You Don’t Have To Buy All The Things

I got this excellent email from the now happily married Jessica two weeks ago. I couldn’t let such a good thank you note to all of you, about what we crack on about every day, lie unpublished. So, All The Things, consider yourself on notice:

My wedding is a week from today. I was running around today feeling consumed by WIC-promoted Consumerism… thinking, Oh My God, I need to buy a new dress for my rehearsal dinner and new shoes and we should buy everyone in the wedding party more stuff to thank them and what about a cute hanger, don’t I need a cute hanger for my dress?! And, and, and….

Anyway, all of a sudden I had a moment of clarity. I turned to my fiancé, who was looking (rightfully) frightened, god bless him, and said, “We don’t need All The Things.” We already have All The Things that matter.

We hugged and went home. We’re about to enjoy a nice bottle of wine.

All in all, my fiancé, our bank account, and I thank you, Team Practical.

P.S. When I emailed Jessica to ask if her wedding survived no cute hanger, she said, “It sure did. As did the filthy dress (thanks to amazing second line through NOLA’s French quarter). It’s funny how the joy is the only detail that matters…” Wedding Graduate post coming soon.

Photo by Emily Takes Photos

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