Welcome to APW 2012!

Hello! Hi! We’re back!

Happy 2012, you guys. I hope your holidays were wonderful and restful. After a profoundly exhausting year, my holidays were great (which is really something, because I generally find holidays to be crazy stressful). We pulled off a lovely Christmas, and at one point, we actually slept so much it made us tired. Win, right?

But now we’re back and excited to dive into 2012 APW style. This year includes a book tour (more on that tomorrow), finally introducing secret projects, brand new intern writers (we’re still working on that by the way… it took me three eight hour days just to read the applications—you guys blew me away), and… generally exciting stuff. I think I can speak for the APW Team when I say we’re thrilled to be back and to get going.

Which brings me to our brand new navigation! While most people were off stuffing their faces with cookies (which I hope you were… I baked and ate more gluten-free cookies than is technically good for a person), we were rolling out some new navigation for APW. The site has grown by leaps and bounds since we relaunched it not-quite two years ago, and the navigation needed an overhaul. So! There are new drop down menus at the top and lots of new goodies hidden all over. Here are some of my favorite bits:

  • Meg’s Thoughts: As the blog has grown, it’s not just my voice anymore, which is an awesome thing. But I wanted there to be a place that was all my writing. So we’ve got it! You can sort by the categories I talk about most often, or you can just get the full scoop.
  • Pinterest: APW now has a Pinterest page, and it’s kind of… rad. After resisting the pull of Pintrest forever, I’m now hooked. We’ve used it as a way to catalogue some of our favorite wedding images (from APW and beyond) in a way that you can actually find what you’re looking for. Wanting dress inspiration? Flower inspiration? Shoe pictures? Or just pictures of joy? Yep. We’ve got it all and more, APW style. Plus, the APW team will keep pinning to those boards every day, so get on Pintrest and follow us already.
  • New Downloadable Wedding Planning Spreadsheets: In the book, I promised wedding spreadsheets you can download to plan this thing. Now they’re here! Together with Lowe House Events, and a ton of work from APW staffers Kate and Maddie, we created kick-ass spreadsheets to help making the actual planning part of your wedding more manageable. You can kiss us on the mouth later, after you use them.
  • Wordless Weddings: Everyone loves them, so now they have their own page.
  • Ask Team Practical: Speaking of things we all adore, now ATP has a page sorted by question types, so you can find an answer and a lively debate on whatever your current dilemma is.
  • Just Engaged Page: It’s early January, so my bet is that there are a sizable number of you who are newly engaged. (Congratulations! Squeeee!) Now you have a page to help you get started and to lay out the APW philosophy for you, Cliff’s Notes style.
  • Just Married Page: Your one page guide to some of my very favorite Reclaiming Wife discussions, which is like a catalogue of some of my favorite things in the world.
  • Downloadable Content from the APW BookYou know. Just in case you wanted to give it a test run before you bought it. (Thank you for your amazing Amazon reviews, by the way. They totally made my holidays.)

And more! Poke around. Find new things. Re-find old things that you loved. Enjoy. And please don’t worry. I didn’t spend my holidays doing this. With lots of help from Super Runaway, Liz, and the team, we spent our November and December doing this. We just sneakily rolled it out when you weren’t looking.

Happy 2012 you guys. Let’s do this thing.


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  • This rocks my socks off!

  • Eeeeek! Such fun, amazing, sensible changes! I love this direction of categorized searches and I LOVE that y’all joined Pinterest. Long live APW. Happy 2012!

  • Yay! I’m excited to explore all the new things and SO EXCITED for spreadsheets!

    Thanks for being so awesome.

  • Awesome! Loving the spreadsheets.

  • Zan

    Look at you being all fancy and professional and SLICK! I want to do that thing where I lick my finger tip and point it in your general direction and make a sizzle noise.

    Just imagine with me if you will…

    Szzzzzz! Here’s to a hot new year!!

    • meg

      Aw, no slicker than normal. Does it look more professional than usual? Look at me, I’ve lost all sense of perspective!

  • So excited for spreadsheets and Pinterest!

    • Amy

      I’m just jealous these awesome spreadsheets weren’t available when I got married! I’m totally going to be directing all engaged friends here for those (and so many other reasons to boot!)

  • Wooooooah! Too much fricking amazing stuff! I am so happy that this site continues to be completely amazing for not only engagedlets but marriedlets as well! Cannae wait for this year! (AND PLEASE COME TO TORONTO MEG!!)

  • Awesome updates, APW team. Looking forward to another year of awesome relationship discussions.

  • Three cheers!

  • Kate

    Yaaay Pinterest! I’m way addicted to that site.

  • Jen

    These spreadsheets just made my day.

    And thank you so much for the “no timeline” comments…as the number of days before our wedding quickly counts down I’m starting to have moments of “shit, was I supposed to do that three months ago..ahH!”

    pff. It will all get done. Or it won’t. either way, we’ll be married.

  • Yay for all the new changes! I can’t wait for the book tour deets to be released tomorrow. Onward and upward, APW!

  • These are such awesome updates. Spreadsheets! Genius!
    I’m going to poke around some more…. :)

  • Awesome!

    One request–could you have links to the Google Docs versions of the spreadsheets, too? If you don’t let people edit them (which you shouldn’t, and which is also the default so you don’t really have to worry), they can still duplicate them into their own docs, and edit their own copies there.

    We did tons of our planning on Google Docs, and it worked really well.

  • I got engaged this time last year but we decided to wait until 2013 to get married which means I’m starting my planning now! Yay spreadsheets!

  • Oh, pinterest! love your pages. I so could have used this a few months ago. If you want/need, I have a huge file full of winter inspiration photos (our wedding was last Friday). And, at some point, I will submit a grad post so you can get more winter wedding photos.

    So excited for new APW features. I am especially excited to share the “newly engaged” page with my friends.

  • Katie

    Here’s to APW in 2012! In the past 3 weeks, I’ve gotten engaged, discovered APW, drunk some champagne to celebrate the fact that a wedding/marriage community like this actually exists, and read Meg’s book cover to cover (sharing the best bits out loud with my partner). Now on to planning, with the spreadsheets, the intimate elopement ceremony followed by a big ol’ drinking party that we’ve dreamed up!

    • meg


    • Welcome, and congrats!!! :)

  • I’ve been married since before APW existed (I’m a photographer and was pointed here by one of your alums), but I have to say: this blog makes me wish I were planning it all over again… and that’s saying something! Your philosophy is amazing and your generosity even moreso :)

    • amie

      I never thought I’d EVER want to plan my wedding again but those spreadsheets make me wish I could. WOW!

  • Anne

    I am having trouble opening the spreadsheets – any suggestions?

  • Now, I love ALL of APW, but an easily accessible link to Meg’s Thoughts FTW!

  • Spreadsheets! I have a high school friend who is a wedding planner in another state, who sent me a couple of templates when I first got engaged. I was SO grateful! I do a lot of spreadsheet stuff for my job, so navigating excel on my own is generally not a problem for me, but for most people it’s daunting.

    Seriously, newly-engaged-and-planning brides, this will be INVALUABLE.

  • Sara C.

    SPREADSHEETS!!! This is SO much better than my word document of “Logistics” — Squee and Ahhh and Eureka!!


  • Alyssa

    Dear Team Practical,
    I”ve been reading your blog since I got engaged in August and I just can’t say thank you enough. I’m someone who has been struggling mentally and emotionally with the process because it was never really something I gave a lot of thought to before – getting married, that is. The advice and support from your community has been an inspiration. My fiancé thanks you too! I’ll be around as a bride until August and definitely after that too! :)

    Happy New Year and looking forward to a great year with A Practical Wedding!

  • Julie H

    I actually squealed when I read you all are on Pinterest. Out loud.

    Honestly, thank you APW for being apart of my life. I started reading last spring, and at work I read every post from the beginning. So when I got engaged in July, I was able to smile and look forward to taking on this big project called Plan an Awesome Wedding. There was no freaking out about logistics, or asking myself how was I going to please everyone.

    I feel like I have this magic force behind me so when family members get startled when I respond to their questions of what my wedding colors are with “Well, we are getting married under a tree, so green. And brown. And whatever flower colors my grandma decides to plant this year in the backyard.” I can smirk a little to myself because I know I have APW backing me up.

    And then I give a virtual high-five to you all.

  • Diana Lauren

    Thanks! I spent the holidays reading your new book and it was fantastic. Diving fully into planning now….

  • Amanda Jane

    Wow. As a long-time-reader, first-time-commenter, newly-engaged-lady, I feel so lucky! The timing was impeccable, as I now feel that the revamped community (spreadsheets?! pinterest?!) AND the APW book (which finally arrived on my doorstep yesterday!) are personal engagement gifts to me and my guy. :)
    After months of playfully being asked ‘are you reading your wedding bloggggs again?’ it’s on to making our comittment official and having a big Rhode Island pahhty (as my mom says), with your help!

  • Jen

    OH MAN DO I LOVE THIS. I love it. LOVE IT. I love the newly married tab. Though I don’t think I qualify anymore (nearly 4 years) I clicked and there was the post on awesome married sex. Forgot all about it and am so glad that I had a chance to reread. GO MEG ! GO TEAM PRACTICAL.

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