Welcome Talk of the Nation Listeners!

If you found your way to APW through NPR’s Talk of the Nation, welcome. You’ve found the website about wedding planning and marriage where every single (American) reader is also an NPR listener. (I’m pretty sure that’s factual, actually.)

A reader once said, “APW is like a secret club that cool/smart/sassy women should get a link to when they get engaged. It took me way too long to find this…And here you are. Welcome.

Photo of me & the book: One Love Photo

PS. You can listen to my interview on Talk of the Nation here.

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  • So exciting! I am listening live from Canada. :)

  • Sarah

    I saw this at 2:38pm… listening now! So exciting!

  • Kate W.


  • Liz

    Welcome all!

  • Just finished listening–bang up job Meg!

  • Boo, I didn’t find out it was on until it was over! Heard your last sentence. :)

  • Pamela

    Just finished listening – you did great!!!

  • Fantastic job, Meg! So proud of you!

  • Lena

    Just listened to your segment on Talk of the Nation and decided to check out your website. Interesting and practical!

  • Marie

    Great show, and the callers all had good stories too!

  • I was so excited to finally put a voice to your written voice :) My station cut out early for fundraising, but it was fun to hear you. Good luck with the rest of your book tour!

  • Hey lady, you rocked the NPR house! :) So fabulous!

  • Shotgun Shirley

    I just missed listening live, but it’s available online in about 2 hours – sweet. Can’t wait, I’m sure you were awesome!!

  • How exciting! Can’t wait to track down a podcast! Welcome! :)

  • Peabody_Bites

    You were GREAT – I listened to you from Copenhagen on my work trip so NPr is definitely going to know you have global reach! I love (and i think i remember the grad post of) the story of the wedding when it poured with rain. Well done you.

  • Katie

    Just listened to both the WGBH and WBUR recordings from earlier today. So bummed that I couldn’t make it to the book event last night (darn you, work obligations) but excited to hear Meg on radio on my home turf!

  • Brit
  • Stacy

    I just finished up my Talk of the Nation Podcast and wanted to say I am so happy to have found your website!! After being exposed to wedding websites, TV shows, and personal anecdotes its so good to be reassured that people with this point of view do exist.

    While I’m not currently planning a wedding (hopefully someday) I did once have my own wedding planning NIGHTMARE (we didn’t make it down the isle). I was a twenty year old poor college student who found herself trying to arrange a monstrosity of a wedding (my ex had a 180+ “minimum” guest list). Would you believe that the ring bearer’s pillow most stressful detail? It was worse than the budget. The process became so stressful I developed frequent anxiety attacks . If you ever need someone with a wedding planning horror story whose complete outlook on “the big day,” marriage, and in some ways life was forever changed I am the girl.

    • Jes

      Stacy! You found the right place. I myself have never had that type of experience, but there are many brave individuals who have and they share their sometimes heartbreaking, always courageous stories here. Not every wedding is a perfect fairy tale. Glad you’ve joined us!

  • Great show – nice work. We love hearing small biz features on NPR, and wish they did it more.

    Your advice was fantastic. We’re grappling with exactly those very issues over here. Queue the tears – the first quotes we received were insane. Completely insane.

    Oh yeah, I caught the show on WGBH (Boston, MA) and WEVO (Concord/Manchester, NH).

    Congratulations on a fine job!
    John Hobart

  • Marybeth

    Yep, all us team practicals are also team NPRs. You were so well spoken, well done today!

  • I am an NPR junkie (TOTN is my fave!), and it was great hearing about your blog!

    I’m sure you get this a lot (A LOT), but we are similar in a lot of ways (trust me, I have a much smaller blog, but lots and lots of people still tell me I am like them, so I’m sure you get it from lots and lots and lots and LOTS.).

    Anyway. I am married (5 years – I hated wedding planning so much. Except the parts I got to do graphic design) and have a baby and everything, BUT I am a graphic designer and deal with lots of people who are deer caught in the headlights with how crazy this whole wedding thing is.

    So, I’m glad I know about your blog now so I can direct them to it! And ALSO, I might peak in from time to time, even though I’m an old married lady. ;)

    • APW has many married women still checking it out so don’t feel weird. This blog is about so much more than just one day of your life :) probably why most of Team Practical is so attached to it still long after their wedding days.

    • Welcome, Ashley! And yes, the Reclaiming Wife posts are particularly good for those of us who have already gotten married (and there are a lot of married people around here on Team Practical!), though I must say there is so much wisdom, humor, and great stuff all over the place here that it transcends whether or not someone is currently planning a wedding. :)

  • KW

    I started reading APW about a year ago, at about the same time you had to “come out” after you sold your book. And just one year later, you’re on NPR! Crazy! (Crazy-awesome.)

  • Caitlin

    Two of my favorite things come together! It’s almost more than I can handle!

  • Mary

    I HEARD YOU ON NPR!!!!!!!!! I started crying because I was so happy for you Meg! I have been reading your blog since 2009 when I was planning my wedding and I have watched you turn this fun, sassy, REAL community of honest women into quite a successful venture and I am SO proud!!! Thank you for all of this!


    It was so cool to finally put a voice to your face!

    • emma

      Agreed! Meg, your voice was so different than expected I was totally caught off gaurd! Interestingly my head didn’t catch on and has maintained my made up internet reading voice for you.

      • Interesting! After I heard Meg start talking I realized I felt like, “Well, of course, this is how Meg sounds like.” :) I guess we all have given Meg various “Meg reading” voices in our own heads (like Denzi says below.)

    • Denzi

      Especially since it was such a pretty, pretty voice. Way prettier than my “Meg reading voice” in my head.

  • Congrats on such a great interview, Meg! Grinning from ear to ear after listening to it!

  • Class of 1980

    You nailed it Meg! Congrats on distilling the essence of the book and web site in the radio segment. Good job!

  • Woop de woop WOOP!

  • I was so freakin’ excited to hear your voice. Congratulations on being so awesome!

  • Jes

    I was at work, but my fiance texted me to let me know that “hey that chick you love who wrote that wedding book you’re always talking about is on Talk of the Nation right now.” I now use my Talk of the Nation pledge drive reward cup with even more pride.

  • Kt

    loved the interview! and, thought this was funny :) http://alloveralbany.com/archive/2012/01/23/sht-public-radio-listeners-say

  • Kristen

    The husband to be just texted me, “that APW lady is on NPR. She is really good.” They must be re airing the segment here in Portland. Way to go Meg.

  • Jen

    Just got a chance to listen and wanted to just say Congratulations Meg!!

    I remember being in my car, listening to NPR on the morning of the APW book buy and thinking, “they need to talk to Meg”. And now…will you listen to that!!