We’re Getting Married Pictures

You guys! I’m late posting today, but it’s ok, because I have something really cool. David is making me stick to my guns and not do a big reveal of what we actually look like until the wedding, but. Today, I’m authorized to show you my smile (David is totally smiling too, but you can’t see that bit.) Ta Da:We never had any plans to take engagement pictures, mostly because it just seemed like one more thing, and I had zero idea of what I’d do with them.* But, this last weekend we met up with APW sponsor Emily Takes Photos in the city, and she shot some really beautiful pictures of us a a gift. Really, these feel like We’re Getting Married pictures, because the engagement was so long ago. I’ll show more pictures the shoot the week before the wedding, but untill then, I’ll leave you with a picture of Emily and her boyfriend Ed, taken by David:Mmmhummm, that’s how we roll.

*Guys! I still don’t really know what we’re going to do with these pictures, and they are SO. COOL. Ideas??
PS you can see me modeling baby clothes for pirates right here. Because yes, that was part of our ‘photo session.’

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  • Well, it's a lovely smile, and a very handsome back of your fiance's head.

    Were you guys going to do a guest book for people to sign at the reception? One of my favorite ideas for engagement photos is putting them into a photobook like the ones from blurb.com and using that as a guestbook.

  • LPC

    Smiling back at ya.

  • I agree with you… what do you do with E-pics?! We got them included in our wedding package, and I really didn't expect a lot out of them… I love our photogs, and they have always posted awesome e-sessions, it just seemed a bit much for me. BUT, as Luis suggested, we made an awesome guestbook with our pics… you can check it out here:


    Have fun with it!

  • We didn't do e-pics for the same reason (what would we do with them?) but I'm happy you did because you two are adorable, even in fragments.

    Also I heartily approve of your having a bearded boyfriend. They are the best kind.

  • fun! i kind of wanted to do them, but couldn't figure out how to justify the cost either!

  • The sneak peek is fabulous! I felt the same way, but a friend of ours offered to do our engagement pics for free, so how could we resist? Instead of doing a typical guestbook for the wedding, we're going to frame our favorite and have people sign the glass on the frame. This way we have something we can hang up and actually see rather than a book on a shelf. Can't wait to see the rest of your pictures!

  • Meg

    Did you say BOYFRIEND? You crack me up. bearded sort of at the moment, though probably not at the wedding. He's Russian Jewish stock after all, he can grow a beard in 5 minutes ;)

  • Bearded boyfriends are definitely the best and a very nice smile you have there. We made ours into our guest book at blurb because we loved them so. I had way too much fun creating the book, can't wait for it to be here

  • I've also seen e-pics incorporated into the centerpieces, or in frames/displays at the guestbook table. There's probably a hundred different ways to display them at your wedding. People will already be seeing you in your dress throughout the event, so why not add some fun "everyday" pictures to the mix?

  • Sorry Meg I am weirdly allergic to the word fiance! Anyway, beards are the way to go and you should tell him he has a fan club over here. :)

  • Meg

    Erm, here is the thing… we're definitely not going to use the pictures of us at the wedding. I know I may be over thinking this (as I do) but were working really really hard to make the focus of our wedding community (ie, making a public commitment in front of our community), so putting out pictures of us, cute or not, just seems…. to emphasize the wrong thing for us?

    Anyway, that's me over thinking, but true. They may be gifts, the arty ones may get framed and put in a corner of our house somewhere. I like them, the reflect us, I want to keep them for a long time.

  • Okay, I'm totally corny, but I'm making a scrapbook and using it instead of a "guest book." I mean really, who reads a book with lines of names? No one. I've printed off a bunch of pictures of us (including some of the e-photos) and started scrapbooking them in with love poems, quotes, stuff like that. We'll then have a table with lots of scrapbooking supplies and a polariod camera for people to make their own scrapbook pages and throw in a photo!

    Yep, that's it. Corny, but fun! HTH give you some inspiration!

    OH- and holiday gifts. Ours were our Christmas/Chanukah gifts for family. Yay!

  • We used our for a photo guest book. It's done a lot lately, but I don't care. I figured this way our guests could see the photos, then we have an album of our photos and our guests' kind wishes.

    Best of all, we got the book for about $14 from shutterfly.com, thanks to that awesome gift card you get when you register with Target and request a catalog!

  • My engagement pictures were AMAZING- http://jeremylawsonphotography.com/blog.cfm?postID=61 -but like everyone else, I didn't know what to do with them. I ended up printing out two copies of the 264 pictures. I put one set of copies in a photo album, which sits on our coffee table. The other half was split between photos to slip in with our save the dates and photos to make into postcards. When people got the save the dates, they were so happy to have a few pictures. My plan is to send the postcards out on our honeymoon to all the people who came to our wedding (only about 40 people) with a quick, "Thanks for celebrating with us! Mexico is fab."

    Good luck Meg! We both have just a few more weeks to go.

  • Some of the things I'm using our engagement pictures for:
    – wedding website
    – save the dates
    – picture guest book
    – making a card box out of frames with some of the pictures in them.

    Also, I liked getting a chance to shoot with my photographer before the actual day of the wedding. Now we know how he works and I got to figure out which angles I DO NOT look good from. So, now I know to tell him not to do those particluar shots/angles at the wedding. :)

  • I know you don't want to do this, so consider it a suggestion for others — at my cousin's wedding, their engagement pics were the wedding favors. I had the frame and pic up in my room for a year or so. Then they got divorced, so I guess I just now have a lovely frame instead.

    Otherwise, use the engagement pics as a desk pic for the office or as something to give to your parents/other relatives who like to display pictures of family (my family always mails around pictures, so I have pictures of cousins hanging up on the fridge and stuff).

    Two of my friends used their engagement photos for save-the-date cards and for the front cover of their wedding invite.

    I really like the idea of incorporating the photos into a scrapbook of sorts . . . but I'd also suggest adding in photos of you or David or both with all sorts of people you've invited to the wedding. Tho, on second thought, I'd probably only do that if I could get photos of me with every person that I'd invited.

  • I like the guest book idea. Or the keep them just to have and look at when you're old idea. ;)

    I despise typical guest books. They're too foofy for my taste. We ended up having Sarah (Things are better with a Parrot) stamp a plain Moleskine notebook for us to use. Simple. Unique. Dare I say, Practical? Now that the wedding is over I'm using photo corners to stuff our wedding polaroids/memorabilia into it and turn it into a sort of wedding guest book/scrapbook type thing.

  • accordionsandlace – I'm strangely allergic to that word too. My boyfriend and I have had more than one discussion about that fact as we move towards becoming engaged. I'm trying to find something else we can call each other without much success.

  • I want to give my POV as a photographer on this one:

    There are endless possibilities as to what to do with the photos, so I'm not even going to bother with that! But I think it is SUCH a good idea for couples to meet with their photographer before the wedding for a "practice shoot," if you will. Since so many people get anxious when having their picture taken, an engagement shoot helps to calm everyone's nerves, so that everyone is relaxed during the wedding, and also so couples don't feel the need to stop and pose every time they see a lens peeking out at them (that drives me nuts)!

    Oh and here is the link to the post about the baby pirate clothes: http://emilytakesphotos.blogspot.com/

    Meg, you're an awesome lady, and I'm so glad we got to hang out. And tell David his beard is awesome.

  • Meg

    Yup. You guys are right, we might just keep them till we are old.

    And um, yeah, Emily was fun.

  • Lee

    Our sweet wedding photographer offered to do some engagement photos for free, so how could we refuse? We purchased several prints that we liked, and we just put them in the beginning of our wedding album. We actually still need to fill in the rest with our wedding pictures, but we'll get around to it soon!

  • Desaray

    The point of engagement photos is to look at them a.) and think, "I am so cute." b.) then think, "We are so cute." c.) Then think, "We are so totally together that we hire professionals to take pictures of us together." and d.) then look at them again. I think that's it. Also, Meg, I dont know if you covered this already, but how did you decide to be mysterious? To not reveal yourself?

  • Oh such a tease! Can;t wait to see more.

    Gosh that sounds a little sleazy!

  • Anonymous

    er . . . frame em and put em in your living space?

  • So cute! I can't wait to see the rest of the pictures even though I already know what you look like. ;)

  • you guys look sweet together, but i just can't stop focusing on the dance-party-in-an-alley photo. so awesome.

  • Engagement photos are great fun, and good to have around. I think it's going to be great to have couple photos in normal, everyday clothes to add to the collection of wedding attire pictures. Glad to see your smile.

  • How lovely to see your smile (and you guys, well sort of)…

    You sure know how to leave us hungry for more!

  • Yep, they are cute. But I'm not sure what the point is either. We had a short one (it was cold) and are now thinking of dressing up in our wedding attire for round two.

    But, then, who doesn't love being their own star?

    Loved the sneak peek!

  • Ha! My friend is such an excellent photographer. She looks SO cool jumping too.

    Engagement photos. I like the idea of doing them (relaxing in front of your photographer, getting to know them). But what to do with them?! Man. That is a toughy. I think I'd rather argue with my mom about lack of flowers at the wedding (she wants them, I don't really care). Personally:
    1)I'm making a wedding quilt, and Emily gave me the idea of taking a few of the shots, and adding it to our quilt…since we are a part of our community. I'm also going to get some photos of fam/friends to add to the quilt as well. 2) I was going to make little cubes, that will have photos on them for our parents/grandparents. Since those people usually LOVE pictures of their kids. So I thought one side could be the an e-shot, one side could be a wedding shot of me and my man, one side could be a baby pic w/prospective fam member, and then the two of us at the wedding. Top would be something cool? Not sure yet.

  • Its oh so fun to see you, Meg! How exciting! :)