You Are Not A Bridal Island

So, I’ve been thinking about “DIY Weddings,” and I think that “Do It Yourself” can be a bit of a misnomer. The idea of a bride sitting at home doing everything on her wedding by herself makes me a little sad. Weddings can be one of the greatest excuses in our lives to get our communities together. Its a great time to get our kick *ss friends and our crafty family members together and helping out.

The traditional wedding idea perpetually floated by the bridal media is that your wedding is a great day, because it’s the day that you get to be a bridal dictator of your own bridal island. Ick! Who wants that? So lets collectively just skip the bridal dictatorship idea, and move on to something a little more healthy. How about instead of Do It Yourself weddings, we have Do It Together weddings? And since weddings are all about weird acronyms, we can call it DIT.

When David and I made it clear that we were all up for having people help out on our wedding, we were surprised at the talents people came forward with. My sister revealed she could letterpress (who knew?) and offered to make my veil. Our friend Beck revealed she had some serious flower decorating skills and was willing to head up that project. David’s oldest friend Kory is taking our engagement pictures. I can’t even imagine how stressed out and crazy we would have been if we tried to do all those things ourselves.

And finally, somehow the world of weddings had turned into the worlds most competitive and guilt ridden place. If we are doing “DIY” we feel bad admitting that we didn’t DIY to the Nth degree. And you don’t have to! Simplify! Some people are up for hand screen printing all of their invites. Me? Heck no! But I do know how to print in color on my home computer, or find a print shop in my area. I’ll still save a bundle of money, and get the invites I wanted, and that is, after all, the point.

Picture of the screen printing of some awesome invites from Saricat.

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