Digital Director & Style Editor

Maddie Eisenhart

Maddie graduated from NYU with intentions of becoming Tina Fey, but quickly realized that she looks terrible in glasses. Although she once got to bring Montel Williams his coffee, Maddie soon realized that the entertainment industry was no place for someone who smiles 90% of the day. With that in mind (along with encouragement from Meg and the fine example of some other APW staffers—cough, Emily, cough), she became a wedding photographer instead. Now, as Managing Editor at APW, she gets to be snarky, eat cheese and smile 90% of the day. Just. Like. Tina. In her spare time, Maddie likes to spoon her dog and enjoys comparing her dreamy husband to the young Paul Newman. Also, she never says no to Karaoke, and yes that is totally a challenge.