Laura & Ben

* Laura (Choreographer, arts educator) & Ben (Videographer) * Photographer: Emma Freeman Photography * Soundtrack for reading: Tennis, “Long Boat Pass” *

The Info— Photography: Emma Freeman Photography (Minneapolis, MN) / Dress: Lela Rose at Flutter BoutiqueSuit: Hubert White / Laura’s Blue Suede Shoes: Sacha London / Necklaces: Sora Designs on Etsy / Ceremony: Red Eye Theater (Minneapolis, MN) / Reception: Four Seasons Ballroom Dance Studio

Other cool stuff: We got married at the Red Eye Theater, where Ben and I created our first collaborative theatre project (long before we were dating). They were gracious enough to offer us the space in trade for our artistic services. We had our reception at a ballroom dance studio, owned by a friend, which offered very reasonable rates. Most of our friends made our wedding possible (cake, makeup, invitations, ordination, music, etc…). Ben and I met working at an organic foods cafe, where we used to cater weddings with the woman who ended up catering our wedding. I found my blue shoes (I was insistent on blue) less than a week before, but chose my dress in an hour. Our rented karaoke machine broke after about three songs, while our friend’s DJ skills BLEW.OUR.MINDS. Our wedding gave our family and friends a complete taste of the artistic life we live in Minnesota.

Hardest thing: Ben—The loneliness of planning a wedding as a groom. No one asked me about colors and plan, and there wasn’t the community of friends that often surrounds women. (Note: Ben planned a great deal of the wedding.) Laura—Planning a wedding with divorced parents. Figuring out a place for our wedding between our traditional parents and untraditional friends. Allowing room for LIFE to happen while we were engaged.

One sentence sum up of the wedding vibe: A gigantic, raw celebration of partnership and community.

Favorite thing: Ben—Walking out (both at the ceremony and the reception) into the presence of a gigantic group of friends, family, and community members who were there to support us in our leap into marriage. Laura—Our ring warming. Our friend Kristof was covering Stand By Me, and it took the rings forever to get around the crowd. Suddenly, everyone started singing the chorus together. I looked up to see my father kissing our rings, and our various family members relaying them around the 120-member audience. It was incredibly special.

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