Yay New York = A Mass Reception for Marriage Equality

When New York State, the place I lived for a decade, announced that it had legalized gay marriage, I was so overjoyed that I didn’t know what to do with myself. The next morning, still hungover and happy, I got an email from APW sponsor and sane wedding planner Elizabeth Clayton of Lowe House Events. She was also overjoyed, and she wanted to do something about it. She wondered if I’d be into her planning a free courthouse wedding for a LGBTQ couple in New York in August. And I was into it. But I thought we could do better. So, over the last two weeks Elizabeth and I have been slaving away, working to put together a plan. And today we’re launching the first ever APW events, and I think you’ll agree that they’re good ones.

On August 25, APW and Lowe House Events will be in New York, and we’ll be hosting legal marriages for five couples. There will be a beautiful 14th floor terrace with a city view, a legal officiant, flowers, cake, bubbly, room for friends and loved ones, professional photographers, and lovely invitations. We’ve designed the celebration with the idea that lots of you are already married, but after the New York decision you will be going to the courthouse to make it legal. And we decided, you know what? You’ve waited a long time to make it legal, and we’d like to help you celebrate. We think you should have flowers, cake, booze, and a photographer documenting the first day that your partnership is legally recognized by the state of New York. So we’re going to make that happen. We know a few people.

But that’s not all. The night of August 25th, we’re hosing a 200 person Mass Reception for Marriage Equality for the APW community. We’ll honor the people who got legally hitched that morning, we’ll dance our faces off, raise money for LAMBDA Legal, and we’ll party as a community for the very first time. I can’t wait!

These are the dates you need to know and how you can help:

  • The Couples. This Wednesday, we’ll open up applications to find 5 couples who would like to get hitched in the great state of New York. If you think this might be you, chat with your partner, and meet us back here on Wednesday. If you think you know exactly who deserves this, send them our way. I’ll be honored to stand near by and cry while you finally sign that legal paperwork.
  • The Tickets. Tickets for the Mass Reception/Fundraiser/Dance Party will go on sale on July 26th. I have a feeling those tickets are going to get snapped up in a few short hours, so look for details as we get closer. And please come! I can’t wait to meet you!!
  • The Tote Bags. How are we paying for this party, you ask? Well! A ton of wonderful people are helping us out (more soon!), and we’re writing some rather large checks ourselves. But! We’re also going to be selling awesome APW Mass Reception for Marriage Equality tote bags, designed by And Kathleen of Jeremy and Kathleen, so you can help us get people legally married. (And ohmygod, I’m already pondering how many of the tote bags I’m allowed to horde for myself, so trust me, you’ll want one.)
  • More coming soon. Will we need more help? You bet! This is a community party. Are more exciting details coming soon? Yup! So stay tuned.

Till then, I would like to send massive love to Elizabeth at Lowe House Events, who’s making this party happen, and to Kathleen of Jeremy and Kathleen (one of my favorite ladies and favorite design bloggers), who designed all of our amazing art work. They are excellent women, putting hard work where their hearts are, and I’m honored to be working with them.

See you on August 25th, ready to celebrate.


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