Alison & Nick & Taxidermy Church

* Alison, Comedian, Taxidermy Church * Nick, Editor * Photographer Rich Prugh Photography * Soundtrack for reading, The Penguins’ “Earth Angel

vintage birdcage veil

indie birdcage veil

quirky bridal party photo

vintage indie wedding

wedding on stage

movie screen vintage wedding

wedding cupcakes

theatre wedding

feather wedding fascinator

indie wedding hair fascinator

DIY wedding photobooth

indie white wedding dress

The InfoThe Venues: Ceremony, The Campus Theatre, Lewisburg PA, where Alison’s grandparents had their first date, Reception, Private Home/Converted Church owned by a antiques dealer… nicknamed Taxidermy Church by Alison and Nick; Dress: Mikaella 1239; Ceremony Headwear: Twigs & Honey, Reception Headwear: Ella Gajewska MillinerySuits: Express; Paper goods including posters: Erica Miller at Thoughtful Day Photographer: Rich Prugh Photography (Hollywood, CA)

One sentence sum up of the wedding vibe: If all your favorite people schemed a very relaxed and good-humored takeover of a flea market and turned up the jams.

Other cool stuff we should know about: Before the ceremony started, we played a silent film about how we met at Syracuse University.  One of our extremely talented friends, Ramsey Ess, shot and edited the video. We filmed in a Denny’s in New Jersey.  On the way there, we got a flat tire and had to have our car serviced while we were in complete 1930s get-ups.  Nick’s fake mustache was falling off the whole time we were talking to the mechanic (the mechanic pretended not to notice).


Favorite thing about the wedding: Our officiant had Nick and I write “secret” letters to each other and then he read them out loud at the ceremony.  Best part of the day. We also laughed A LOT on our wedding day.  I laughed the moment I woke up (I was staying in my sister’s hotel room and she was talking in her sleep) to the ceremony (lots of laughs, including the sound of 100+ 80-year-old metal chairs springing up at the same time) to the reception (accidentally peeing on my dress — I’ll admit it, whatevs). Most importantly, it served as a great kickoff to our fun and loving marriage.  Marrying Nick?  Best decision I’ve ever made.

PS: You can read about Alison’s Great Grandmother’s Ceremony in the APW archives. That girl has a historical lock on quirky weddings.

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  • MamaMelli

    Lewisburg? I live in Sunbury! Please tell me we can be friends!

    Also, now that I’m done freaking out because this means there’s another normal person in Central PA…

    Your wedding looks truly beautiful. The feather headpiece? Divine!

    • meg

      She’s a comedian and lives in NYC, I’m afraid!

      • Even though I live in New York, I’m always down for another Central PA friend! Thank you!

    • Vee

      This was my first reaction too, as I’m in Lock Haven (got married in Williamsport). Central PA FTW! Guess I am north-central though.

      OP, I had no idea there was such a place in Lewisburg! You had a beautiful wedding :)

      • Amy

        Yes, amazing!!! I was so excited to see The Campus on here- what a lovely homage to her grandparents. And that Taxidermy Church- equally amazing. I grew up in Mifflinburg, just down the road, so this was also a real treat for me. I now live outside of Philly but I’ll be getting married in Northumberland. : )

  • Oh my goodness. Your silent movie is hilarious. Love the typewriter bit! Also the deer in the bottom of the title cards is a nice touch :)

  • emily rose

    These soundtracks are brilliant. Somehow I finished reading the post at the very same instant “Earth Angel” ended. Kind of inspired to submit my own photos for a Wordless Wedding feature now…

    • The soundtracks are amazing additions. I hope people keep them up!

      • I looked at these pictures for the first time at work today where there is no sound on the computers. The pictures were gorgeous. Then I came back home to watch it with the music playing and it was breathtaking. Simply a new experience. Thanks for sharing!

  • You must have some pretty swank flea markets where you live. ;)

  • Wow! I am speechless.

    Which I guess is kinda appropriate for wordless weddings. ;)

    Absolutely stunning aesthetic. Just gorgeous.

  • This wedding is AMAZING. I love the headpiece and the venue and the movies and the THE BEGINNING photo and all of it. Just… all of it.

    Lucky girl ;)

  • yep still awesome!

    that silent film was ridiculously cool.

  • Jo

    All. of. This. is just stunning. Color me overwhelmed in the very best way.

    So very much to love!

  • I think that feather headdress is the most fabulous thing I’ve ever encountered in the wedding blogosphere. Looks/sounds like it was a simply amazing wedding!

    • Thank you! Ella Gajewska Millinery did an amazing job. I actually just custom ordered some tamer headpieces from her to wear to some weddings this summer.

      • meg

        I want to see PICTURES of these royal wedding inspired toppers… maybe they’ll inspire me to order my own from Ella…

        • The weddings are July 2nd and July 9th, and I will send you some pictures!

    • My jaw dropped open when I saw the feathered one. Holy bananas!

  • a) What a neat venue!

    2) What an awesome veil/fascinator/headpiece!

    4) Woooo fellow Orangepeople!

  • marbella

    Ahhhhhh :) Our first dance was to Earth Angel. It was supposed to be the ‘Back To The Future’ Marvin Berry version, but the band messed up and played The Penguins version.
    I love these wordless weddings! Gorgeous! Love the pic on the stage with the shadows. You cracked me up thinking of you at the mechanics in 30’s gear with a wonky fake tache!

  • Alison, my Tumblr girl crush! Girl you rock that head piece. Freaking gorgeous. And your description of a good-humored takeover? Way to win at weddings. xoxo

  • Lindsey

    Gorgeous! But this was definitely my favorite part: “accidentally peeing on my dress — I’ll admit it, whatevs.” I can totally see me doing something like that, so I’m glad to know others have done it too! :)

    • I can totally see myself doing something like that. When I am having fun I hate taking a break to go to the bathroom. Maybe I should invest in some Depends.

  • Thanks to everyone who has posted such nice comments! My husband read them and he was blown away.

  • KC

    What a beautiful wedding! And I have to agree with several other comments, your headpiece was AMAZING!

  • Elyse

    I was just wondering the other day if I’d ever see the wedding of someone I knew on any of the blogs I frequent and today that happened! I also went to Syracuse and studied abroad in London at the same time as Alison. Beautiful, gorgeous, amazing wedding! Congrats to you!

  • Alison :) fantastic, congrats ones more, fabulous!! Thank you !! :))

  • Alison,
    It was nice to think about your wedding day again today and I am glad you shared this blog with me. I love you.

  • Lisa B.

    !!!! Your photo cut out thing was awesome. I thought of doing that same!exact!thing! completely independently, and I’m so glad that I have a picture I can now point at, instead of trying to fumble around with words to adequately describe it.

    Also, 30’s for the win. :)

    • Lisa, it was made from an old office cubicle divider. We covered it in fabric and it was very easy to set up. I’d look for one in the classifieds.

      • Lisa B.

        Thanks! I’m glad to see how well it turned out. :)

  • i love this wedding SOOOO much. the images are beautiful and the description is so wonderful.

    i want to go to a wedding that feels like “all your favorite people schemed a very relaxed and good-humored takeover of a flea market and turned up the jams”

    thanks for sharing!

  • We’re getting married in a movie theatre too! What cool pictures!

  • Looks totally gorgeous. Love the vintage vibe!

  • Your fascinator is amazing!

    And if you pee on your dress then the only thing you can do is laugh… Though I’m assuming (I know – when we assume we make an ass of u and me…) I’m assuming it wasn’t a ceremonial/ritual/cultural element of the reception?

    • meg

      PEEING IN HER DRESS? Yeah, that wasn’t a ritual element of her reception! Ha! She just laughed too hard. You ladiesss… :)

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  • Savychacha

    That silent film is ridiculously cute and funny! Honestly, this wedding looks like it was a blast, and gorgeous to boot. Congrats!!

  • These images are fabulous! GREAT black & whites.

  • Jess K

    Hahahaha I LOVE the silent video you guys made! Tops! How clever!