This Is How You Work a Tuxedo Like You Mean It

Celebrating #WomenInPants

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Last week, we published a wedding featuring the world’s most adorable ring bearer, and it kind of blew up the Internet (and then proceeded to continue blowing it up). The reason for the explosion? Because the ring bearer was a girl and she was wearing a suit and bowtie instead of a dress. Which mostly tells me one thing: it’s 2015 and we’re still freaking out over girls in pants. And maybe we should do a little more normalizing of that, eh?

So when we received this wedding submission featuring Summer and her impeccable wedding tuxedo, it seemed too perfect. Because this is definitely what ring bearers in suits and bow ties grow up to become: fierce ladies in tuxedo jackets and gold oxfords. We asked Summer if she’d share how a little of how she put her look together, and she happily obliged:

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I really just wanted to feel like me on that special day. I’ve never pictured myself in a wedding dress. I haven’t felt comfortable in a dress since I was seven years old. My mom loves to remind me about how much I loved wearing dresses as a young child and she consistently follows the story with “you even loved to twirl.” But I wanted my wedding outfit to resemble my everyday look in a way. I love throwing together pieces that are a bit vintage with a modern touch. So here’s how I went about this:

Chloe-Jackman-Photography-Same-Sex-Wedding 2014-156

I first started my search for the perfect suit in the North Beach district of San Francisco. I headed to a great place called Al’s Attire where they hand stitch custom clothing and footwear. As it turned out, I neither had the time to spare to make the suit or the money to pay for the high-priced custom touch.

Chloe-Jackman-Photography-Same-Sex-Wedding 2014-39Chloe-Jackman-Photography-Same-Sex-Wedding-2014-557-e1426282203233

I walked down the street and stumbled upon a classic vintage clothing shop called Old Vogue. I tried on a few 1980s style tuxedo suits with tails and fell in love with the look. I knew then I needed to find the perfect modern shirt to pull this look off. I ended up searching for quite some time to find the right fit. Finally I ended up at a great store in Union Square called John Varvatos. I found the ideal modern tuxedo shirt and was set. I then started the search for the perfect pair of shoes. I wanted the shoes to give the whole outfit a pop. I ended up finding the perfect pair of gold and black dress shoes at Neiman Marcus.

Chloe-Jackman-Photography-Same-Sex-Wedding 2014-792

You can see more of Summer and Meredith’s schoolhouse wedding over here.

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