Sunny & Phil

* Sunny, Graduate Student & Phil, Graduate Student * Photographer: Nikki Mills * Soundtrack for reading: “All I Need” by Radiohead

One sentence sum up of the wedding vibe: British garden party meets Canadian cottage weekend.

The Info—PhotographyNikki Mills / Venue: Private home / Vegan Catering: Hearty Catering / Vegan Cakes: Bunner’s / Wedding Bands: Sarah Wan / Sunny’s Engagement Ring: Alex SepkusSunny’s Dress: Classy Collection / Sunny’s Shoes: Nine West / Sunny’s Headpiece: Mignonne Handmade / Sunny’s sovereign ring and necklace: Family Heirlooms / Phil’s Suit: P. Elliot Custom Clothiers / Phil’s Shoes: Aldo / Phil’s Cufflinks: Bario-Neal

Other cool stuff we should know about: We got married at my parents’ house in small-town Ontario, where I grew up. It was great to have a mix of old friends and neighbours, family from Britain, and good friends (and thesis supervisors) from Toronto all together in one place. Luckily we found an officiant who was totally open to our ideas for a secular ceremony; he even let us substitute W.H. Auden for Jesus in the text.

Everything about our wedding was a little “imperfect,” from our community-hall chairs, to our ceremony sing-a-long, to our multi-vendor catering (and our servers—the high school wrestling team!). We were worried all along that it wouldn’t be what people expected in a wedding, but on the day we just felt surrounded by so much love. Our imperfect wedding turned out to be perfect for us!

Favorite thing about the wedding: Everyone rocking out to “Smells Like Teen Spirit.”

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