Adina & Zeke

* Adina (Emergency Management & Writer at Gluten Free Travelette) & Zeke (Emergency Services) * Photographer: Claire Barrett * Soundtrack for reading: “I Want to Hold Your Hand” and “All You Need is Love” from the Across The Universe Soundtrack (Originally performed by The Beatles)*

beach wedding

wedding horse

indie wedding party jump

long haired bride

short white wedding dress

wedding hair down

california wedding

wedding pie

wedding bunting

The Info—Dress: Amanda Archer / Suit: Al’s Attire / Venue: Point Lobos Ridge Home (Listed in APW venue directory!) / Caterer: Classic Catering / Coordinator: Beth from Amy Byrd Weddings / Pomegranate Cider (in lieu of champagne): Two Rivers Cider Company / Photographer: Claire Barrett

Other cool stuff: All of the food was gluten free and yes, it was incredibly delicious. Our tables were labeled by places we were going to visit on our honeymoon to New Zealand. Each table had custom menus that gave a bit of information about the place and what we planned to do there. Adina’s mom is amazing; she and Adina cut and sewed about 200 feet of burlap and jute bunting for the dance floor, she made the wedding quilt that hung as our photo booth backdrop, she made the guys ties, and she and Adina’s step-dad made chocolate bars as favors with custom wrappers commemorating the day. Oh and did we mention that she lives in New York, we live in Washington, and we got married in California? We designed and printed all of our stationary ourselves with artwork by our sister-in-law using the inkjet printer Adina bought in grad school, brown bag paper, and some sticky tape.

One sentence sum up of the wedding vibe: Our wedding felt like one awesome mini-lifetime; a community was built amongst our family and friends, everybody seemed to just be bubbling up feelings of love, and there was a crazy dance party to end it all.

Favorite thing: The pleasant surprises: Adina’s grandmother seemingly channeling her Cuban husband in her cream suit and hat, seeing different sets of friends join in on a multi-part harmony and a skank-a-thon to the Reel Big Fish songs, meeting up with a gigantic horse while taking pictures, our friends saving the day by improvising a seal so we could tap our keg of pomegranate cider, and the delicious gluten-free corn muffins that disappeared in about 5 minutes.

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  • oh I love the soundtrack. first of all.

    I also love how you described the wedding as one awesome mini-lifetime. when I die I want to go out with an epic dance party (this is not meant to be sarcastic).

    seeing all the delicious looking food at a gluten free wedding makes me feel a lot better about possibly being allergic to gluten myself.

    congrats to you both!

    • Thanks! Allergy friendly food is totally easy as long as you have caterer that cooks with real food! With all of the overly processed food out there we some times forget about the basics. We ended up with most of our dishes being made with fresh fruits, vegetables, and a little bit of lean protein in the form of salmon and chicken skewers. So most of our food was also dairy, soy, and egg free as well.

      • Having had an all gluten free wedding myself, I was excited to see this post! I wanted everything at the wedding to be gluten free since I didn’t want any risk of cross contamination on my wedding day. And no one knew that everything was GF!! Someone actually stopped me when I was about to eat our vegan, gf cupcakes because they thought I was ‘cheating’ on my wedding day.

        I have shot at 2 other all gluten free weddings and no one ever has ever suspected a thing unless the couple said so. Which I think is every celiac or allergy person’s biggest worry… So finding the right caterer and bakery are key- my caterer had 2 sons with celiac (separate kitchen and tools for GF people) and my cupcake company was the first bakery in DC to provide GF cupcakes and is entirely vegan. So Yay on a tasty and lovely wedding :D Congrats!

  • Remy

    What a convenient slope for marrying a tall drink of water! :)

  • I love ALL of this.

    The native Washingtonian in me loves the mist. The dancing pictures are incredible. Your dress is lovely. And pomegranate cider in lieu of champagne?! AWESOME.

    And the baby bride in me loves seeing a vacation rental wedding. Congrats!!!

  • Such happy pretty-ness!

  • Pomegranate cider! WANT. (also want that mist/fog in the photos, magical!)

  • Sheryl

    |I love how FUN and HAPPY your wedding looks.
    Also, your dress is darling.

  • Kelsey

    SO PRETTY. I love all of the blue and orange. This looks like such a fantastic wedding! Congratulations : )

  • Skank-a-thon, seal improvisation AND pomegranate cider? Adina–you must throw another party and invite us!!

  • Thanks for the kind words all! It was a crazy awesome day! And seriously…pomegranate cider rocks!

  • This wedding looks so much FUN.

  • Meredith

    Beautiful wedding – I’m considering a vacation rental wedding myself and actually considering the same site. One common theme my fiance and I have is that we want it to feel like a party in our backyard and your description of a “mini-lifetime” really struck a cord with me. Did you work with their “day of” coordinator or hire your own?

    • Thanks Meredith! It was a wonderful site – that house house a wonderful feeling of community to it. We worked with Beth Bellati from Amy Byrd Weddings – not sure who their coordinator is, but we hired Beth independently.

  • Aunt Suzanne

    I am glad you liked my Cuban styling of Ma’am! I felt a bit Cuban myself in black as the unmarried spinster Aunt!

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