Kiara & John

* Kiara, Archivist at the University of Glasgow &  John, Microbiologist * Photographer: Emma Case * Soundtrack for reading: Camera Obscura “French Navy” *

indie white wedding dress

wedding by river

small indie wedding

indie wedding up-do

indie wedding hair

groom wedding beard

indie social hall wedding

indie wedding decor

indie wedding balloons

indie wedding dance hall

scottish wedding first dance

The InfoVenue: Crear, Argyll, ScotlandDress: Made by Lisa of Dragonfly Dress Design, Glasgow / Bride’s Shoes: Vivienne Westwood Melissa shoes / Suit: Kenneth Cole / Groom’s Shoes: Brogues from Russell & Bromley / Flowers: bought wholesale from L & H Flowers and arranged by bride’s mother / Paper goods: designed by the bride and printed at MooPhotographer: Emma Case

Other cool stuff you should know about: We practised our first dance in our pyjamas at 6:30 the morning of the wedding in our wee cottage.  Halfway through we decided it was way too long and boring, so cut two minutes off it—best decision ever. Our brothers each took charge of a camera (one of them was a £10 super 8 ebay bargain) and we diy’d our wedding video (Meg’s note: watch it, it’s amazing.) My dress had pockets which I absolutely loved!  We set off all the sheepdogs at 3am walking back through a neighbouring farm after the wedding which was scary and hilarious and broke the magical spell of walking home along a country lane under a bright starry night sky.

One sentence sum up of the wedding vibe: Hanging out with our favourite people the whole day when they were all just really bloody happy for us was the best feeling ever, pure joy.

Favorite thing about the wedding: We had a friend read an extract from Jane Austen’s Emma as our second reading.*  As I listened to the last sentence, holding John’s hand knowing we were both blinking away tears I realised that we were indeed surrounded by our true band of friends. This made the fact that they all then spontaneously whooped and applauded at the end of the ceremony even more special and one of our favourite things about the day.

*As featured by Meg here

Wedding found via the APW Flickr stream

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  • Lovely!! Those coasters (?? is that right? they’re coasters?) are so sweet, and this couple is just adorable.

  • Love this wedding, love that you used Florence and the Machine on the video!

  • Love the song ! And such beautiful pictures, specially the first 3. Congratulations :)

  • Ahh, goosebumps.

    I can confirm that Kiara is just as beautiful in real life as she is in these amazing pictures.

    I know I’m biased, but Scottish weddings really might be the best…

  • marbella

    Back of the dress is stunning! Congrats!

  • JEM

    I know that twirly traditional Scottish dance! I did it at my friend’s wedding here in the States with her (handsome) cousin from Scotland and it is a giggle-filled, tipsy, wonderful memory or how fun her wedding was.

  • Ris

    One of the most beautiful couples I’ve seen. They should be painted.

  • Sarah :: Jackson Riley

    um, perfection.

  • another amazing wordless wedding and soundtrack. also that wedding video!! holy crrraaapp!

  • Any wedding with a Jane Austen reading gets a thumbs-up from me! :) Also, those coasters(?) are a beautiful tribute!

  • Haha, the lyrics were “We met by the moon on a silvery lake” just as I scrolled to the second and third photos. Lovely.

  • The hair! The coasters! The kilts! The HAIR! OH THE KILTS! This is why I have always wished I was born into a Scottish family.

    Love all of it. It looks so homey and comfortable.

    • Wanted to include: I’ve done some stalking a la your website & linked video (which was deliciously awesome).

      The photos were all just…. lovely. I don’t use this word & it was the only thing rolling through my head. Your wedding looked positively magical in every sense of the word.

      • Thanks Melissa it was a very lovely day and you’re right that’s just the right word, we still get a wee bit giddy thinking about how great a day it was.

        • It colored through in all of the photos! There was such great joy in everything – all of the guests, the decor, the venue itself, you two (obvs). Just love, love, love photos like these.

          Also, your photographer is crazy talented. I’ve decided if we ever renew our vows, we are going to England for the crazy cool locale and to use her. End.

  • Denzi

    Ahhhhh! Gorgeous dress with SLEEVES and POCKETS! <3 <3 <3

    The coasters made me sniffle, the dancing shots made me wish I was there, and the "eat haggis and ceilidh on" made me laugh.

  • ka

    Just had to watch the video and go to Emma Case’s site—cannot get enough! Gorgeous, gorgeous wedding.

    And is Scotland always that stunning and sunny in late November?! Want to go!!

    • Scotland can indeed be that stunning in November but it was a bit of a fluke to get a proper sunny weekend. All our guests came expecting rain.

  • Lovely APW ladies, thanks for all the delightful comments.

    The coasters were our programmes and they opened out like a map.

  • Yay Kiara! I think I may have looked at this wedding oh about 10 times already as it is so stunning. It’s nice to see it here and like Kirsty before me, I’m happy to confirm that Kiara is just lovely in person too. I’m so glad that APW Scotland is going strong. Whoop!

  • Kiara’s hair? AMAZING. Love the redhead style.

    Also, gorgeous wedding overall. You can really sense the fun and affection here.

  • Well, you know I’m a fan! Congrats, Kiara!

  • Other Katelyn

    As a fellow redhead… THE DRESSSSS. I’m drooling. Bookmarking for future reference!

    The most fun dance party I’ve *ever* been to was a ceilidh in Scotland.

  • Suzanna

    I just keep loving this new APW feature! Love the joy, love the hair! Love the shot of the kids with a bottle of Hendricks right behind them!

  • Hypothetical Sarah

    I think our next Burns Night dinner needs to have an “Eat Haggis, Ceilidh On” poster!

  • gah this wedding is amazing! Beautiful through and through. Thank you so much for sharing, I want to crawl into these photos and join the party. And I love the reading from Emma, we used it on the back of our wedding programs (alternated with a few other passages as well).

  • Sarah

    Zomg, is that a dress with detachable sleeves? LOVE

  • Cass

    YES to animal figures as a cake topper! YES to cutting the cake with a sword!

    And yes to Scottish sheep :)

    How wonderful. Great job on you DIY video.

  • I’m so glad I finally made myself wait to read the Wordless Wedding until I got home so I could listen to the soundtrack. :-)

    Kiara…what joy you had at your wedding!!

    I also very much like the long dinner table. I have a minor obsession with trying to minimize the number of tables at my semi-theoretical future wedding. I grew up with a mother who liked to seat everyone…thirty people everyone…at the same table for Thanksgiving which might explain my obsession…

  • Gorgeous wedding! The look on your face as you walk down the aisle says it all! Wishing you years of happiness!*

  • sarah

    Hey, I’m a redheaded archivist too! Congrats Kiara, what a beautiful wedding!

  • Joanna

    Woohoo!!!! I am a redhead too – Kiara – you are GORGEOUS GORGEOUS GORGEOUS. Word to the redheads in the comment box. The sisterhood is alive! I hope that I look half as good on my wedding day. Gulp.

  • I’m in love with the wordless weddings. It’s amazing that I really can imagine how it felt to be there, which just shows how incredible these photos are and this wedding. Great song!

  • Joan J.

    love love love this! and your DIY video is pure joy and inspiration. any tips for the DIY video project? i may just try this for our wedding in august.

    thank you for sharing your beautiful day with us :)

  • Michele

    Another redhead here! Kiara you look stunning… your dress is inspiring.

  • Loving their style from the coasters to the Emma quote. The DIY wedding is rather fab too

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  • Kristen

    Lovely wedding! I think the coasters are so unexpected and heartfelt. Where did you get them?

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