Alison & Nick & Taxidermy Church

* Alison, Comedian, Taxidermy Church * Nick, Editor * Photographer Rich Prugh Photography * Soundtrack for reading, The Penguins’ “Earth Angel

vintage birdcage veil

quirky bridal party photo

vintage indie wedding

wedding on stage

movie screen vintage wedding

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feather wedding fascinator

The InfoThe Venues: Ceremony, The Campus Theatre, Lewisburg PA, where Alison’s grandparents had their first date, Reception, Private Home/Converted Church owned by a antiques dealer… nicknamed Taxidermy Church by Alison and Nick; Dress: Mikaella 1239; Ceremony Headwear: Twigs & Honey, Reception Headwear: Ella Gajewska MillinerySuits: Express; Paper goods including posters: Erica Miller at Thoughtful Day Photographer: Rich Prugh Photography (Hollywood, CA)

One sentence sum up of the wedding vibe: If all your favorite people schemed a very relaxed and good-humored takeover of a flea market and turned up the jams.

Other cool stuff we should know about: Before the ceremony started, we played a silent film about how we met at Syracuse University. One of our extremely talented friends, Ramsey Ess, shot and edited the video. We filmed in a Denny’s in New Jersey. On the way there, we got a flat tire and had to have our car serviced while we were in complete 1930s get-ups. Nick’s fake mustache was falling off the whole time we were talking to the mechanic (the mechanic pretended not to notice).


Favorite thing about the wedding: Our officiant had Nick and I write “secret” letters to each other and then he read them out loud at the ceremony. Best part of the day. We also laughed A LOT on our wedding day. I laughed the moment I woke up (I was staying in my sister’s hotel room and she was talking in her sleep) to the ceremony (lots of laughs, including the sound of 100+ 80-year-old metal chairs springing up at the same time) to the reception (accidentally peeing on my dress — I’ll admit it, whatevs). Most importantly, it served as a great kickoff to our fun and loving marriage. Marrying Nick? Best decision I’ve ever made.

PS: You can read about Alison’s Great Grandmother’s Ceremony in the APW archives. That girl has a historical lock on quirky weddings.

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