Anne & Alex

* Anne (Postgrad) & Alex (Marketing & PR) * Photographer: Lauren McGlynn Photography, UK * Soundtrack for reading: The Plain White Ts Rhythm of Love *

Simple British Church Wedding

Simple British Church Wedding

Simple British Church Wedding

Simple British Church Wedding

Simple British Wedding

wedding hair up-do

Simple British Church Wedding

indie church wedding

Simple British Church Wedding

Simple British Church Wedding

Simple British Church Wedding

Simple British Church Wedding

british cathedral wedding

Simple indie veil

indie wedding confetti

simple white wedding dress

barn wedding reception

barn wedding bunting

British Barn Wedding

wedding cupcake

British Barn Wedding

wedding clothesline polaroids

wedding indie flower girls

British Barn Wedding

paper lantern wedding

British Barn Wedding

The Info—Ceremony Venue: St. Mary’s Church, Shaw-cum-Donnington, Berkshire, England / Reception Venue: The Black Barn / Dress: Oxfam Bridal Southampton / Suit: Moss Bros / Photography: Lauren McGlynn Photography, UK

Other cool stuff: We wanted the whole event to be low-key and principally ‘us’. We didn’t have a theme—just a natural-inspired rough colour swatch to tie it all together. Loads of friends and family got involved and everything we could make, we made—all the lighting in the barn, bunting, paper flowers on the tables, the tablecloths, the bouquets, the little bridesmaids dresses, the cupcakes, the wedding cake. Everything we could we recycled and/or reused—my wedding dress from Oxfam, my great-grandmother’s cake knife, another great-grandmother’s tablecloth, an offcut from my sister’s veil with a 1920s brooch and a piece of my mother’s vintage ribbon to make a small nod to a veil, flowers on the tables in recycled bottles… and so many cars went home that night piled with recycling! And everything we could source locally we did, from the local free-range hog and salads, to the naturally outdoor-grown flowers from a company in Oxfordshire.

One sentence sum up of the wedding vibe: Relaxed and completely us—the best day of our lives shared with the people we love.

Favorite thing about the wedding: How can I choose! It was a day full of perfect moments from my sisters helping me get ready in the morning to the moment we drove off at the end of the evening: laughter, hugs, family, friends, sister-saved flowers, seamless running due to mother’s lists and best man’s instructions, beautiful little (and big!) bridesmaids, a wonderful personal ceremony, bunting, cakes, pimms, Dorothy the hog(roast), photos, fields, sunshine, speeches, dancing… it all came together perfectly in a whirlwind celebration of us. A very special thing was having the entirety of both immediate families together—when your husband’s parents and brothers live in Australia you don’t get much chance for everyone to be together. They were all amazing, helping to bring our wedding to life.

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  • Awesome post; those photos are divine. And love that the wedding was relaxed and completely “us”. Congrats!

  • I always have my headphones at the ready for these and yet again the music went really well. And it is lovely. Looks so relaxed and joyful and full of love. Beautiful.

  • Ris

    Gorgeous, beautiful and full of love! Looks like you guys really focused on the things that matter most… I love it. Congratulations!

  • one of the most stunningly unique weddings that I photographed all year. Alex and Anne are the sweetest too. Congratulations again you guys!

  • gorgeous.

    and now i want a cupcake. so thanks for that. : )

  • The great thing about these wordless weddings is that you really get to focus on the photos, and you notice things you might not otherwise see. I’m struck by how totally thrilled Anne and Alex looks in every shot. Love that.

  • Love, love the emotion. Lauren you are wonderful.

  • Great song, much better to be reading this post at home with sound that the rush read through at work. The twinkly tune goes with the joyful loveliness of the photos and wedding perfectly. And I think that bunting might just be my favourite type of bunting ever seen, it looks fab.

    Love the holga pics too!

  • This wedding at once makes me feel both excited and incredibly at ease. Gorgeous couple, gorgeous photos and gorgeous outlook.

    Love. Love. Love.

  • That first picture and the film shots absolutely slay me every time!

    Such a beautiful wedding, and beautiful photography, and a beautiful dress, and so emotional.

  • Ms Fran

    Wow! All of the details and touches are gorgeous, and the overall attitude and atmosphere shines through the photos.

    I especially love that you named your hog.

    Congratulations to you!!!

  • Marchelle

    No end of beautiful.

  • Oh A&A your wedding looks beautiful, so simple, elegant and fun. I love how everything came together, and how you now posess the most stunning collection of pictures to remember it all.

    I love seeing British weddings on APW and this one is a corker Lauren, you did an ace job! I can just see how much you loved this day and this couple. I adore you and your awesome talent x

  • What a beautiful wedding – I love Anne’s simple and lovely dress and the SMILES so evident in all the pictures. Hooray!

  • Sooooo beautiful! Gorgeous bride and groom, and breathtaking photographs. Love.

  • Philip Hunt

    This looked like a beautiful wedding. Wish I could have attended. Lovely photography!

  • I do believe I’ve said this before on Lauren’s blog, but I’ll say it again – – I’m in love with this wedding! Such beautiful photos that make me feel so at peace for some reason. The bride & groom look so genuinely happy and in love – it melts my heart. I especially love the one of her leaning on his shoulder while he signs (what I assume is) the marriage license. :) <3

  • wow, *gorgeous* photos Lauren! (and gorgeous *wedding* Anne & Alex!)

  • So gorgeous!

  • I love the cake cutting picture. I don’t know what it is about it, but it made me get a little choked up…. Beautiful.

  • lyn

    Wow, Lauren’s got talent! These are so lovely.

  • Denzi

    Oh man, this is just making me grin and grin and grin. Congratulations, Anne and Alex!

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