Yay New York: Photobooth!

When we were planning Yay New York, Leah and Mark offered to do a photobooth for us. And I said yes because that’s what you do when you’re planning an event with very little money and very little time. You say yes a lot and trust that people will know what’s good for you. I only had one rule: no mustaches on a stick. Because yes. I’m tired of that.

Well, thank god we said yes, because the photobooth was epic (and easy). First of all, please don’t feel like you have to spend a ton of money on photobooth decorations. We made ours by buying about nine tinsel curtains and layering them on the wall to make a really thick backdrop (we spent less than this, but here is the best I could find online).

Then Kari of The Handmade Event made some signs, picked up some affordable props, and BAM. The magic. (I hope you’re enjoying the third set of arms in this picture.)

Turns out, it was super, super fun. And now I have visual memories of how hot APW readers are. Seriously. And you thought I was kidding. Y’all are full of sassy hotness.

So the photobooth was epic and awesome, and it was the quickest possible way to make friends. It’s hard to stay strangers when you’re throwing around props and taking hilarious pictures. So now I’m going to let you enjoy Team Practical…

Side note: this might be the funniest picture I’ve ever taken. I want to make it my profile picture for everything. Though I increasingly find myself at the center of a swirl of activity, I always remember that all of this is something I made up and somehow convinced other people to believe in. Team Practical was, once upon a time, both a joke that I used to make myself laugh, and just me. Until I convinced people that it wasn’t.

Then it became you, too. And I’m so, so glad. Hooray for that.

For the whole photobooth set (and I know you want to see them) in two parts: here and here on Leah and Mark. I know. There goes the afternoon. Have fun in photobooth land.

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