Yay New York Tote Bags For Sale! (& Raffle Announcement)

When APW and Lowe House Events introduced Yay New York: The Reception For Marriage Equality, featuring two marriages and a raging dance party, y’all wanted to get involved… no matter where you were located. So we promised you tote bags. And not just tote bags, but stylish marriage equality tote bags with proceeds going toward getting the couples hitched. So today we’re giving you those stylish tote bags and a raffle entry for Hart & Sol Photo with your party ticket purchase. Because let’s be clear: we can’t throw this event without your help.

Yay New York Tote Bags

First up: we’re unveiling the bags. They’re on sale for $20 through Big Cartel, and buying one is what will make Yay New York happen! (Please note, for those of you attending the event, we’ll have special limited edition tote bags for sale there).

Buy a Yay New York Tote Bag Before They’re Gone!

And now, the amazing bags themselves, designed by And Kathleen, printed by Yes Press in Oakland, with photos by Emily Takes Photos (I’m modeling):

You can put your knitting in it and go thrift store shopping (these are two things I do in real life, though not always at the same time). Please note the sneaky apracticalweddding.com at the bottom of the bag. We did that to make it an APW secret handshake. “Oh, you know. Ah, as do I.”

You can use it to go grocery shopping. Actually, this picture is a little bit of a lie, because I’m not allowed to go grocery shopping without a special dispensation from my husband. When I go, I always buy: Canned Goods (in case of emergency) and whatever I’m hungry for (usually something like: peaches, kale, chocolate, hamburger meat, Prosecco). But if you’re allowed to grocery shop without a partner dispensation, you could take your Yay New York bag.

You can use it to carry around your laptop, a notebook and some magazines. This is the most realistic depiction of what I will do with my bag. As a self-employed person I consider my tote bag to be my mobile office. Now it will be my mobile marriage equality office.

And, my personal favorite. You can fill it full of champagne and go drinking. I think you should do this. But first you’re going to have to buy the bag, you see.

Buy The Bag. (It’s just $20, and it’s super pretty.)


Ticket Deal: With Hart & Sol Photo

Did you buy your tickets last week? Great, we’re kissing you on the mouth because we love you. Have you not bought your tickets yet? Have you not told your friends in New York about the party? Read on…

Hart & Sol Photo (APW sponsors) are giving away a free two hour photo session. You can use it for anything you want: engagement pictures, Christmas card pictures, boudoir pictures, maternity pictures, pet pictures, you name it. Plus, the session is transferable, so if you’re not in the NYC area, you can give it to someone who is. Here is how you enter:

  • If you bought a ticket last week, you’re already entered in the drawing.
  • If you buy a ticket before next Wednesday, you’ll also be entered in the drawing.
  • But there is more: for every friend that you refer to buy a ticket before next Wednesday (they need to list your name in the “who referred you” section of the ticket form), you’re also entered to win the Hart & Sol Photo session. If you can’t come, but you tell all your friends in NYC to come? You totally could win.

Team Practical? Let’s do this thing!

Photos by Emily Takes Photos, bracelet by APW Sponsor Bario-Neal Jewelry (I wear it all the time).

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  • Jess

    Oh! I think I was just the first purchaser :) I am the crazy lady who bought 6 – they’re going to be bridesmaids gifts (if they make it here in time!)

    Thanks so much APW!

    • Kathryn in VT

      You’ve got super lucky bridesmaids, Jess!

      • Agreed. Can I be your bridesmaid?

    • Katherine

      That is an awesome gift!

    • K

      Yay! I’m doing that too! So many happy birds with one happy (soft) stone.

  • Bought my bag! Can’t wait to use it. I am so excited for everyone getting married!

  • I am supposed to be “off shopping” – but I figured this was a charitable donation so I decided that was allowed under our agreement :)

    And yay for shipping to the UK!

    • meg

      Right, this is totally not shopping! (Let me know if you need any other enabling, I am HERE for you ;)

    • i had that thought, too. i never buy pretty things (i’m allergic to it i think), but it just made sense here, to click and pull out the credit card. i’m stoked about the bag, too.

  • Katherine

    Such an easy sell! They’ll be gone in no time. Happy to have purchased mine already.

  • AmberGale

    Oh, I’m so glad I checked in this morning!! I’m behind on my blog reader and all of a sudden I realized that I might have missed the tote bags! I knew they would be fabulous and I would want one, and would cry if I missed out. The design is gorgeous and simple – can’t wait to carry mine around! Wish I could attend the NY event, but at 7.5ish month pregnant, that’s not on the agenda. Very happy to support the event this way though!! (…and I just might have to reenact your shiny heels/champagne in the tote bag scenario in a couple of months…)

  • Jo

    You can never have too many tote bags.


    • meg

      You bought 20, I assume? And no, obviously not. Lots of champagne to carry around.

    • When the Beagle sees I bought another tote bag, we may find out the answer to that one.

  • Kayakgirl73

    Just ordered mine. Shipping is not bad at $3.50 for U.S. shipping. Any idea on when they’ll be sent out. I didn’t see that info on the website.

    • Kayakgirl73

      So glad I was into work early today and could order before they sell out.

    • meg

      We will be sending them out by hand this week! And $3.50 is just our cost to ship them plus an envelope.

      • Kayakgirl73

        No problem on the $3.50. I was pointing out that the shipping was quite reasonable not like some Internet places where the shipping can be more than the item’s cost. Oh goody gumdrops, it’s coming soon. I plan to use it for my library books.

  • Amanda

    YAY! I bought one

  • Jamie

    I’m glad you have to have dispensation to grocery shop because I do too! Otherwise I come back with cookies and a bottle of wine but nothing we actually needed (although, I would like to argue that we do need cookies and wine).

    Very excited for this bag!

    • I completely agree, cookies and wine are staples.

    • meg

      Totally, staples. Let’s shop together. I’ll inspire you to buy canned goods as well.

  • Trinity

    I’m so glad I checked my blog feed first thing this morning! Just purchased my tote bag. I’m so excited for all the marrying couples in NY!

  • holy moly! looks like they are close to sold out already! I’m holding back to get mine in NYC whaaaaaat. so.excited.

    • meg

      Wait till you see the NYC ones. Ok, honestly, wait till *I* see them, since they are still at the printers, but they are going to be AMAZING. And did I mention the hand screen printed posters that we’ll have in NYC too? Yeah.

  • YAY BEAUTIFUL TOTE BAGS!! and new york.

  • So cute! And who can’t use another tote bag? Though I am still sitting on those “I’m Not a Plastic Bag” totes from Anya H. that I waited two hours in the rain to get. Anyone else? No, just me. These are adorable (and a bigger size – yippee for holding more stuff!) The photos are really great too – yay for silver and sparkly shoes.

  • Yay!!! These are beautiful and elegant tote bags. I just bought mine. I may not be able to attend the event itself, but at least I can have a bag. ;)
    I am glad to support the event in whatever way I can.

  • Jeannine

    yay new york! yay apw! yay and kathleen for designing a logo that looks so right that i can’t believe it isn’t the national symbol for marriage equality already! i’m really happy i had an early morning and got my tote bag. can’t wait to jam my mobile office into it as well!

    • How do we make this the national (or even international!) symbol for marriage equality? Let’s make this happen.

  • Purchased!!! YES! Can’t wait to carry it all over Chicago! :)

  • Got mine! It feels really good to know that I am supporting someone’s marriage and their right to marry before they even do it! I feel like I was able to contribute even thought I live WAY out here, and bonus – LOVE the bag!

    • I think I’m going to have to beat Andee on the WAYYY out here. Besides, all my totes are looking a little, uh, used.

  • Mallory

    Bought mine! I have way too many toes already, but I’m a sucker for a good cause! Wish I could celebrate with you all as well, but I’ll just have to live vicariously though the photos.

  • Haley Y

    I’m pretty sure I do have too many tote bags…. but I couldn’t resist. Also I love that this is going to show up on my credit card statement as “PRACTICAL WE.” Perfect.

  • Yay! I can’t wait to start using this :-)

  • That’s so funny, I was just thinking of using it as my knitting bag . . .

  • Stoked to support this event since I can’t be in NYC!

  • marbella

    yay! ordered!

  • Jen

    I can’t wait until I see someone out with one and we can wink at each other and nod knowingly. Team Practical FTW!

    • Or introduce yourself and become friends . . .

      • Exactly! If I see someone carrying this bag I’m going to follow them around until they consent to being my best friend and we’ll live happily ever after!

        • If I’m ever in Montana . . . ;)

  • Got one! I may only have about $50 to last me until payday on August 12, but by god I want to support this. And get that bag. Since it’s, you know, GORGEOUS.

  • Already bought my tickets and I hope we win because our last photo shoot with Hart + Sol was one of the best things we ever did.

  • Class of 1980

    I just want your blouse! Is that wrong?

    Seriously, the bags are cool too. ;)

    • meg

      Maxi dress. And no, it’s right….

      • maxi dress with sleeves! i was just thinking about how i wish there were more of those that looked stylish and not frumpy. lovely!

  • April

    YAY!!! Bought my bag! Sooooo wish I could be in NYC with you all for the rad-tastic celebration. And the dancing, natch. Will just have to send y’all my party vibes from the West coast! XO

  • Uggggh, I have too many tote bags! I don’t even use them all. But.. I just wanted this one so much, I bought it anyway. It *will* come in useful!

    • FawMo

      I have a feeling it shall become the official “Are you here for the APW book club?” marker. And also a secret portal to awesome women the world over.

  • FawMo

    Meg, are you wearing your wedding shoes in the champagne picture?

    PS: I love that you have a champagne picture.

    • Hee, I was *just* about to ask the same thing! :)

    • meg

      Of course I am! I wear my wedding shoes a lot. I’m planning to wear them to Yay New York too!

  • Cass

    How joyous to even be able to have a “mobile marriage equality office.”
    Even better that it can be packed in such an appropriate tote!

  • Stephanie

    Hey Meg! I can’t make it to NYC and I have like a billion tote bags, but I just went and donated on Lambda Legal’s website. Thanks for bringing our attention to this!

    • meg

      You guys might want to hold off on this! We’ll be having an official APW Lambda Legal fundraiser later this month. That money is tax deductible. Tote bag money is going straight to pay for the party!

  • Bought one! But not before I also noticed the shoes. And the dress. It’s a good thing those weren’t for sale…

  • Marley

    Huzzah for tote bags! Cannot wait to rock this out when using public transportation!

  • New library books tote for me! I can totally write that off as a grad school expense, right?

    • K

      Yes. Unequivocally.

  • Wow, those are going fast! Glad I snagged one. :D

  • GeePuff

    Just got 2. One for me and one for my MOH. Can’t wait to show em off in some wedding pics!

  • Obvs, I got one. But HOW UNFAIR that those of us overseas have no hope of laying our sticky paws on the ‘special limited edition’ NYC ones. Where’s the equality in that? That’s all I’m saying. ;)

    • meg

      If you buy a ticket, I’ll let you buy a tote ;)

      • Marchelle

        WHY didn’t I think of that before? DONE.

  • Marisa-Andrea

    LOVE it though I ALSO love your dress and bracelet!

  • kasaro

    I’m SO glad this morning/afternoon was Google reader catch up time! As someone who can’t make it to YayNY, I am thrilled that there are other ways to support. Also, I can’t wait to carry this tote around all over town. What a great way to make APW friends, promote equality, and recruit some new people to APW at the same time! Win-win-win.

    Also, yay sparkle shoes and champagne! :)

  • Ummm. I NEED this bag so I can put champagne in it and wear killer sparkly heels and sit at a bar stool. Done and Done. Oh yes, and to help the cause too. Priorities.

  • AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! (love it.)

  • I always buy canned corn, tuna and green beans. In a famine, I will have the world’s biggest stockpile. Here AND in SoCal.

    Eventually, PiC’s gonna notice I’m now not just collecting geeky tote bags from Cons, I’m now buying them too. He’s going to have some kind of reaction to this .. I just know it…

  • I do NOT have a bunch of totes, and I’m on a crazy strict budget and shouldn’t be shopping at all, but it took about two seconds to convince myself of this and it was on with the PayPal. They look gorgeous, can’t wait to get mine!

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  • Melissa

    So excited that I didn’t miss out on this! We just moved from OH to TN, so I got super behind on my blog reader. This is the first purchase I’m having shipped to our new place, though! =) Husband was a little miffed when I said I was spending $23.50, but he was fine with it when I told him the cause. Can’t wait to explore my new city with this fine bag in tow, so I can hopefully run in to some fellow APWers down here!

    • Melissa

      Have these been sent out yet? I’m a little worried because I haven’t received mine yet! =( I mean, I’m not that worried about it, because it’s a great cause even without the tote bag, but I’d like to show off my APW affiliation!

  • Katherine

    Mine came today! Yay!!!

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