Winners! Amber Marlow Photography Magic! (and other goodness)

Um. So. My fantastic Mighty Summit roommate Amber twittered last night, “Currently sobbing over trying to pick two photo shoot recipients from my @PracticalWed giveaway.” And I was like, “Yeah, right” And then might have called her a sucker. Because, um, I’m used to amazing giveaways with amazing readers, and I’ve toughened myself to think that giving away a limited amount of awesome is better then giving away no awesome at all.

But then, ya’ll, she emailed me. And she really WAS crying over you guys, HARD. She was crying and crying because she couldn’t give you all photo-shoots. So, she picked two recipients, who should email me ASAP. Everyone else who entered will be getting an email from Amber with a super-sweet discount on her already ridiculously low rates. Seriously, catch her now, before I have that three hour phone call where I MAKE her raise her rates. Because I love ya’ll, but I love Amber too!

So, without further ado, the winners are:

Karin, who made Amber laugh with the “Justin Beiber looking lesbian” comment:

If LGBTQ portrait session can = postwedding session, then please pick us! After a small commitment ceremony in upstate NY over the holidays with friends & family, sans photographer due to budget constraints, we’re heading down to NYC to run around the city in postwedded bliss for a few days. I can guarantee you that we’ll still have absurd smiles all over our faces and are game for anything. Plus if you need a 28-year-old lesbian who looks like Justin Bieber for your portfolio, my partner’s got that covered. I would love to have professional documentation of how much we f*ing adore each other… thanks for considering us!

And Laura, who was a CLEAR effing pick in my book with this greatness:

I would love to be considered for the engagement shoot! I’m a US Navy veteran living in DC. I proposed to my fiance 2 weeks ago here in DC and we haven’t told any family or friends yet and I’d love to announce it to everyone with some fabulous photos but I’m unemployed so we can’t afford much. I would get on a bus to NYC in a second if we won this and whoever does will be extremely lucky! Amber’s portraits are beautiful!

So email me y’all.

And while we’re at it, an unrelated side note! You guys know about how I talked about Cecily, a woman who I met at Mighty Summit who did some serious opening up about money and self-worth, and really got me thinking?? Well. She’s been kicking ASS and taking names in her own life the last few weeks, and it’s been beyond inspiring to watch. It’s been like watching someone punch through wall after wall after wall. And since she’s kind of in the mom-o-sphere, and we are kind of… not…. you’re probably not reading all about it. And I think you should be. I think you’re missing out. So. You might want to go get inspired and weepy and motivated, is all I’m saying.

And with that, back to our regularly scheduled programing.

Picture: I’m on the record as thinking the new wedding related boudoir shots as gifts for your husband/ the whole internet are borderline creepy and/or the wedding industry reaching way-way-way too far. (Wanna give your partner a gift? Get naked and hand them a camera! Free!) But I kind of adore Amber’s girls-girl boudoir shots that she posted today. So I’m a hypocrite. Or maybe I’m just nuanced. You figure it out.

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  • That CecilyK, man, she just goes on inspiring and inspiring.

  • A note on the boudoir shoot thing – I totally want to do one. And, yeah, my fiance will totes get to revel in the spoils, but it’s really for me. What can I say? I like lookin’ at myself nekkid. Always have. But in the future I might not. I want to remember what I look like right now, and remember how it feels to be that girl when I look at the pictures in 50 years, and my fake hip is preventing me from striking a sexy pose in the mirror.

    Am I the only one? Is that completely weird?

    • meg

      Dude. I’m super pro naked pictures. I’m just not pro PAYING for them, if you know what I’m saying and I think you do. Achem. Grin.

      • If my fiance were better with a camera that might be cool with me. But both of us are preeeeeetty lackluster photographers. The only good pictures we take are 100% accidental. I might holla at Kelly P. for this. She does some killer pin-uppy action.

    • ddayporter

      bahaha Christine, you kill me. I don’t think that’s weird! and I’m with you on the hubs-is-no-Amber-Marlow.. I never did pay someone to do boudoir shots but I’m not above having them done for a 1-year anniversary or something. Although are we just torturing ourselves when we look at those pics 10 years from now and we’re like Wait what happened..?

      • I can hide it from myself. I accidentally lose stuff all.the.time. I guess it’s just important to lose it somewhere the grandkids won’t find it. Ew.

  • Willow Henderson

    I read Cecily’s amazing posts, and then started reading the comments. I got all worked up, and was thinking ‘I need to tell Meg that someone is telling Cecily she doesn’t deserve more!! Who does that??’ and then I got to your comment. Phew.

    • meg

      Who DOES do that indeed???? I feel like women do all the time and it’s so undercutting. Guys don’t say, “Dude you should totally settle for less. Just learn to live with it. That’s character!” I mean, guys don’t get everything right, but I feel like they DO have that right. Help a sister out, don’t push everyone down so we all stay on the same sh*tty level together. Cheer other women as they climb!

  • Laura

    How do I email you? I am freaking out over here! So excited!!!

    • Laura

      Nevermind. I was too excited to note the Contact link on top.

      • Karin

        Just going to *exactly* Laura’s comment. We may or may not have called our parents as soon as we found out, we were so excited. :) Looking forward to meeting Amber!

  • 1. Daaaaaaaaayyyumm, that boudoir shot is HOT. And I’m with you on the nuanced thing– nekkid-sexy-hot pictures? Yeah, I get naked, hand my husband a camera, and we have a ball. But pinup-style, classy, true sensuality pictures? Yeah, my ten year old point-and-shoot isn’t going to cut it. I think that’s a first anniversary gift to us BOTH. Pretty pictures for him, and a confidence boost for me. :)

    2. Cecily is awesome. Her bravery and gumption is badass. I’m right there with her on the ridiculous mess– not hoarders level but downright embarrassing. I’ve moved every nine months for the past four years, so things would start to get messy, and suddenly I’d need to pack and clean and voila, fixed. My husband and I have been in our apartment for two years now, and since we haven’t moved, the mess has gotten BAD. I’m ashamed and pissed and really do need to take time to just CLEAN. And now that the wedding is over and my weekends/free time isn’t being eaten by venue visits and tastings and errands, maybe I can spend some time really getting stuff organized.

    Cecily is a damn inspiration. Thanks, Meg, for sharing.

  • Alyssa

    Amber is amazing. And needs to be in Texas so she can take nekkid pictures of me. For me because I’ve morphed into unsexy dog mommy who clips coupons in ripped pj’s on Saturday nights instead of rockin’ it at the bar in my boob-shirt. (I’m totally okay with that, but I do miss the “I’m too sexy for your FACE” attitude…)

    Also? Cecily’s Build-a-Bear post made me cry. Now I’m off to go tell her how awesome she is.

  • ddayporter

    I’ve just finally gone over and started reading some of Cecily’s latest posts – thanks for sharing! Her progress is really inspiring, and it’s totally making me pumped to go home and clean my darn apartment.

  • You know what’s funny? It NEVER occurred to me that boudoir shoots would have anything to do with a wedding! I’m all for doing it for yourself. Maybe I should be marketing to brides?

  • Alexandra

    Yay, I love Cecily! ;)

    My sister is in the momma-bloggin’ world & so I got to meet her last year. Delightful. ;)