Kayce & Matty

* Kayce (Shiny Pretty Bits) & Matty * Photographer: One Love Photo * Soundtrack for reading: Explosions in the Sky, “So Long, Lonesome” *

indie wedding dress

wedding dog

gray bridesmaids

casual indie wedding

indie wedding hair fascinator

flower hair fascinator

low back wedding dress

hawaii outdoor wedding

wedding slow dance

wedding monogram

The Info—Venue: Oceanfront Oasis, Hawaii; Dress: Daphne by Melissa Sweet; Suit: The Byard by Paul Smith; Hair Flower: Trulu Couture; Shoes: Pour La Victoire; Photography: One Love Photo

Other Cool Stuff: Though it eliminated most of the venues we looked at, it was really important to us to have our dog, Bear, there. He walked in with my husband and wore a striped gray bow-tie from American Apparel. Also, we had a gobo made for the pool out of a monogram I had done for our website and stationary. This ended up being our favorite detail of the night and was completely my husband’s idea.

What The Pictures Don’t Tell You: Our wedding was a complete labor of love. Since our budget wasn’t large we had to get creative and look to our community to make things work. We had a lounge-style reception to cut down on the amount of tables we’d have to dress. Our serving ware came from Goodwill and Ross. We shopped for all the food ourselves over the course of the three days leading up to the wedding, and we hired a friend to cater. We served the food on paper plates. My sister in law did everyone’s makeup. Another friend did everyone’s hair. A friend offered to bake our wedding cake using one of my favorite recipes and yet another friend made all of our gorgeous floral arrangements. My husband owns a bar, so our alcohol was donated and the waitstaff and bartenders were our regular staff. Our family graciously did all of the setup and breakdown. If it weren’t for our community we probably would have run off and eloped. I’m glad we didn’t.

Favorite Thing: Our closest friends and family are scattered all around the world. Having them all in one place for a week to celebrate with us was the greatest gift and made all the stress of planning the wedding worth it.

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  • marbella

    SO gorgeous! The pool looks amazing! Love the baby girl and puppy pic, and the one of you guys dancing right after.

  • I’m not gonna lie . . . this was the first time I ever listened to the soundtrack while looking at a Wordless Wedding. ’tis lovely!

    • meg

      You gotta do it. That’s what makes ’em.

      • *hands up*

        I’ve seen the light! I’m a convert!!

    • kc

      This was the song I walked into! Love Explosions in the Sky.

      • Denzi

        *has lightbulb moment of Explosions in the Sky and processional* Hmmmmm…

  • Hawaii is pretty. This wedding is gorgeous.

  • I love wordless weddings….for all of the times that I want to look at APW at work, but only have a few moments to spare and not enough time to read an awesome post. Great feature, and stunningly beautiful wedding!

  • I hate to be the one to be so shallow, but holy shi*! Everyone and everything is beautiful and gorgeous! The soundtrack in my mind right now is Chris Brown’s “Beautiful People.” (And now I’m dancing!)

    • meg

      Dude. Someone had to say the shallow thing ;)

  • jeeeeeeeeeeeezummmm. so gorgeous! everything! everyone! the soundtrack was perfect, per usual.

  • My first time with the soundtrack too, you are so right about the soundtrack thing! I am so glad that One Love is out there being a force for beauty in the world. And this wedding… oh this wedding. That last shot in particular is really doing it for me. Beautiful.

  • Perfect soundtrack, happy beautiful people, adorable dog… Meg, you sure know how to ease us back into the work week, dontcha? ;)

    • meg

      Oh, I’ve got more surviving a post-holiday work week tricks up my sleeve. I totally know how it feels!

  • ka


    Happy Anniversary!

  • I love wordless weddings! I love word weddings too, but this is so beautiful and I loved listening along. Such a joy-filled wedding, loved every image more than the one before.

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  • Oh KC, what can I say? Swoon.

  • One Love Photo: I want to go to there.
    “Lovely” doesn’t even begin to describe how gorgeous this wedding (and the photos) are…

  • So happy to finally see more of your gorgeous wedding. And that picture of the little girl with the dog just makes my heart soar.

    • kc

      My niece! Isn’t she adorable?

  • kc

    Thank you all for your beautiful words and thank you Meg for featuring us. I feel like APW is celebrating with us today. <3

  • k

    Thank you for saying that you served the food on paper plates. We decided to go that route for our wedding in four weeks due to cost, and it’s been one of the few things I was a little bummed about, so it’s nice validation to see such a gorgeous stylish wedding where that was done — and clearly everyone had a fabulous time nevertheless!

  • “If it weren’t for our community we probably would have run off and eloped. I’m glad we didn’t”

    I’m glad we didn’t elope, too.

    • meg

      You owe us an update, Helen Elizabeth….

  • Hana

    Beautiful wedding! Also, I love Explosions in the Sky! They are doing an extensive North American and European tour this year.

  • “Though it eliminated most of the we looked at, it was really important to us to have our dog, Bear, there.”


    The SP** would be heartbroken if he was not included in my someday wedding.


  • What a beautiful wedding! I love the music as well. I never heard of the band before, and now will be checking out more of their music. I also adore the photography! Some of the photos have a slight vintage feel, which makes them even that more precious. I adore the dancing photo and the ones with the bride and bridesmaids.The joy just radiates. Also glad to hear that someone is saying they are glad they didn’t elope because after starting to see how much work and money a wedding can be it has been crossing my mind. Nice to have it reaffirmed that it is worth it. :)

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  • Momo

    how did you display the initials? that’s so cool!