! Thank you so so very much for all your hard work!

  • Karen

    I love it!! I’ve been dying to see it finished!

  • Stephanie

    This makes me SO HAPPY!

  • Mary

    Beautiful! I’ll be sure to create a profile with the new site!

  • Stephanie

    I’ve never left a comment before, but I really appreciate the practical advice on weddings and life and the community of intelligent, real women here. Congrats, Meg, on this beautiful new page!

  • Dianne

    WOW! I feel like I need a thesarus to find better words for “lovely” and “organized” and “charming” and “welcoming” (for all). San Bernardino is proud of you, Meg! Um, maybe that’s not really saying too much. But now, entire continents are proud! :-)

    It’s been two years since I was planning my own wonderfully practical wedding and I still love visiting your site every day. What I love even more is suggesting it to every engaged person I meet!!

    You hit this one out of the park, my friend!


    It’s lovely, really. Despite the fact that my work is still on Explorer 6 (*shudder*) and so it looks completely crazed there.

    So happy for you! Yay!

  • It is gorgeous and as my mama would say “you should be so proud.” Look at what you have created and given to all of us. Thank you Ms. Meg.

  • Kira

    You’ve given us a wonderful gift. When the site loaded, I felt like it was a holiday celebration. You continue to do such wonderful things for this community. Keep it up! Much love.

  • LPC

    But how do I subscribe?????

    • meg

      Your RSS feed in your reader shouldn’t be broken! If it is you can just throw the URL back in the “adding a blog” section, and it will pull up the feed. Do you want to subscribe by email? That I would have to figure out.

      • Allison

        I’m having an issue with my RSS feed too (Its saying the file doesn’t exist). Can someone post a link to the RSS feed?

  • amy

    Meg! I LOOOVE it! I literally gasped when I clicked over from my usual daily reads, forgetting for a moment that a new APW was coming. I admit, last week, I was feeling sentimental but you (& your peeps) did a fantastic job of making it feel the same yet different. And beau-ti-ful!!! Now off to explore…

  • Fitz

    Bellissima! Congratulations, Meg – the new design is jaw droppingly gorgeous, but the librarian in me loves how you have reorganized the content into this fabulous and practical resource. Hooray!

  • liz

    The new site looks amazing, Meg, and it’s so well organized. Not that I minded reading through all your old posts when I first discovered APW, but I’m sure new readers will appreciate it. Congrats on the relaunch!

  • Danielle

    I explored. And I love it even more than I thought I would. So organized, so easy. I can’t put into words what the old site meant to me, but this one is already starting to feel like home.

    I may be the only one with this problem, but I did want to let you know that the wedding graduates aren’t changing when I refresh. I tried earlier today and I just tried again, in both Firefox and IE.

    • Danielle

      I seriously posted the comment, refreshed again, and the problem was fixed. Silly computers. Congrats again!

      • meg

        Sometimes they get stuck… not sure why yet.

  • angela

    LOVE IT!!! Go, Meg, go!

  • Meg!
    It is gorgeous! I even made my fiance look at this wonderfulness. You and your fabulous Team Practical team have outdone yourselves. Go take that nap!
    I put my badge up and I absolutely love it.

  • Love the new site..hopefully I can be one of your wedding graduates one day..

    On another note, how do I put up my badge??

  • Olivia

    Oh it’s incredible.

    Congratulations. And thank you.

    I’m just over a month out from my wedding and was descending into a meltdown. Then I thought: I need some Meg. I didn’t fully realise how many of those moments you and team practical had gotten me through until right then. Thank you.

  • Kim

    Oh wow, this is like a breath of fresh air. Looks really , really, really great.

  • Kate

    Meg, it’s beautiful! And fresh, and mature, and simply lovely!
    Thank you for all of your work – we readers can now basque in a more aesthetically pleasing conversation :)


  • Sarah

    Congratulations! Love the new site.

  • Kelly

    Loving the threaded comments!

  • Looks good, Meg! :) I can’t wait to check out all the new features!

  • Tina

    I LOVE it!! Congratulations. I am coming late to the party due to a busy work day and a little b-day celebrating. I love everything you instructed us to look at and I love the comments. The different colors, the ability to reply to different people specifically. I’m so excited! Well done! It’s like getting used to a new house, but soon it will be so home-y.

  • Agirl

    Oh! Meg…

    It’s organised. And beautiful. And smart, but wonderfully warm. And somehow, even though I don’t *know* you, it feels like *you*. And it really feels like APW’s home.

    In other words, it’s absolutely perfect.

    A thousand congratulations on the newly (evermore!) fabulous APW!

  • Kyley

    it took me a wee bit to find the new site, only because the changes didn’t show up in my rss google reader feed.

    so, sorry for being late to the party, but oh my goodness, i love it! LOVE it! So much.

    You are so very, very fabulous, Meg. Thank you.

  • Alyssa

    AHHHH!!! The internet gods frowned upon me and took away my internets until today so I missed the relaunch!!! BOOO!!!

    The blog is now SO amazing, I love it! Lovely, yet practical and no-nonsense. (Like the content!) And the lace with the paint and the rings and the purple and the drop-down menus and the AHHH! I love it, I can’t stand it.

    Brava. Absoutely fabulous.

  • The new site looks wonderful. It suddenly dawned on me this morning that I hadn’t seen any new content from you this week so I hunted it down and updated my RSS feed. Love the new look and the ability to find things more readily!

    • meg

      It’s here: apracticalwedding.com/feed

  • Lauren

    delurking and saying, ohmigoodness i love it!!!!!!!!! :D

  • Wahoo! Congratulations on a beautiful new site. Your blog was my go-to source of sanity while planning my wedding (Sept. ’09), and I’ve passed it on to many engaged friends since. May your new site be filled with many, many stories of engaged and wedded joy!

    • meg

      And married life. We’re kind of rocking the married life thing now (at least once I’m over the re-launch and back to writing).

  • amy

    The site looks wonderful!

  • Lauren

    Congrats!! I’m an avid lurker…not engaged or even thinking about it…but I love your perspective on everything and you’ve helped ground me a few times! Anyway – congrats on the new site, I love everything about it. (and, its super pretty!) :o)