When Weddings Drive Us Mad

Every so often I get a email or a comment from a reader saying something like “Thanks for helping me keep my head on straight about weddings” (which makes my day each and every time), or “here are pictures of my amazingly kick-*ss wedding, I read your blog every day during the planning process” (really? MY blog? It helped you plan this amazingly beautiful and grounded shindig?) And then, every so often, I get emails that say “I don’t know how you are so grounded when it comes to this wedding stuff. It’s amazing.” On that front, I need to come clean. I’m not *that* grounded and sane when it comes to wedding stuff. I’m relatively sane, sure, when you compare me to the absolutely insane, but I have my moments.

This week we had our first real wedding brain bender. The brain bendy part is that it was about the silliest of details: the Save The Dates. If 80% of our guests were not traveling in from out of town, we’d probably skip the whole save-the-date thing. But they are, and they are the types that like official advance notice of parties, and my hand would get to tired writing out that many personal notes, so we’re doing them. I want them to be fun, irreverent, saucy‌ a little like us. Easy, right? Siggghhh. I have too many ideas, none of them quite work, David has some opinions but not definitive opinions, and to top it off, I know perfectly well that no one really cares about Save The Dates other then the couple. I am not of the school that you need to “sell your wedding to your guests” because, for gods sake people, if people don’t love you enough to come if they can afford it, you probably should cut them off your list.

So, here we are, in a flurry over nothing. We sat down to have a little chat about this save the date nonsense this weekend, and after we voted down half the ideas for being to complicated to execute (did I suggest messages in a bottle? Of course I did), and the other half for being trite and in-authentic. After that, I might have stomped away, calling my dearly beloved and “*sshole.”

So. We’re collecting our thoughts over at Chez Practical, and hoping that one day soon they turn from ever so much fluff into yummy cotton candy goodness. In the meantime, feel free to leave in the comments.

1) A ridiculous wedding fight you had with your one true love
2) Some crazy, quirky, sassy inspiration

Many thanks in advance.

Some of the best paper goods invites ever, from this amazing wedding
**Update: These are DIY paper goods, kids! NOT expensive paper goods (would I do that to you on a post like this?)

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