Yay New York Tote Bags For Sale! (& Raffle Announcement)

When APW announced Yay New York: The Reception For Marriage Equality, featuring two marriages and a raging dance party, y’all wanted to get involved… no matter where you were located. So we promised you tote bags. And not just tote bags, but stylish marriage equality tote bags with proceeds going toward getting the couples hitched. So today we’re giving you those stylish tote bags. Because let’s be clear: we can’t throw this event without your help.

Yay New York Tote Bags

First up: we’re unveiling the bags. They’re on sale for $20 through Big Cartel, and buying one is what will make Yay New York happen! (Please note, for those of you attending the event, we’ll have special limited edition tote bags for sale there).

Buy a Yay New York Tote Bag Before They’re Gone!

And now, the amazing bags themselves, designed by And Kathleen, printed by Yes Press in Oakland, with photos by Emily Takes Photos (I’m modeling):

You can put your knitting in it and go thrift store shopping (these are two things I do in real life, though not always at the same time). Please note the sneaky apracticalweddding.com at the bottom of the bag. We did that to make it an APW secret handshake. “Oh, you know. Ah, as do I.”

You can use it to go grocery shopping. Actually, this picture is a little bit of a lie, because I’m not allowed to go grocery shopping without a special dispensation from my husband. When I go, I always buy: Canned Goods (in case of emergency) and whatever I’m hungry for (usually something like: peaches, kale, chocolate, hamburger meat, Prosecco). But if you’re allowed to grocery shop without a partner dispensation, you could take your Yay New York bag.

You can use it to carry around your laptop, a notebook and some magazines. This is the most realistic depiction of what I will do with my bag. As a self-employed person I consider my tote bag to be my mobile office. Now it will be my mobile marriage equality office.

And, my personal favorite. You can fill it full of champagne and go drinking. I think you should do this. But first you’re going to have to buy the bag, you see.

Buy The Bag. (It’s just $20, and it’s super pretty.)

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