What The EFF Happened/ What Fresh H*ll is This??

Oh my god. Oh my god you guys. I want to kiss the laptop screen right now, I want to give you all a hug. But let me calm down, step back and explain. On Friday night I was working on our wedding playlist (god is that a fun wedding chore, I don’t know why we left it for last) and I clicked over to blogger to write a quick missive about how we were in an amazingly zen happy place about the wedding. Annnnnddddddd….. instead of my blog, I found a screen saying that my blog no longer existed.

What? Yes.

So, it turns out Blogger has a robot that scans the web looking for spam blogs and shutting them down. And sometimes, just sometimes, it picks real blogs and shuts them down. When this happens sometimes you get your blog back, and sometimes you don’t. So we spent the weekend feeling super zen about the wedding, and then I’d remember, and actually start crying because I’d lost all my writing, all your stories, and all your wonderful comments. It was the comments that I was most distraught about.

But, we’re back, and we’re live. And I want to hug each of you individually. And I will OBVIOUSLY be moving my blog off blogger after the wedding.

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  • So glad you're back! What a nice little wedding prank the universe decided to play on you!

  • Dianne

    Thank God you're back!!! I was so sad!

  • I have been married for 7 years (not planning on that changing anytime soon) & not involved in any upcoming wedding, yet I stalk this blog daily because I LOVE it! I have never commented, but had to say HOW HAPPY I AM THAT YOU ARE BACK!

    All the worst things went through my mind (your engagement was called off & in your devastation you blew up the blog….I know I have a wild imagination!), but I'm glad it was just an error & you are back! Good call on moving it…I may now being doing the same with my tiny little blogs.

  • When I got the "blog gone" screen – and later, Google, for some reason – I was stunned, confused, bereft, lost at sea!! So glad you're back.

  • We're happy you're still here too! I need you (all) at least until May!

  • Rianna

    I'm so happy you're back! I'm much more of a stalker than a commenter, but I read this blog daily – it's my sanity touchstone as I plan my wedding for next summer. I'm so relieved to see it's up and running again!!!!

  • Whew, welcome back!

  • Whew! I was getting worried. My own wedding is a week away, and somehow reading wedding blogs is making my own a little more real. So I had to obsessively check and see if you were live again! So glad you're back!

  • I crossed my fingers and hoped against hope that it was just some sort of mix up. Thank goodness that it was. I hadn't realized how important this blog had become to my wedding planning and to me until I thought it was gone!

  • Me

    So glad you're back, I had a heart failure when the blog was gone. Which shows how much a little sanctuary of sanity means to me in this planning process.

  • fleda

    Hooray! So glad you're back, so glad all is well. Even though I know that Meg ≠ blog, I was really worried about you personally when the blog disappeared without a trace!

  • cindy

    So glad you're back! :) I thought you have abandoned us when I found out that this blog was removed. Phew!!!

  • Anonymous

    LOL. I thought the exact same things as Earth Mama.

    Did they break up just days before the wedding, prompting her to blow up the blog in disgust???!!!

    It didn't seem likely, but then again the blog suddenly disappearing didn't seem likely either. ;-)

    Google needs to refine their process more.

  • LPC

    So glad it has been recovered. And, frankly, so glad that I have you in my Reader so did not notice that the Blogger tornado had taken you to Oz.

  • Anonymous

    Yay! You're back! We left our wedding playlist to the last minute too, not sure why either! Happy, calm thoughts you way for this week! :D


  • Lurker though I may be, I had to post– thank goodness! I really missed the sanity :)

  • Happy to see you're back! I was so worried for you! The same thing happened to my blog~before I'd even had a chance to post to it!

  • I would have been so upset if that happened to me, I love having something to sit down and read over, its like photos at on the day, memories that are really important.

  • abbie

    thank god you're back. this is my one essential wedding blog, and i felt totally adrift without it — even for just a day!

    hope it didn't cause you too much stress.

  • holy cow! yes, move to wordpress! that's insane that they do that

  • Glad you are still here!! I too read your blog every day and was so confused when I was rerouted to google. I am relieved also!!

  • Don't worry. My mother and I were both distraught and worried about whatever was happening. You are very loved.

  • wow… great you're back! as i read this blog on a daily basis to be happy about my own wedding planning :)

  • Desaray

    pretty glad this happened while I was gone getting married. I love it when ignorance is actually bliss.

  • Anonymous

    i've never commented before but feel i have to now – since i've started planning my next-summer's-wedding, i've been reporting frequently to your blog for inspiration, and was totally thrown when i saw that message – so glad to see this familar screen!!
    thank you for all your hard work and can't wait to see exactly how fabulous your very special day turns out..!

  • Sparkleparty

    I'm so glad everything is back to normal! We are getting married a week after you and, though I have not yet commented, I find myself re-reading posts more than usual these days for reassurance and to share in the excitement! I feel very lucky that timing has worked out this way. Like clockwork, I can read you wise words as you assess the situation the week before I'm there myself ;) Wishing you all the best… you're almost down to the single digit countdown!

  • Google (although helpful) Does Not = A Practical Wedding. so glad you're back!!

  • Glad you're back!
    For having given us a second chance, universe, I promise to comment more. Even if it's just to say "Yes, I totally agree" (which is what I think after reading the majority of posts/comments and then don't comment myself b.c I don't see it as a "productive" comment).
    I had actually originally written "Assuming this wasn't intentional…" in the email I sent, but then realised that was ridiculous!
    Happy almost-wedding!

  • To think I was this close to opening a blogger account as well. Glad you're back! Happy zen planning!

  • Elissa

    I'm so glad that you're back. I've missed my weekend dose of wedding planning sanity.

  • Anonymous

    I missed you too! I'm not getting married or anything – but reading your blog has made me think hard about my priorities in my relationships and my life in general… so thanks! I've never commented before, but really felt sad when I thought that you'd disappeared!

    Best wishes for the remainder of the planning…

  • I am in the same boat as many people-have never commented before but I was SO sad when you disappeared! Good luck with the last bits and pieces.

  • Oh, good! You're back!

    We're down to a month and a half before the wedding, and I've found myself re-reading Wedding Graduate posts for reassurance, inspiration, etc…. so when I checked in to look for one particular post that was sticking out in my memory and saw that you had disappeared from Blogger, I, like other commenters, felt bereft! I realized how much I've counted on my visits here to be reminded of creativity/thriftiness/sanity in the midst of wedding planning. So thanks for being around in the first place and for coming back!

    This is almost like your "It's a Wonderful Life" moment – you get to see how much people would miss you if you were gone! (c:

  • sam

    SO glad you're back!

  • Whew~

  • Anonymous

    I've never commented before either, but i feel that I should now to say that I was sooo disappointed to see that scary does not exist screen. I recently discovered your blog and I LOVE it. Our wedding is 4 weeks away and we are pretty kindred wedding spirits, so its really been great to read your updates.

    welcome back!

  • I was so worried! I told my fiance and my mother about 15 times how worried I was about you. Both of them asked… 'so you know this girl'? 'No, but it is a major deal that her blog is just gone, trust me!'

    Sooooo glad you and you blog are back!

  • Man, I was confused… Glad you're back. May I suggest WordPress for your blog's move?

  • *happy dance*

    Like some of the PPs I got a Google screen. I was like…"Wha?"

    I can't imagine how you felt.

    SO happy to have you back!!

  • Glad you're back! I was worried.

  • Amy*

    So happy you aren't gone for forever like I feared! I love this blog!*

  • Lisa

    I'm so happy for your return! Welcome back!

  • Welcome back!