Laura & Ben

* Laura (Choreographer, arts educator) & Ben (Videographer) * Photographer: Emma Freeman Photography * Soundtrack for reading: Tennis, “Long Boat Pass” *

indie wedding bike

colorful wedding party

Nonmatching Bridesmaids Dresses

teal wedding shoes

short white wedding dress

indie short wedding dress

short haired bride

short wedding dress

blue wedding shoes

short wedding hair

indie short wedding dress

indie wedding reception

The Info— Photography: Emma Freeman Photography (Minneapolis, MN) / Dress: Lela Rose at Flutter BoutiqueSuit: Hubert White / Laura’s Blue Suede Shoes: Sacha London / Necklaces: Sora Designs on Etsy / Ceremony: Red Eye Theater (Minneapolis, MN) / Reception: Four Seasons Ballroom Dance Studio

Other cool stuff: We got married at the Red Eye Theater, where Ben and I created our first collaborative theatre project (long before we were dating).  They were gracious enough to offer us the space in trade for our artistic services.  We had our reception at a ballroom dance studio, owned by a friend, which offered very reasonable rates.  Most of our friends made our wedding possible (cake, makeup, invitations, ordination, music, etc…).  Ben and I met working at an organic foods cafe, where we used to cater weddings with the woman who ended up catering our wedding.  I found my blue shoes (I was insistent on blue) less than a week before, but chose my dress in an hour.  Our rented karaoke machine broke after about three songs, while our friend’s DJ skills BLEW.OUR.MINDS.  Our wedding gave our family and friends a complete taste of the artistic life we live in Minnesota.

Hardest thing: Ben—The loneliness of planning a wedding as a groom.  No one asked me about colors and plan, and there wasn’t the community of friends that often surrounds women. (Note: Ben planned a great deal of the wedding.) Laura—Planning a wedding with divorced parents.  Figuring out a place for our wedding between our traditional parents and untraditional friends.  Allowing room for LIFE to happen while we were engaged.

One sentence sum up of the wedding vibe: A gigantic, raw celebration of partnership and community.

Favorite thing: Ben—Walking out (both at the ceremony and the reception) into the presence of a gigantic group of friends, family, and community members who were there to support us in our leap into marriage. Laura—Our ring warming. Our friend Kristof was covering Stand By Me, and it took the rings forever to get around the crowd.  Suddenly, everyone started singing the chorus together.  I looked up to see my father kissing our rings, and our various family members relaying them around the 120-member audience.  It was incredibly special.

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  • Wooow, that dress, the shoes, that first picture with the turquoise bike. And all that happiness shining through the pictures. Congratulations :)

    • Exactly! Those shoes, those smiles, boys in t-shirts, the mayhem that was the dancing, the little girl with champagne, the Etsy necklace, the bridesmaids in their own creature comforts. So easy, so lovely. My kind of wedding.


      • And by the way, I may show up to the book club in a unitard just like the one the chick from Tennis is wearing. Cause, hello, amazing!

        • YES! I hadn’t thought of that! Unitards for book club!

  • Wow. This one gave me chills, and the ringwarming chat made me cry a little. Prefect soundtrack. Lovely you guys, just lovely. Wonderful pictures too. Congratulations!

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  • What a fun way to start the day!

    Your wedding looks like a very joyful day! I love that you got married in front of a galaxy (yes? no?), and that everyone looks like they are having an absolute BLAST!

    And my husband would totally agree about the loneliness of a guy helping to plan a wedding — though I think he’d say it was a blessing and a curse.

    Best wishes!

    • Yes! Ben made a video projection for the screen behind us. The last image was a galaxy. And thank you!

  • I love the dancing pictures! Everyone looks so happy!*

  • You know what I love? The sight of all those people hugging in the pictures.
    The wedding must be especially awesome when people feel they need to hold one another.

    And the dancing, of course :) And I love the feel of the stage and backdrop. Gorgeous.

    I can imagine that planning for a groom must be a unique experience. Almost everything out there is geared towards brides. I hope you didn’t feel too lonely, Ben.

  • Unbelievable.

  • All the reception pictures make me want to get up and dance! You can just feel the love and energy in all of these. Also, Laura’s shoes–AWESOME.


    Can we be friends? Because obviously.

  • Wow, love how creative and fun and gorgeous everything is. “A gigantic, raw celebration of partnership and community.” Beautiful. Congratulations!

  • Claire

    Yay for a Minneapolis wedding! So joyful and pretty.
    Congrats Laura! And I hope to meet you at the MN book club.
    (If that dance studio is right by Lurcat, I’ve taken salsa dancing lessons there.)

    • YESSS! I’m reading the book, but normally work Saturday afternoons. Maybe we can make it happen a little later in the afternoon? I would LOVE to meet you. Hooray for Minneapolis! (And yes- next to Lurcat!)

      • Eliz

        Hurrah Minnesota weddings! I am planning mine right now, and LOVED your community-oriented simplicity and elegance. Also, your dress. Yum.

        I would love to meet you guys at the book club- my Saturday afternoon should be free. :)

    • yes, so glad to see a Minnesota wedding! I’m checking out your photographer now. We are undecided and trying to figure out what we can afford; I apparently have big budget tastes.

      Anyway, love to see couple repping the midwest. Also, your dress? Beautiful and adorable, all in one.

  • What gracious responses from everyone so far. This blog community has provided Laura great insight and support; it means so much for us both to be able to share this.

    The engagement process and all its profound (and sometimes petty) stresses and challenges were completely worth it; and that’s saying a lot because I have very little patience for bullshit in my life.

    The laughing photo is my favorite because I had just read Laura my pre-written vow of “You’re my lover, my partner in life and art, you’re my friend, my morning sunshine.” I totally forgot I had written that last part and completely lost it.

    Also a fun tech nerd fact that my best friend Drew (our pastor) and I couldn’t get over was that our projection was run via an iPhone in his Science book (instead of a Bible) – and YES, that IS the universe behind us!

    Hey Meg – Do a lot of dudes contribute grad posts??

    • Oooh, I would love to see some more dude grad posts!


    • Yes please! Dude it up!

    • meg

      NOT ENOUGH DO. Let’s do it Ben! Do! It!

  • What an awesome, fun wedding. I absolutely love Laura’s dress. And let’s hear it for blue shoes!

  • How do all of these grads find such perfect music to go with their weddings?! I am in such awe right now.

    Gorgeous. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. And so much fun!

    Also – cyber-high-fiving Ben right now for planning most of it. KUDOS. And damn it, there SHOULD be a community rally for men who do this, too. Kick those nasty stereotypes to the curb.

  • “Figuring out a place for our wedding between our traditional parents and untraditional friends.” So much yes!! I can’t “exactly” this enough. It is a challenge to honor everyone and make sure everyone feels comfortable. But mostly people just love you and will be comfortable and honor just to be invited.

  • Love love love the edge of your dress.

    And the impromptu group sing-a-long. :)

  • Dude! If I could do my wedding again it would be THIS. Beautiful, truthful, fun and heartwarming. Congratulations!

    Also, I love, love, love the starry sky as your backdrop.

  • Hey- Laura here. Thanks everyone! And, thanks especially for being such a warm, accepting, smart community. There was a moment in wedding planning where I started to worry that we didn’t have any “pretty”- you know, “details”, crafts, centerpieces, expensive flowers, favors, fancy invitations with cursive writing, decorations. In the end, none of that mattered. It was really a very simple wedding. It was the joy that mattered. So, thanks for all of the reminders that many of you offered along the way.

    (And, damn, I don’t want to plan another wedding…)

    I agree that Ben should write a grad post. Even at the risk that he reveal the nut-job I became at the height of wedding planning.

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