Why I’m A Practical Bride Contest

I’m excited to announce our very first contest! Who-hoo! Now, do you think I’m giving something away, and all you have to do is leave a comment and get picked? Of course not. Over here at chez practical we value wit more then that. So, Modern Bride has introduced a new ad campaign, “I’m a Modern Bride because…” I’ve included the only adorable ad above. As for the rest, well, if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all, right? Except, really? You’re a modern bride because your wedding lasted four days? FOUR DAYS? That is a lot of inconvenience and forced merriment on the part of your guests. When I was small my mother used to tell me that if Christmas was every day, it wouldn’t be fun anymore. The same can be said of weddings.

Which brings me to the contest. Why are you a Practical Bride (or groom)? Leave your answer in the comments. I have two prizes! A copy of One Perfect Day: The Selling of the American Wedding for the wittiest answer, and a copy of Miss Manners On {Painfully Proper} Weddings goes to the writer of the wisest answer. Oh yes, and (internet) fame and glory. That goes to both winners. Go for something that will make us laugh, or will make us nod our heads, and murmur “true, true.”

Let’s see what Team Practical can come up with. I’m expecting big things. (Also, you absolutely do not have to be engaged to enter, just a clever writer.)

And… GO! Comments are open for exactly one week (and you can enter as many times as you want)

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  • i am a practical bride because i’m serving my grandma’s cupcakes at my reception in lieu of an expensive cake!

  • i am a practical bride because i bought my dress online @ jcrew but still went to david’s bridal to try on “real” wedding dresses… just for the experience.

  • i am a practical bride because my M.O.H. and B.M.’s can wear ANYTHING they want, as long as it’s new and black… because i have been a bridesmaid 7 times and i have 7 awful dresses hanging in my closet, and i understand.

  • We’re a practical couple because one of our criteria for choosing a venue is “Does the dog approve?”

    Her positive review of our last venue tour:


  • mel

    I am a practical bride because (1) I’m baking my own cupcakes (in lieu of an overly priced and possibly not so tasty wedding cake), (2) the bouquets and flowers for VIPs will be wooden roses and lilies, arranged by me (I’ll offer to re-make Grandma’s corsage and Grandpa’s boutonniere into a small flower arrangement AFTER the honeymoon), (3) we’re going to have 2 of our best friends (a couple) act as our Master and Mistress of Ceremonies doing all the announcements and tending the laptop, in lieu of a DJ, (4) I’m going to wear a dress that makes me feel and look stunning, will not be a “wedding” dress, and will be as affordable and re-wearable as possible!


  • mel

    I am a practical bride because I won’t let my husband to be shell out an enormous amount of money for an engagement ring. Instead of a diamond ring, I’d rather he pay our mortgage for the month (though he still plans to get me a pretty ring, but one that does not have a price tag that competes with keeping a roof over our and our pets’ heads).

  • ley

    I’m a practical bride because I’m serving a homemade cake and a simple buffet so we can eat more than Ramen noodles for the next five years.

  • I’m a practical bride because on a daily basis I remind myself the purpose of our wedding: to be wed.

  • My fiance says that he’s a practical groom because the first thing he planned for our wedding was arranging for a port-o-potty :)

  • I’m a practical bride because not only do I realize that the day cannot be perfect nor can I, but I don’t strive for it. Instead I strive to just be me and for our wedding to reflect who we are not who we wish to pretend to be.

    Also no matter what happens or what gets forgotten about or destroyed as long as we are married by the end of the day it’s a good wedding.

  • I am a practical bride because, for me, the most important is to the share the day with my loved ones, beginning with the groom.

  • I’m a practical bride because all I want to do is elope, but know I’d hurt my friends’ feelings if I did.

    To accommodate fares and schedules, we’re renting a house for a week. Most of the group has never been to Seattle and is looking forward to it, so by covering housing costs they’re not forced to spend their time fretting over how to fly out, see the town and get back. Mind you, we decided on Seattle because we literally couldn’t afford anything decent on Long Island (where my alma mater is), the rest of New York is a logistical nightmare and elopement there meant offending some of our closest friends who are moving to California.

    I intend to cook most of the food with my fiance, give out bus passes to guests so they can check out the city (I picked a house near a university and a farmer’s market!) and just intend to let people enjoy their day or days off. I think we’ll spend most of it gaming.

  • e.

    I’m a practical bride because I refuse to go into debt for this, and rather than spend money on a dress (I’ll be using the one my grandma made for my mom with some alterations) or a ring (I have my grandma’s antique diamond) or sit-down dinners with food that isn’t even that good or anything else that doesn’t reflect what we value and the people we love, we’re saving our money in order to help his Scottish family fly to the States for the wedding—because it’s the people who’ve helped us reach this point that we want to celebrate with and have surrounding us. Because we’ll walk ourselves up the aisle because we’re the ones who invited guests to the party, not our parents; because we’ll probably perform some silly-beautiful (and totally accurate) Motown love song to each other in lieu of sacred vows; because we’re utilizing the skills and support and love of all our friends in order to celebrate how freaking sweet it is that we love each other—that’s why we’re a practical going-to-be-married couple.

  • i am a practical bride
    bc i am getting married in the church that i grew up (for free!)

    but to do that, we have to wait until the end of next year for it to be rebuilt

  • im a practical bride
    because i joined the “simplify movement” extending to my wedding.


  • melanie

    i’m a practical bride, because i reject the princess bride fantasy!

  • courtney

    I’m a practical bride because…

    I remember no amount of color coordinated ribbon will ever make me as happy as seeing my husband to be at the end of the aisle.

  • I’m a practical bride because I learned my lesson. This is my second time to the alter, and my new husband-to-be is EIGHT YEARS YOUNGER than me. The most practical decision I’ve ever made (for a variety of reasons!!!)

  • I’m a practical bride because

    …we didn’t let a little weather ruin the party, and got married on a road at the last minute.

    …I designed my own engagement ring and wedding ring.

    …we had our wedding reception in a brewery, so the beer was free.

  • I’m a practical bride because I choose to spend money on things that the guests will enjoy (e.g., good food and music, not bridal party limos and fake eyelashes) and things that will last longer than the wedding celebration (e.g., photos and rings, not bouquets and bridal gown).

  • I’m a practical bride because our two biggest splurges were our wedding rings and our photographer — because you wear the wedding rings for the rest of your lives, and after the party’s over, all that’s left are the pictures!

  • I’m a practical bride because the most expensive element of my invitations was the postage!

  • I’m a practical bride because I refuse to make the earth pay for our celebration by having the reception and ceremony in the same place and in a location closest to the majority of guests to reduce our carbon footprint; using reusable, edible, natural or recycled decor; eschewing the RSVP card, menu cards, photo-sharing cards, and other mildly useful paper goods; and wearing an heirloom dress.

  • I’m a practical bride because we’re not spending money we don’t have.

  • I’m a practical bride because I’m making my centerpeices and loving everyminute of it!

  • I’m a practical bride, because I know this isn’t the happiest/most important/{insert clich茅 superlative here} day of our lives.

    A fun, festive party? Sure. An expense we’ll budget for over the next few months? Bien s没r! A lovely day with sweet, thoughtful touches our guests will appreciate and enjoy? If we do our jobs well.

    But an opportunity to make our friends and family feel that their own special days were inadequate by compare? An excuse to blow our savings? A reason to fret about whether ruched organza is so totally last season? To paraphrase the prophet Winehouse, “They’re trying to make me do it/but I said, ‘No, no, no…’ “

  • I’m a practical bride because
    I don’t spend $75 to feed myself for one meal, so I won’t spend $75 per person to feed my guests. Hello Indian food buffet!

  • I’m a Practical Bride because I’m getting married to my beloved on the rugged beach of my native island in the presence of our nearest and dearest, wearing a simple dress my mum made (truthfully she’s the practical one, I LOVE my mum).

    Our largest expense is renting a house for family and friends to meet and enjoy with us the week before the wedding. We’re holding the festivities in the garden a short walk from the sea. My talented fiancĂŠ will do most of the cooking and I’ll bake the cake. Our wonderful guests are helping out with everything from lending us a classic car for transport to making the peace lanterns we will release into the sea after sunset. Actually, may I nominate all our guests as the Practical Wedding Party?

    Most practically though we have decided we don’t need more stuff (we are yet to settle in one country, never mind city), so instead of a traditional registry we are asking for special treats, such as museum visits and dinners.

  • i am a practical bride because i know when to do things handmade (runners, signs, invites, dessert, gifts, etc) and when to hire someone (food, linens). both of which prevent me from going crazy

  • I’m a practical bride because I remember that at the end of the day, I won’t be a bride. I’ll be a wife. And that matters most.

  • I guess I’m a practical bride because I don’t think of myself as a bride. Sure, we’re engaged, but I only see that as a great step towards becoming a married couple. And that excites me more than a ceremony or dress.

    Oh, and we plan on having a simple ceremony at a great destination and only invite our families and very close friends. We’re going to make it a vacation for all. I see it as a celebration of our guests as well, because if it wasn’t for them, we wouldn’t be who we are today and may not have met.

  • I guess I’m a practical “bride” because I’m already saving for the wedding and I’m not engaged yet. I’m not delusional, we will be engaged by the end of the year. I figure “why wait?” I’m a planner and a saver. I want to have a really whimsical, wonderful wedding, but without going bankrupt in the process.

  • I’m a practical bride because, I’m a practical person and being a bride shouldn’t change who you are.

  • Jen

    I am a practical bride because we are having exactly what we want. If it all falls apart thats okay too. As long as I am there, he is there and the preacher is there then it will be okay.

    Our cruiseship wedding will last a week for those who want to come but we only invited 30 people and having parents on opposite sides of the globe it makes sense for everyone to spend a week together. It actually works out to about the same cost if we rented a venue and had the wedding at home.

  • KrisMay

    I am a practical bride because…
    I finally realize that the only likely person that will remember your wedding centerpieces will be you and not the 299 other guests.

    I am a practical bride because….
    after getting lost in the world of color palettes and bridal wear…the best investment for my wedding is to go for a pre-marital counseling session to help build a lasting marriage.

    I am a practical bride because….
    I extended our engagement until we are financially ready to afford the "wedding of our dreams."

    Wedding of our dreams = a destination wedding to Italy with close family and friends & a laid back so-cal(southern california)/mexican/filipino fiesta style reception back home for both of our ENORMOUS extended family

  • ~M

    I’m a practical bride because I’m wearing my mother’s beautiful and expensive dress from 1981! (No, it doesn’t have poufy sleeves!)

  • ~M

    I’m a practical bride because my fiancĂŠ and I wrote down our list of top priorities before talking to either set of parents :)

  • ~M

    I’m a practical bride because we are using inexpensive, but beautiful electronic invitations for our rehearsal dinner (and they are not evites!). They’ll display a photo of my fiancĂŠ and I from the day we got engaged :)

  • ~M

    I’m a practical bride because I’m delegating responsibilities to my fiancĂŠ and our parents so I can concentrate on studying for the bar.

  • ~M

    I’m a practical bride because the ceremony and celebration will all be in the same place so there will be no changing of outfits, no driving through traffic, no boredom on the part of our guests. Also, the venue is located close to public transportation and all other celebratory events of the weekend (religious services, rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, etc.) are all within walking distance; we even told our guests *not* to rent cars!

  • ~M

    Last one for now: I’m a practical bride because I’ve told my male guests how to save $20 on tux rentals.

  • ~M

    I am also a practical bride because I negotiate, negotiate, negotiate. Seriously, alternative dispute resolution, with its negotiation component, was one of the best courses I took as a law student. I have found deals for as much as 50% less than what my wedding planner offers (woohoo!). Shop around! And I have convinced companies to offer me free shipping or other discounts! Yay for saving money (or at least allocating it for your priorities)!

  • ~M

    I am a practical bride because I am not serving meat or fowl! Instead, I am following Mark Bittman's advice: http://www.nytimes.com/2008/06/11/dining/11mini.html?_r=1&ref;=dining&oref;=slogin

    So there will be lots of seasonal (autumn) and local goodies! My hope is to fill our out-of-towner bags with some produce straight from the farmer's markets (and negotiate the price since I'll buy a case/flat – see tip above).

  • I’m a practical bride because…

    …I don’t expect my wedding to be perfect

    …I bought my wedding shoes on clearance at Kohl’s

    …I don’t consider my bridesmaids to be part of the decoration

  • I am a practical bride because I know that Two-Buck-Chuck will get everyone just as drunk as Dom Perignon will.

  • I’m a practical bride because every other bride I know isn’t.

  • Jessica B.

    I am a practical bride because:

    1. Anyone my fiance and I haven’t been in touch with in the past year, family or friend, isn’t invited to our wedding.

    2. See #1. My evil grandmother who emptied out my parents’ bank account before they got married (true story) and is currently dating a man she met via prison love letters (deeply unfortunate true story), is NOT invited to my wedding. She is family. Sometimes that is just not enough.

    3. We aren’t having a wedding party. No attendants. No, you read that correctly. No one. There will be no one to humiliate. No one to spend all of their hard-earned cash on an outfit they’ll not only never wear again, but most likely will not even want to wear the first time around. No one to boss around and give dirty looks to when they show up a little late because they knew you told them to arrive 45 minutes before they actually needed to be there. No one! Disclaimer: Ok, I’ve been a bridesmaid a few (thousand) times, but this portion of my practical-ness has no bearing on past experiences, cross my heart!

    4. The groom and I will get ready for the wedding TOGETHER. Yes, this means that he will see the dress. Heck, he’ll probably help me pick out the dress. He’s got damn good taste. And look, he’s seen what’s under the dress. Me. Naked. Many times in the past 8.5 years. No surprises there, no mystery. Just the way we like it.

    4a. We plan on walking down the aisle together. Nothing against good ole Dad, but there’s something about the whole “giving away” thing that creeps me out. I don’t equate my father with my husband and I certainly am not a possessed object to be given to anybody. Feminist-ish maybe, but I can’t help it. We walk in together as two people who love each other, we walk out together as two people who love each other and are married. It’ll work.

    5. I plan on having a good time at my own wedding.

    6. My mother hasn’t asked me about how the planning is going. Not once. We talk at least twice a week. How cool is she? I can talk about it, but she doesn’t ask because she doesn’t want it to seem like that’s the most important thing we have to talk about. She has also never asked what anything will cost. How sweet is that? God, I love my mother.

    7. Nothing named or resembling a “station” is allowed at my reception. Stations are for trains and busses. Odd pet peeve, I know. Everybody has ’em, this is mine.

    8. I took over paying the rent for a few months after my fiance proposed to me with the most beautiful sapphire ring. I can’t reconcile myself to letting him spend so much on me. We’re in this together. I wasn’t expecting a ring at all…but I wouldn’t give this baby back for anything.

    9. If I suddenly and mysteriously came into a huge fortune and had a multi-million dollar budget for this wedding, it’d still be the low-key, fun, intimate event I’m planning today. But just for the sake of curiosity, let’s imagine it together. Close your eyes. Imagine me, filthy rich. While we’re at it, imagine me filthy rich with really skinny thighs, glossy hair and whiter teeth. Ok, ready. What would I do with all this cash? Would I rent a castle in the English countryside and fly everyone I’ve ever met there for a 2-week extravaganza complete with circus animals and thousands of yards of fushia silk? No, I’d buy us a pretty house with a cozy backyard and invite the same 100 people on my current list to come hang out at my pretty house in my great backyard, eat yummy food and dance the night away. Truthfully, the only thing that I’d really spring for is a super-out-of-this-world photographer…to properly document my skinny thighs, glossy hair and white teeth. My point is, it’s the great time you show your guests that counts, not all of the “extras” that cost so much money and are so forgettable.

    I’m a practical bride because I don’t want my wedding to be “Magazine Worthy.” I want it to be fun, intimate, personal and just a great way to spend time with the people that we love, who have been a part of our relationship from the start. That’s what’s important to me. Not pashminas and birdy cake toppers. Not alternating colored seat cushions. Not Vera Wang. Not photo booths and ice cream trucks. It’s the love. Ain’t love practical?

  • I’m a practical bride and we’re a practical couple because: a) We’re choosing a reception site that is all-inclusive from appetizers to DJ to centerpieces to dinner to drinks to cake; b) I’m handcrafting our Save-The-Date notifications and started crafting these super early so I had ample time to wait for sales at Michael’s, esp. when I didn’t buy enough the first time around!; c) I have all things paper-related for the wedding drafted and formatted, such as programs, menu cards, signs, place cards, ready for the final OK and printing – and our wedding is next April; and d) I have a running list of things and instructions to hand off/remind my wedding coordinators (cousins) as well as a various wedding-day schedules for everyone who will be helping out with a different task that day.

    These are practical things that I do because our families are huge and I wish for everyone to be in-the-know so there is as little chaos and confusion as possible. I want everyone to know that the bar is Open and we’re being charged a flat rate – I don’t want them to guess or feel shy about asking, and then not get their soda because they think it might cost us!

  • I am a practical bride because I have no other choice. Our money’s limited, but our love is not. So we’re going to put as much love (not money) into the planning of our wedding as possible. (Mushy, I know.)

    I’m a practical bride because I constantly find myself telling my mother that things are too expensive. (She’s not even paying!)

    And… I’m a (perhaps not-so) practical bride because I am REFUSING to order a $2,000 tent for my reception. That’s a ridiculous amount of money. I hope our guests bring umbrellas in case of rain…

  • Dress: eBay, $109 including shipping.
    Venue: Beach house rented for less than 1/3 regular price (family connections)
    Flowers: market order from local grocer
    Food: catered at their cost of food by the most sought-after restaurant in town (SIL is manager)
    All stationary: made by moi
    Dessert: homemade key lime cupcakes topped with blueberries and raspberries
    Music: iPod
    Sanity: long gone. Wedding is in 3 months.

  • Desaray

    I’m a practical bride because I bought a power of attorney before I bought my shoes.

  • Desaray
  • Maddie

    I am a practical bride because I know the difference between getting “married” and getting “wedding-ed.”

  • ~M

    I’m a practical bride because I bought low-heeled shoes and filled them with Killer Kushionz (the best pads/”petals” ever!) instead of getting tall heels. I’m 5’1″ and petite and going to be shorter than my bridesmaids no matter what. So why have sore feet?

  • I am a practical bride cause I am getting almost everything for free! The preacher (Groom's Father), The location (Family friend's place), Tables & chairs(from the church), photography (friends!), music (Laptop), cupcakes (aunt Katie!), friends, family and the love of my life….all free!

    everything else will be discounted and purchased slowly through out the year or hand made (flowers, decorations) and if any is forgotten, who cares. I would be happy just to go away on a trip and come back married. We have already started our lives together and this is just going to the first big celebration of our love!

  • I’m a practical bride, going into this thing with eyes wide open. You set your priorities first, and tackle everything else from there. (priorities #1- Get married. #2-Shelf the wedding drama.) Remind yourself that you are not crazy for doing things this way.

    For most of us, a wedding is the most expensive party you will ever throw, period. More so if you’re emptying your own pockets for the event, and that helps you consider carefully every commercialized, color-coordinated, “traditional” purchase that harasses your bank account. I had to learn to be unafraid of bucking tradition and cutting things out that didn’t mean anything to us, and our life, and our budget.

  • The breakdown of our incredibly budget-friendly and wonderfully chic practical wedding:

    Dress/suit: $75 Each on Ebay, w/shipping, so cheap AND recycled

    Cake: $50, for materials, a gift from a previous co worker at a pastry shoppe

    Photography: Free, but priceless. There are 3 professional photographers in his family.

    Venue: He’s the ATD for a theatre who has a great venue they rent out, so we got it for half price. $250, and there’s a $150 refundable deposit. Includes all the chairs, tables and specialized lighting our hearts desire.

    Music: Ipod, and his mad sound/light skills from working the venue

    Flowers/Decor: I’m a wedding coordinator for a hip floral shop, so the flowers I get for wholesale and am doing the work on, and any kind of decorations I want I’m borrowing for free.

    Linens: I get these for the shop’s rental cost, about $120

    Reception food: All homeade and organic since all the aunts/mothers/sisters/cousins wanted a way to be involved.

    Just a sampling of the talented and lucky a connections we have!

  • I’m a practical bride because I’m minimizing or eliminating waste. If an item can’t be donated, resold, or recycled after the wedding, it’s probably a waste more than a necessity.

  • beautifulbravebride

    I am a practical bride because

    1). I believe a wedding is one important stop on the journey in our relationship. Is it significant? Certainly! Is it the final destination? NO WAY!

    2) I am, oddly, just a little bit creeped out by big, impersonal “industry” weddings.

    3) I believe that my stunning diamond simulant engagement ring is just as meaningful as the real thing, and nobody went into debt for it. We decided we’d rather have new carpeting. Someday, perhaps, the real thing will come along, but not until we can fork over the bucks without pulling out the plastic.

    4) We refuse to charge one penny of our wedding expenses. We’ve worked very hard to become debt free, and an “industry” wedding is not going to make us more in love, or more married. We’re prioritizing what is important to each of us, and letting go of things that aren’t. This day is about US, our wonderful family, our closest friends, some fabulous food, and a trip the next week.

    5) My fiance loves, LOVES, cake. I hate it, and the ridiculous traiditions that go with it, but it’s important to him, and I love him, so cake is on the list of things we WILL be spending money on (though I do have a friend who is a pastry chef, so I’m thinking we’ll get a good deal on a fab cake).

    6) I know that my attendants are beautiful, intelligent, unique women who, in their 30’s, have excellent taste and know exactly what looks good on their bodies. They are perfectly capable of choosing dresses that will make them feel and look stunning. I am not into “matchy matchy” in my “real” life, and certainly do not need (nor want) stepford bridesmaids!

    7) Instead of purchasing a dress not of their choosing and giving us a gift, each of my bridesmaids is taking over a wedding task. My designer friend is arranging all of the flowers, my no nonsense friend (whom I affectionately refer to as “the negotiator”) is helping me deal with the few vendors I am hiring and keeping me grounded, and my sister in law, who traveling from out of state (a gift in itself)will be rangling her beautiful but spirited children – who will also be in the wedding.

    8) Music provided by a) fiance’s talented friend who plays in a fabulous band and happens to play some kickin’ hammered dulcimer, and b) my iPod.

    9) I’m not registering for China. I have my grandmother’s, and while I love it because it was hers, frankly, I’ve no interest in receiving any gift that can’t go in the dishwasher.

    10) And finally, I am a practical bride because I do not believe that my wedding should be perfect or stressful…for anyone. I’m not Cinderella, and I’m not looking for a fairy tale. I’m a real girl and I want a real wedding. Warts and all. Honest, joyful, simple, relaxing, and lovely.

  • beautifulbravebride

    Oh yes…and p.s. NO THROWING ANYTHING at our wedding. No bouquet toss. No garter toss. No rice, no birdseed, no flower petals. Pelting the bride and groom with anything is strictly OFF LIMITS. :-)

  • I’m a practical bride because I realize the wedding is JUST a wedding. It is not the greatest day of my life; how terribly dull my life will be if this is the peak. It isn’t MY special day, it is OUR special day; there is a groom involved too. No one else is going to care as much as I do. Being the bride does not give me an excuse to become a witch. At the end of the day, no matter what happens, I’ll still be married to my new husband and we will have a wonderful time.

    I refuse to risk our mortgage or credit for one day. I realize that our guests will be just as happy with a chicken buffet instead of prime rib. I will be just as beautiful in a preowned Maggie dress instead of a new Melissa Sweet dress. Garden roses and candles are just as stunning as peonies and crystals, and much less expensive. Beer and wine get people just as tipsy as martinis for a fraction of the cost.

    Mostly, I’m a practical bride simply because I refuse to do things that we can’t afford or don’t want to do simply because “everyone” else does.

  • chow, baby

    I’m a practical bride because our “theme” is us!; and love!; and having a great time with our family and friends!–instead of matchy matchy perfectly princessy sunshine frilliness.

    And we would never in a zillion million jillion years hope that this would be the happiest day of our life. Ever never ever. (What a dreadful, unimaginative, hopeless concept!)

  • Cecilia

    I am a practical bride with a practical fiance. We do it our way and leave the “must have” behinde.
    It will be a civil ceremony since we are ateists. My fiance did the invitations when I was away workning – as long as they didn´t turn out pink or mint green I didn´t care…
    My dress is a simple tee length dupion silk dress with coffee and milk colored details. The best part is that it will be usuable again and only cost $400 to have made just for me.
    We don´t care about having the perfect flowers and other details -the important part is a beautiful ceremony, great food and wine (we are really into nice food)and a hell of a party with 50 of our closest family and friends.

  • ~M

    I’m a practical bride because although I cannot have a Saturday evening wedding for religious reasons, my fiancĂŠ and I set the date on a Sunday over a 3-day weekend so more of our guests would be able to party! (The majority are local – no flights – since we are actually from the northern and southern suburbs of the same city!)

  • ~M

    I’m a practical bride because I share Google Docs and Spreadsheets with my fiancĂŠ to stay organized and keep him informed.

    We also made a joint e-mail which, through the miracle of Gmail, also comes to both of our individual accounts. I guess I’m also practical for marrying an engineer/computer scientist when I’m a liberal artsy, language-lovin’ lawyer!. With our joint e-mail, we will just stop having it forward after the wedding and kill the wedding-related spam :)

  • I’m a practical bride because…

    I recognize that CHOCOLATE beats boring old chicken any day, so we’re skipping right to the good stuff and having a desserts-only reception!

  • i am a practical bride because
    i have to be. we are having two weddings in two countries!

  • I’m a practical bride. I’m not engaged (yet), but I know my boyfriend and I want to get married sometime next summer. It gives me plenty of time to think about all of the little details, without the stress. It’s fun to think about locations, flowers, and music because it isn’t looming over my head. It’s simply “hey, that might be cool!” And when we do get engaged? I won’t spend sleepless nights debating whether or not “blush and bashful” are MY wedding colors.

    Also, I’m not a fan of cake. Neither is he. I think we’ll have wedding pie instead of wedding cake. Take that, wedding industry!

  • Krista

    I’m a practical bride because … I am keeping the focus on the fact that this is just the first day of the rest of our lives together.

  • Peonies and Polaroids

    I’m a practical bride because I really and truly hope that our wedding won’t be the happiest day of our lives.

    And yay for a contest!

  • I’m a practical bride because rather than spending large amounts of money on wedding rings, my husband and I got our custom titanium rings on Ebay for $20 each. They may not be expensive but they’re unbreakable…just like our commitment to each other.

  • p.s Here are some pics of our wedding. In ‘practical wedding’ fashion, all up we spent just under $10,000 including food, venue, flowers…you name it! It would never have been possible without the generous help of friends and family who truly made the day special.

  • J

    I’m a practical bride because I am having a traditonal Southern wedding: BIG on hospitality, BIG on family, LITTLE on cost and LITLE on prissiness. Appetizers, alcohol and cake in a garden setting, lots of friends and family but not a lot of unneccessary things like matchbooks and napkins with our names on them. I’m designing the invites and paper goods, making the centerpieces, and trying to do as much as I think I can and will enjoy. The money we are spending will take care of the rest.

  • I’m a practical bride because my total budget is 5,000, and I still feel like thats ALOT.
    I just keep thinking that’s 5 trips out of the country.

    1. Dominican Republic
    2. Montreal
    3. Costa Rica
    4. Paris (maybe just the plane ticket)
    5. Belize

    I would budget 20$ for the court house when all was said and done.

  • p.s. reason # 1001 I’m a practical Bride, is that I’m making everything.

    no really everything.
    invitations, cake, bouquets, dress, veil, ties for the groom and grooms men, favors, presents for my maids, jewelry, decorations, aisle runner, vows…

  • anything I can’t make


  • i am a practical bride bc instead of the oh so tempting russel and hazel wedding binder, i stopped by walmart yesterday and shopped in the back to school section!

  • not very clever writing but, i am a practical bride because i never had any childhood fantasy of what my wedding day would be like, too busy being a tomboy i suppose. as much as i love miss martha and a well planned gorgeous party – i know there are many ways to accomplish this without going over the top or having all these “must haves”. so, for starters, we decided we are only paying with cash, no credit.

    *we will not have a wedding party, no attendents at all.

    *i am making mini cakes and cupcakes, designing and printing invites, etc., simple flower market flowers.

    *we are thinking of making the food -if we choose to serve anything more than dessert, punch and champagne.

    *we are hoping to have it in our own home, if we find somewhere cute in the next few months (or borrow a relatives backyard).

    *our guest list includes about 50-60 people.

    *my vintage 1930s dress is lovely, fits like a dream and was only $17 with shipping! i already own many beautiful vintage shoes so no need to purchase anything new for the occasion.

    *ipod music and my fiance is a musician so we might have a friends band play for an hour or so.

  • I’m a practical bride because I didn’t allow my pending nuptials to consume my entire existence and blind me to the fact that other people were continuing to live their non-wedding lives around me.

    I don’t think my wedding was all that unique (we had a civil ceremony in a performing-arts hall; we served a somewhat bland buffet and a small cake; my mom made origami favors and we potted up plants for centerpieces; our laptop played our favorite MP3s and our guests drank beer and wine) but I do think I managed to remember that the whole idea was, first, to get married, and, a very close second, to have fun and to make sure my guests had fun.

    I could look back and say, This could have been prettier, or I wish that had gone better, or, Ooh, that’s a great idea, I wish I had thought of that. But none of that matters.

    What matters is that I achieved my two goals (get married and everyone have fun) — not without stress, but without losing myself in the process, going into debt or alienating the people I care about. That is what really matters.

  • I’m a practical bride because I’m wearing my mother’s dress.

  • I’m a practical bride because my wedding is potluck.

  • We’re having a practical wedding because we shunned the wedding industrial complex at every opportunity–no big vendors, flowers from a friend’s garden, ceremony/reception in a local park, no engagement ring, no cake (cupcakes, like everyone else here), we invited everyone we wanted, we used the web, kept waste to a minimum, and had a drama free prep. Also, these things are easily planned in six months. If you take longer than that, you fill it up with details that are UN-practical.

  • I am a practical bride because I’m getting married wearing my mother’s wedding dress, underneath the same oak tree in my grandparents yard that Grammie and Papaw got married under 62 years ago.

  • alphachloe

    I’m a practical bride because if we can’t afford it, build it, or borrow it, it’s out. If it will make anyone uncomfortable or bored, it’s out. If it is a “must” invented by the wedding industry, it’s out.
    I’m a practical bride because I’m willing to accept help from family and friends, even if that means I can’t control it all. I’m a practical bride because my fiance’s experience is as important to me as my own.
    In short:
    I’m willing to let it be what it will be,
    because in the end, we’re just him and me.

  • Krista

    I’m a practical bride because … our wedding will be celebration with our families and friends. Our goal, and my fiance and I do share this goal, is to create a celebration that everyone will be able to truly be comfortable and enjoy!

  • I’m a practical bride because the theme of my wedding is marriage.

  • I’m a practical bride because I bought my veil over the weekend for 2.00$

  • I’m a practical bride because I know that I’m planning a party and a marriage–and not letting the word “wedding” get in the way.

  • dang, now that I finished reading the others, I think I like Courtney’s (2 up) better than mine!

  • Yeah, can we vote? b/c I like Courtney’s the best :)

  • One of the definitions of "practical" is level-headed. I am a practical bride because I try to stay level-headed, which means not getting competitive, not getting caught up in everything I see on wedding blogs, and not feeling bad about myself for going with more traditional things (cake vs. homemade cupcakes, a church & catering hall vs. outdoors).

  • I’m a practical bride because we’re having the wedding WE want and not the wedding our relatives want. And they’ll have a great time anyways!!

  • I’m a practical bride because I refuse to let an “industry” dictate how I get married.

  • Krista

    I’m a practical bride because … I want to have fun at my own wedding, even if it’s not “perfect”!

  • qgf

    i’m a practical bride because i want a magazine-worthy MARRIAGE and a fun wedding. ;)

  • I’m a practical bride because we designed my (non-diamond) engagement ring and it is so cool there is no need for a wedding band…no matter how many odd looks/sighs of disapproval we get!

  • Liz

    I’m a practical bride because I practice saying “NO, I DO NOT NEED THAT,” in the mirror before I meet with any vendor. (Note that this has actually led to some preemptive yelling at vendors, but very little of it.)

  • Liz

    I’m a practical bride because planning the wedding will take less than 4 days (cumulatively) of our life.

  • I’m a practical groom because I borrowed my dress* from my grandfather.

    (*this is not a picture of my actual grandfather.)

  • dc

    We’re a practical couple because: My fiance and I met on a backpacking trip in Yosemite. He proposed, one year later, in Sequoia National Park on a camping trip. We were both in Camos and hadn’t showered in three days, but it was one of the most romantic moments of my life.

    Shameless plug: you can read the full story here: http://danicalifornia.blogspot.com/2008/06/story.html

  • Anna

    I’m a practical bride because:

    We both know that getting married is more about the marriage than the wedding day. We know our guests would rather see our marriage work than be blown away by us dropping all our savings on ONE DAY. We plan on borrowing everything (dress, suit, decor, etc.) and focusing on what makes us happy. I’m included only those traditions that are sentimental to both of us/our families. And I am refusing to anything that I’m uncomfortable with, financially or otherwise.

  • We’re a practical couple because we want everything at our wedding to be used again.

  • I’m a practical bride because… in a small town in PA we managed to get almost everything we need within a 2 mile radius – ceremony, reception, hair, nails, his clothes, cake, hotel for out-of-towners, suppies for gift bags. Only exceptions were the rings (16 miles) and the dress (had to go to the Filene’s Basement sale in Boston for that one). Gotta love supporting local small businesses and getting good deals while you’re at it!

  • I am a practical GROOM, because I convinced my (now wife) to hold our reception at St. Arnold’s brewery where the beer was included.

  • ankile

    I’m a practical bride because I don’t want the carbon copy wedding of the masses. We’re getting married on an organic farm with all local food and flowers – it’s easier, less expensive, more green, and way more interesting than a hotel ballroom.

  • Amy

    I’m a practical bride because why buy when you can DIY?

  • Becky

    I’m a practical bride because I bought my dress on eBay for $50 (currently retails at Nordstroms for $250). We live 5 minutes from our venue. E-ring I picked out was unique and under $500. FI and I are paying for the wedding ourselves and simply can’t see spending more than $5000 on one day. And lastly, I have visited my local dollar store for wedding decorating supplies more times than I care to admit.

  • I’m a practical bride because I believe the day is only ‘perfect’ if we end up married. To eachother.

  • I’m a practical groom because gave my fiance a small diamond for an engagement ring. It was the best I could afford at the time, without borrowing a lot of money, because I didn’t know to save money in advance for the ring. But she is a wonderful girl, and she didn’t feel disappointed in any way. She values me, not the ring.

    Not long after that, I gave her a very nice 1-1/2 carat diamond that I inherited from my grandmother. I also found out that you can get a nice engagement ring in any price range. There are alternatives to diamonds if you don’t have the money, and you can always trade up later on. It makes a great anniversary present.