Where I Am Today (Invitation Land)

I’ve had a really hard time articulating anything wedding related this weekend, and I think it’s because we’re so in the thick of it. We’re working to follow TTO’s excellent advice, and not procrastinate. I want to be able to enjoy the time leading up to the wedding, not to mention just breathing and enjoying the weekend of our wedding, so I’m trying to cross things off the list now, now, now.
This weekend we picked up our wedding invitations fresh off the letterpress from Jordan. I’m so glad we went with a fellow blogger instead of taking the perhaps more normal and sane route of going with a big print shop. There was something so satisfying about going to Jordan’s studio and seeing our plates still on the press, chatting while she wrapped up* the invitations, and David and baby Moses giggled back and forth. (and yes I’ll be sharing the invites in detail one of these days, when I get pictures that do them justice).We spent the rest of the weekend hand addressing envelopes, stuffing and stamping. Today, our invitations start their journey into the world. I know most people will look at them for three seconds before they stick them on their fridge or in a stack – but hopefully one or two people will touch them and think about them, sense that they were a labor of love, feel the beckoning of joy.

*A unexpected side effect of shopping indie seems to be packages tied up with string.

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  • That’s a lovely thought, the invites making their way across the country to the people you love. Congrats!

  • I’m mailing mine Friday, Meg, for my wedding on the same day as yours- isn’t it an incredible feeling?! I took the time to write little notes to some people on the response cards, but even just writing everyone’s name on the envelopes gave me the perfect opportunity to stop and think about them for a minute, and how excited I am to see them in August. Wedding-related lesson: send real mail more often!

  • I am pretty sure people appreciate special invitations made with love! thats what I do!
    All designers and artists hearts will jump for a
    great invitation!

  • LPC

    Beckoning of joy. Lovely.

  • the blank hits along the left edge there look fab. so glad you were able to realize what you envisioned for these!

  • Meg

    Shhhhh Lauren. You’re not suppossed to be able to *see* very much in this picture. Just a hint.

  • wow, congrats on getting those babies out into the world!

  • K

    Let the mailbox stalking begin! Whee!!!!

  • Cate Subrosa

    Yay, they’re on their way! Can’t wait to see more.

    The more I think about it, the more please I am that I got married quite young, and thus before most of our friends. It means that when we eventually start getting invited to lots of weddings (which can’t come soon enough!) I’ll be one of those who “will touch them and think about them, sense that they were a labor of love, feel the beckoning of joy.”

  • Meg’s Mom

    OF COURSE indie purchases are tied up with string. For the most part, it seems indie packages arrive wrapped up in brown paper. And because so much love and creativity went into the making of each item, I’m sure it is the hope of the artist that they will become some of your favorite things.