Aaron & Cory’s Yay New York! Wedding

* Aaron (web developer) & Cory (programmer) * Photographer: Fedorov Foto * Soundtrack for reading: Somewhere Over The Rainbow, on strings * A Yay New York wedding *

handmade paper wedding decor

wedding music

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indie wedding

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YayNY Weddings

YayNY Weddings

indie wedding cake

indie wedding cake

What happened: After our wedding in New York, it is hard to believe that we could ever plan a wedding on our own. From the photography to the wedding cake to the crazy dance party, it’s hard to imagine how we could have pulled it all off. People we had never met until arriving in New York went out of their way, volunteering their time and effort, in order to make our wedding the best it could ever be. We’re extremely fortunate to have a supportive family and lots of volunteers that seemed to be just as excited as we were to be tying the knot. Our officiant was very helpful, communicative and supportive, making sure we were comfortable with the ceremony. The entire time, Elizabeth and Meg were making sure everyone, including our family, was as happy as possible.

Later that evening we arrived to the Yay New York party and soon realized that my brother had donated a beautiful ice sculpture for the party. Shortly after we got there, readers of A Practical Wedding began to arrive and congratulate us. This was a little surreal, but very encouraging as the night went on. Here we had total strangers who were so excited that we could publicly recognize our love for each other. As the night went on and many glasses of delicious Monogamy Wine later, we danced, went into the photobooth multiple times and busted open the pinata filled with glitter. It didn’t quite sink in until we got back home to Chicago and opened up all the congratulations cards from all the readers, sobbing as we read each one aloud to each other.

Once again, we’d like to thank everyone who made our wedding such a success. You’ll all be part of our lives for many years to come.

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