Jacquetta & Shaneequa

* Jacquetta & Shaneequa * Photographer Kelly Prizel Photography * Soundtrack for reading: Adele “Make You Feel My Love” *

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The InfoDressJ. Crew; Pink Shoes: Chinese Laundry; Suit: Purchased at a hidden gem of a shop in the U Street Corridor of Washington, DC; Ceremony Venue: Woodrow Wilson House garden; Reception: Darlington House; Flowers: Eastern Market farmer’s market, arranged by Jacquetta and her hands-on-wedding planner; PlannerLoveBus Events; Photographer: Kelly Prizel Photography

Other cool stuff we should know about: It snowed the morning of our outdoor ceremony. Our recessional song was Kiss by Prince, our wedding planner was nervous the song was a little too risque…

One sentence sum up of the wedding vibe: An intimate, DIY, family affair that was a little bit hippie a little bit urban and a lot a bit LOVE.

Favorite thing about the wedding: Handmade ceremony programs printed on vintage handkerchiefs (blood sweat and tears, and went like hotcakes as our guests hoarded them). Shaneequa getting to DJ her own reception—setting the tone of the party.

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  • Amanda

    Absolutely gorgeous wedding! The love is just pouring out of these pictures. Congratulations and best wishes for a very happy future together!

  • Oh my goodness … the sheer amount of love pouring out of these photos has me nearly sobbing.

    Congratulations, ladies. =)

  • God yes. I’ve loved this wedding for a long time, which I found while pouring over all of Kelly’s photography. But the Adele song too… perfect. You can feel the intimacy, the genuine couple and family love, and the joy.

    • I know! I don’t normally listen to the suggested listening but so glad I did this time.

      Also, that suit is OFF THE CHARTS. Can we be friends?

      • meg

        Dude. You HAVE to listen to the suggested listening. The couple picks it to make you feel like you’re there. Otherwise, you’re just not getting the Wordless Wedding vibe!

        • It really just depends on who is in the office…..

          But as a Meg Decree (TM) I will follow orders to the best, best, best of my ability.

      • Amy

        That suit is insane!
        And I cannot listen to Adele singing to make you feel my love at work without sobbing. hard. complete with ugly cry face. Which was why we didn’t use it as our first dance song ;)

        • Class of 1980

          Yes that suit is DELICIOUS!

          And the dress and pink shoes aren’t shabby either. ;) Ha!

  • keely

    oh, this is awesome. so much joy and love!!! congratulations, beautiful ladies!

  • Dutch

    “Make You Feel My Love” is quite literally the perfect song for this post because damn, I totally do FEEL the LOVE. It’s bright and wonderful and gives me the very best kind of goose bumps. Congratulations, ladies!

  • LOVE. So much. Congratulations ladies it looked like a hell of a good time!

  • Awwww! So much love! And looks like so much fun! My fav WW so far!

  • aaaaahhhhhhh cryinggg. thank goodness I’m working from home today, I can blare the music and just go with it. just gorgeous.

    also, YAY DC. <3

    • SpaceElephant

      Seconding the yay DC, fellow DCer! I have a lot of obnoxious former NYer colleagues who are constantly crowing about how NY is so much better than DC. It was nice to be able to proudly celebrate NY’s news this week with them, while ever-so-quietly reminding them that, in this circumstance, DC was way ahead of the curve.

      This wedding is gorgeous. I hope my family looks and acts half as joyful as this family does. Hooray!

  • Celeste

    Just…yes to Prince! I want to use “Take Me With You,” but all the same, yay Prince!

  • SO BEAUTIFUL. Thanks for sharing.

  • that j.crew dress is one of my all-time favorites! looks like an AMAZING reception!

    • Jacquetta

      When I saw the dress I knew it was “the one”. I tried on many others at lots of stores, but saved it for last bc I just knew.

  • Shannon

    Oh, beautiful… You two are incredibly beautiful people! I really took my time and savoured all of your photos. So full of love and laughter and dancing (the dancing! I’ve never seen such great dancing photos!) – many of the things my own wedding aspires to be. Thanks, and congratulations!!

  • Jaw-droppingly stunning. And those handkerchiefs! Holy wow.

  • OH MY GOD. I think this is the best wedding you’ve ever posted, even without the words. I love them both, and their OUTFITS, and the joy oozing out of every picture, and that little boy in the vest and the turtleneck. He might be my favorite part. Thank you SO much for sharing this!!!

  • Frances

    The wordless format works so well when everything about the wedding is just radiating love and happiness. Totally choked up over this one. Congratulations ladies!

  • Oh my lord, the love on everyone’s faces here is just stunning. Best use of wordless wedding ever! (Although if these ladies ever want to do a worded post, I’d be all for hearing about their wedding.)

  • holy crap, this is fantastic. tears, goosebumps, the works. amazing what pictures + a soundtrack can accomplish–i actually can feel the love!

    (p.s. i covet those pink shoes, good grief!)

  • LillyTop

    1) ZOMG those pink shoes! Killer.

    2) The whole reception holding hands? I have no words for the depth of wonderful this is.

    3) Love, love, love seeing faces of color on the interwebs, reminding us that we are all beautiful.

  • What a gorgeous wedding! And as a DC girl, I loved recognizing all the places your photos were taken. Just awesome.

  • This wedding is breathtaking (and so stylish – love that suit and those heels)… I could stare at that last photo forever, it’s so intensely full of love.

  • Oh man, I think my favorite has to be the pic where you guys are quietly hugging in the middle of the busy room. That is just transcendent.

    ALSO. The dress. And the suit. And the little cutie in the turtleneck. And ALL OF IT.

  • RachelC

    yep, I agree. Perfect. The soundtrack — literally the best match yet. Absolutely perfect. This wedding was so incredibly beautiful – my favorite picture was the 6th – the bride with her parents. The emotion is really there…and I also love those shoes. I wish I could wear heels like that :( lol. I covet. But really — amazing wedding!!!!!!!!

  • Meghan

    I’m looking at a lot of weddings these days.

    And this one got me. I’m really, deeply, moved by the love and grace of this couple and their family.

    Really. Really. Thank you.

  • Jen M

    Gorgeous! And how did you make those programs? Totally stealing that idea!

  • Rasheeda

    Wow…your love is palpable. The two of you are stunningly gorgeous and radiantly happy…just WOW!

  • RachelLyn

    Hidden gem of a shop on U Street?? Do tell me which one!!

    • Jacquetta

      So the shop is called Why Not Boutique…its SUPER tiny but is PACKED with amazing suits. We literally almost crashed the car when we drove past and saw the displays. We new we HAD to go in.

  • Jacquetta

    My wife and I just wanted to thank all the APW readers for the wonderful comments, love and well wishes. Having strangers express such excitement and joy for us, our wedding, our love, and our family means so much. It is like we just got a huge hug from the entire internets!

  • Other Katelyn

    1) You’re both stunning. 2) So many congratulations from me to you. 3) I can only pray my wedding has that much style!

  • “Our recessional song was Kiss by Prince, our wedding planner was nervous the song was a little too risque…”

    I love the idea of a ceremony ending with sex appeal. As Meg said, “F*ck subtle.”

    • Class of 1980

      I love Prince. Besides, we were born the same year, so I am required to by law. ;)

  • Ok, THAT is how you wear a suit.

    • Amy

      And the hair! Call me shallow but man they both have some gorgeous hair-dos going on.

      • Seriously. I can’t even deal.

      • Erica of Silver Immersions did their hair and makeup. You can see her work here:
        A-mazing woman with extreme talent!!

        • Thanks for the compliments! They had some goregous hair to work with…and they were both relaxed, funny and very sweet to work with. I couldn’t have asked for more! :) :) :)

  • Those shoes! The dancing! And the love. Oh the love. This Wordless Wedding’s got me grinning ear to ear today. :D

  • Lauren K.

    The dancing photos! Amazing!

  • Laura

    Does it make me insanely shallow if, while looking at these amazing photos of this beautiful wedding, all I can think about is those gorgeous pink shoes and that incredible suit?

  • Suzanna

    Add me to the chorus of LOVE. Love the style, the colors, the details, the smiles, the dancing, the absolute LOVE coming out of those photos. Also, I’ve been eyeing that J. Crew dress, and it looks RAD on you. Love love love.

  • Rymenhild

    …okay, you’ve sold me on Wordless Weddings. Glorious.

  • Goosebumps and then tears and I scrolled through this post. Gorgeous. And so so full of love. Congrats, Jacquetta & Shaneequa!

  • Julianna

    the dancing photos just made my day!

  • LW

    I echo all the love. The dress, the emotions, the song, wow. I also really really want to know more about the vintage hankies with the programme printed on them. Can you share how you did that/how long it took. As a fabric/quilt person, that shouts amazing!

  • Kathryn F.

    I know that you don’t need for your wedding to be a political statement, but damn, I just look at these photos and think, how on EARTH can some people still oppose gay marriage? Your love, commitment, joy, and, for lack of a less loaded word, spirituality, just shines forth from these photos. It breaks my heart that some people are willfully blind to that love.

  • Damn! That suit is so classy. And HOT. At the same time.

  • NJ

    just stunning. thank you for sharing. and thank you for the DC love.

  • NJ

    I second the please send in a grad post request for this WW.

    ALSO – can we please have some love for Auntie in the white hat? She might be my favorite person at this wedding (besides Jacquetta and Shaneequa of course!)

  • Jessica

    I’m drooling over that suit, dammit! So hot!

  • Sveta

    We are having our wedding reception at the same venue! If you have any tips about the Darlington House, let me know. :)

  • Nichole P

    Your wedding looked so lovely, I cant wait until my commitment ceremony in July!