APW 2011 Reader Survey!

** Update: I’ve opened the survey for 250 more responses, so the West Coast can get in, so go, now. Side note: y’all always stay exactly statistically the same no matter how long the surveys are open (go figure), but I want everyone to be able to give me their two cents, yes? Yes! Go!**

You Guys!

It’s time for the 2011 APW reader survey! I’m saying this with a lot of excitement, because last year I learned that you guys like a good survey as much as I do. You want to tell me your opinions, and I like that in a person. So! This is the way it works. There are 1,000 responses for this survey. Last year Team Practical filled up those responses in 12 hours, and then people were pissed that they didn’t get to participate. So! To be forewarned is to have four arms (or something like that). If you want to participate in the survey and tell me all your opinions (and I hope you do), you might want to go ahead and do that, um, now.

Details. Since I know most of you read the site over your coffee, I’ve made a coffee length survey. It will take you about 5 minutes, 7 minutes if you think really, really hard about your answers. The first part is all demographic information, and the second is your feedback on the site (what you love, where you want it to go), and the future site… you know, the one that’s more about marriage and families, and that I’ll start working on once I’m done with the APW Book.

So tell all. And when you get to the one fill in the blank question, be nice, ok? Lauren, Alyssa, and I are real people and we’ll read your answers and think hard about them. And when you call us stupid c*nts, it makes us cry real tears. Just sayn’.




Picture: Last year, Jamie of Cactus and Quail made us these amazing charts of all the survey data. This year she’s very pregnant (eeeee!), so don’t hold your breath.

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  • Aaaand, done.

    I know I was able to get it in last time, too — I think you had it earlier in the year the last time you did it, yes? Because I remember doing it at my old office because I was bored. (I can’t even get onto APW at my new job, which isn’t really new anymore. And that’s probably a good thing.)

  • Ohhhh I was so disappointed that I didn’t get to fill it out last time. So I made it happen just now, even though I will now be late to work. BOOYAH.

  • Julia

    Hi APW! Thanks for the survey! I wanted to offer to help out with the stats, if Jamie is otherwise occupied (as it sounds like she is). I am an epidemiologist which means that, a). I can run you lots of nice graphs and do analysis to help you understand if your readership has changed over the year and b). I have no artistic ability whatsoever and definitely cannot put together the lovelies that Jamie did last year. But! If you’re interested in p values and the like, shoot me a reply and I’m happy to help out!

    • APW has to be the only wedding site where we talk about p values in the comments…which is AWESOME.

    • Kaitlyn

      Love it! Hooray epidemiology!! Hooray, kick-ass women :)

    • Zan

      Epidemiology! Yay related field! Also — thank god there are people in the world who can make math their b*tch. Otherwise I don’t know what I’d do for data.

    • Noemi

      Epidemiologists unite! I am not quite an epidemiologist yet, but I am attending grad school in the fall for genetic epidemiology. Yay statistics!

    • Alison

      I’m almost an epidemiologist (will be in June!) so I can help to! I <3 95% confidence intervals! No, seriously.

      – A

      • Zan

        Nerd jokes! Love it.

    • Hey Epidemiologist Julia and other US epidemiologists are there any epidemiology jobs going in the states? There are none over here in the UK if you don’t have a PhD (which I don’t, just an MSc and BSc). I’ve looked everywhere and can’t find anyone wanting to employ me because 1. I don’t have a PhD and 2. I only have 3 years post-MSc experience (not 5 years which they want – is that a magic number or something??!?!). Got to the point now where I am either going to chuck it in or emigrate.

      • Julia

        There are some! It’s a little tough right now because so many of the cities and states are in a budget crisis and are not hiring anyone. It’s worth looking around, though, and keeping your eye on the postings in the next few months. There’s certainly plenty of work to do, just not a lot of political will to pay for it.

    • Lizzie

      I can do the graphic work if you need a hand with that once Julia is done processing stats. I know nothing about epidemiology, but like Jamie, I got plenty of practice with alluring graphics as part of my architectural education, and Edward Tufte is one of my personal heroes.

  • Can I just say that I’m SO EXCITED for future APW? Because I totally AM!! :D

    • clampers

      Me too! I can’t wait to see how it evolves!!!

  • Lucie

    What do I love more than surveys? (apart from my huband!)
    APW. Seriously so much love in one blog!

    • My fiance told me that APW is my other boyfriend… I told him that APW is my girlfriend, but I saw his point. It’s totally true.


    Wowzers. The first post I ever read on this site was last year’s readers survey. And now I get to fill it out myslef! Circle of Life! or somesuch.

  • I love surveys and I’m not afraid to say so! Therefore, Yay for APW.

  • Kayleigh

    yea! I filled out the survey but there are a few of the questions that are not broken down quite right. I’m 30 years old, which means I could be 25-30 or 30-40. With a site like this I’m betting a lot of your readers are exactly 30, which will muddle your results. Also, on the budget you have something – $10,000 and $10,000 – something else. I bet a lot of people are shooting for exactly $10,000 because it’s a nice round number, so that could make things confusing.

    • ElfPuddle

      I would’ve like a no-budget, or other non-dollar-amount option. I don’t have a budget. I’m absolutely NOT in the “I have all the money I need and enough extra to feed a small city” category, but my parents are paying for the whole thing and I get yelled at if I start to worry about price tags. (They aren’t rich, either, but they know I’m practical and they don’t want me to worry.)

      • meg

        Right, but I need those numbers on a factual basis, not on an emotional basis. I know that you’re not responsable for you budget, but from the survey point of view, I need to know how much is being spent on your wedding, even if it’s your parents money.

        • ElfPuddle

          I guessed that, which is why I left it blank on the survey. We’re engaged; we’re planning; we’re waiting for an annulment. Therefore, there isn’t a budget on anybody’s part. (Which I thought I’d said, but obviously didn’t. Note to self: do not post before having my morning caffeine. Sigh.)

    • It’s a comment on your feelings towards the subject – do you feel more 25-30 or more 30-40?


      • meg

        Indeed. Indeed. Personally, I’m 30-40.

      • Kayleigh

        In that case I’m definitely 8 – 30

        • Carreg

          Oh yes. I’m in my tweens, the irresponsible years between childhood and the coming of age at 33.

          I answered the budget in terms of the maximum amount I can spend, not the amount which actually is being spent. Oh and the household income question, if parents are paying I guess that should have been parents’ household? (Yes, say the you-should-pay-for-it-yourself folks, that’s _why_ you should pay for it yourself, it means you’re your own household, not part of your parents’.) Well, it’s all neither here nor there — I’ll leave off nitpicking!

          • meg

            NO. It should be your household income. We’re not just weddings people.

      • Actually, that’s what I thought when I saw it! I was glad it wasn’t 25-29, since I’m 29.5 and feel more 30 than 25. You know?

  • elyse

    yay surveys! working in market research, this is pretty much my day, every day (until i quit in 2 months. . . hehe!) it also means i have a technicality question:

    newlywed vs. married – what’s the difference? i’m guessing by newlywed you maybe mean in the past year? but that also makes me married. . . just having in parenthesis a definition of what you consider this would be helpful when you do the analysis. you’ll know everyone is on the same page when answering the question.


    • meg

      On that once, I decided to let people pick their own definition. I’m more interested in how people view themselves than anything else. Intentional, and important for me to know.

      • I kind of suspected that was intentional. I considered checking “newlywed” just because it’s technically true (it’s been 8 months), but I feel more just married than newlywed. So good call on that one, Meg, Lauren, & Alyssa!

    • ha! I didn’t even notice there was a “newlywed” option, I just saw “married, bitches” and clicked happily! I suppose over a year later I’m not a newlywed. but I still sometimes feel like one.

      • brendalynn

        I think it took this survey question for me to realize that even though it’s only been a very few months, I don’t consider us “newlyweds”! Not sure I ever did, quite. Nominated for best survey question ;)

    • I read in the BBC some time last year that they said “newlywed” was a year and a half (they were talking about how long politicians have to do their thing before people actually start paying attention, but they called it the newlywed/honeymoon stage). So that’s how I’ve been defining it. At the 18 month mark in our marriage I’m going to start calling us old married fogies. :) Two more months!

      • meg

        We just passed that mark, and I do feel very married.

    • Hypothetical Sarah

      I had to think about that question too, but as engaged vs married. I wanted to click both because I identify as both (umm… it’s complicated) but it wouldn’t let me.

      • Zan

        I chose engaged because we are still planning the wedding. What about you Sarah?

        • Hypothetical Sarah

          Me too. But now that I’m finally settled into being publicly engaged/privately married/still planning the wedding, neither answer seems complete on its own.

      • Erica

        I feel your pain! (Maybe pain is overstating it. Intense awkwardness??) I, too, am in that particular pickle.
        Oh, life.

  • clampers

    Forgot to include this in the survey, but I am SUPER excited about the Vintage Wedding posts! (Real vintage weddings, not vintage-style weddings.) I think that’s a great idea and really supports the whole idea of a “practical wedding.”

    • meg

      Y’all know we already have these, right? We’d just be bringing the feature back.

      • Now that I do know, I’ll be checking them out.

      • I would be so happy to see these come back!

      • Jennifer

        Your parents’ wedding has always been one of my very favorites featured on this site – not just of the vintage weddings, but all the wedding grads. :)

        • meg

          AWWWW! When my dad sees your comment (because he reads the comments) he’s going to be very excited.

          • Danielle

            Actually, I would love to see an “Ask Meg’s Dad” column! I love reading his comments; it’s inspiring to hear from such a smart, compassionate father :)

  • lolo7835

    YAY survey time! I promise to turn the researcher part of my brain off.

    That said, I had to move up a age group for the first time ever….wah! :D

  • Sarah

    Gah, how much fun was it to be able to change some of my answers from last year? Not much gets me in the “YAY MARRIED!” like-it’s-new attitude anymore (we’re totally not newlyweds now), but getting to change from “Engaged” to “Married, bitches!” did it.


    • I know! It struck me as I was filling out the survey that my answers on almost every demographic-related question were different this year from last. It’s been a crazy (but mostly good) year for us!

  • Yay! I started reading APW right before last year’s survey, and I didn’t fill it out because I was still new and a lurker and I felt like I shouldn’t. But this year I felt like I should. For sure. So I did! And I think maybe I like surveys…

  • katie

    Yay survey! I’d like to comment on #17 – “what blogs do you read?” Similar to some of the sassy answer options on other questions (LOVE!), there should have been a “used to read many of these, but fast discovered APW was the only one for me.” And this was before I tied the knot – how many sites of pretty photos/elaborate ideas could I take? APW has sticking power. I remember deleting a lot of those other blogs from my Wedding Bookmarks folder.

    • meg

      I try not to be sassy about awesome I am vs. everyone else. That’s not sassy, that’s snotty ;)

    • Marina

      Yeah. I used to read quite a few of those, but a year and a half after marriage APW is the only one I’ve stuck with.

      • Same here. I got married in September but the only wedding blog I come back to now is APW. Everything else just kind of brings back crappy memories of me planning the wedding and second guessing certain things…

        APW is the only one that made me feel comfortable with what I was doing, gave me the feeling of, “Heck yeah, this is what I’m doing and it’s going to be AWESOME!” and also serious support in my worst moments (I can’t thank the site enough for having a post about weight and your wedding).

  • Done. Rah for surveys! And APW!

  • Ooooo, does this mean there will be graphic representation of statistical data later? I LOVE graphic representations of statistical data!

    • meg

      Probably not. See: Jamie being very pregnant. Unless another designer volunteers (as I am not one).

      • marbella

        pie charts!!!!

      • Not a designer, really, but maybe better than nothing? If no one else volunteers I could probably put something together.

  • Hey Meg,

    If you do your surveys by making a Form in Google Documents, then you won’t be limited to 1000 responses. Plus its free.

    • meg

      And that would take time that would cost me money ;)

      • Mmmmk, wasn’t sure if you wanted to be able to get more than 1000 responses or not.

        Anyways, its an idea for future surveys. And once you decide you have enough responses you just uncheck “Accepting Responses.”

        • meg

          Nope! I don’t want more than 1,000 responses. Statistically the answers stay the same, and I can only read through so many fill in the blank responses. I want something plug and play that spits out graphs at me, and I’m willing to pay for it.

          • Okie, I can totally understand that!

          • Hypothetical Sarah

            You didn’t ask about geography, but I’d be curious to know how well the geographic distribution of survey responses matches the distribution of your readers. It seems like you might get over-representation from readers in my part of the world (where posts go up during lunchtime, which I love!) and under-representation from CA (where posts go up at 4:30am). I guess it depends how quickly you hit 1000 responses.

          • meg

            True, but it doesn’t matter much from my end. Your demographics hold steady around the world, and I already know where my readers are located (in great detail, at that!)

          • Sounds like I’m not the only one who has fun watching my site statistics and seeing where people come from. :)

  • Yay survey! I’m one of the ones who arrived late last year & didn’t get to participate, so I’m glad to have been able to this time around!

    I’m rather sad to say that I had to omit “Meg’s writing” and “Entrepreneurial posts” on “What content do you love the best on APW?”. Both are important to me, and “(pick 4)” was just mean! I figured we get Meg’s writing in all the other content, and entrepreneurial stuff is wonderful for some of us, but may not be for everyone. So it could maybe go in a sub-section of RW (but keep it coming here until there *is* a RW, please!).
    And I am very happy to have been able to vote to bring back the sass!

  • kyley

    Every answer that Alyssa wrote? I could tell.

    I love you guys. Thank you for all the hard work you do.

    • meg

      Y’all. Alyssa didn’t write any of the answers. I wrote all of them (I also write parts of the Friday columns, if we’re being honest). Sniff! Remember me?

      (Though I love that y’all love Alyssa so much!)

      • Liz

        No need to get competitive! We love you too, Meg.

  • KD

    Damn – I’m too slow. I spent too long writing a novel in the comments and when I went to submit the survey it bounced back as full/closed. wah wa

  • Blast! I’m too late to fill it out. So sad, as I got to participate last year. :(

    • Carbon Girl

      Whoa it filled up that fast?! I wonder how many people read APW each day. I guess a lot more than comment.

  • G

    I think this discriminates against West Coast readers. East Coasters have all morning and I haven’t finished my first cup of coffee before the survey closes.

    Or maybe I’m just bitter that I didn’t get to fill one out.


    • Rachel

      Me too. Damn East Coast people. I was so excited when I clicked on the link and it was already closed. This bites.

      • Agreed. And data wise, only having east coast answers skews things!

        • meg

          Doesn’t skew things, actually. Y’all are demographically the same from 250 responses to infinity. Weird huh? But it’s back open.

          • marbella

            wonder if it would make a difference in analysing answers if there were actually a question about where you are/where you are from?

          • meg

            It would, but I already know where you guys are from, in staggeringly great detail :)

  • meredythbyrd

    Man, I loved reading the survey last year and wanted to participate but it’s already closed! Is it possible (maybe for next year?) to open it for more people and longer? It sounds like a lot of us who consistently read APW but maybe not as early as coffee hour missed getting to voice their opinions. I know it’s pathetic but I was looking forward to it and am near tears at my disappointment! Childish, yes, but indicating my enjoyment of the site. Plus, I love a good survey.

    • meredythbyrd

      Oh, I just saw the thing about why there are 1000 responses only. Still disappointed though.

  • carrie

    Bummed. Had a doctor’s appointment this AM and decided to read the Top Chef recap instead of APW when I got to work. That’ll learn me…

    • Edelweiss

      Go Richard! (sorry couldn’t help it) although I’d love to hear an APW perspective on if the judges are subconsciously gender biased. And why I’ve never had a woman pilot, while I’m at it.

      • I don’t watch American TV, so I’m not qualified to write that, but if you’re a regular viewer, why don’t you write it? It seems to be a topic that many people would be interested in (gender biases/discrimination, not just Top Chef).
        And maybe a whole post on Top Chef doesn’t exactly fit on APW, but I bet you could tie it in with things that are more relevant (like, did you find that vendors took your male partner* more seriously while planning your wedding?). And put in a paragraph about pilots! You could write to Salon’s Patrick Smith (http://www.salon.com/technology/ask_the_pilot/index.html) for his expert opinion!

        *That’s just an example, of course, I’m not assuming you have a male partner.

  • Karen

    Wow…closed already! It’s lunchtime here on the East Coast…guess I should have read APW with breakfast instead….

    • Liz K

      Yeah us west coasters are just having our coffee now! Open up again, please?

  • Paula

    Ooh, I’m intrigued. Wouldn’t it be interesting to know if the survey results ends up fairly skewed because it’s likely surveying more east coasters? (I’m assuming) Or maybe there’s a difference with early risers/those that check read APW first thing vs those that read it late at night.

    • meg

      Nope. I learned this last year. Once we hit 250 responses, nothing budges in the demographics.

  • Ophelia

    WHAT? Closed at 10am!!!
    Meg, I thought you were a west coast gal…not all of us rise at 4am!
    Next time you should post it at midnight pacific time….

    • meg

      It’s open again, but shortly. Not my fault, y’all! It takes most blogs A WEEK to get to a thousand replies. You guys just did it in under 5 hours this time. Last year it took you 12.

      • Erin

        I swear I didn’t take it twice! But I can’t speak for the other Right Coasters ;)
        Also, 5 hrs for 1,000 replies? Pat yourself on the back and buy yourself a Scotch. You win the internet today!

        • carrie

          You win the internet today. That’s a keeper.

  • merryf

    Oh, did my survey not make it? I just saw it and filled it out and hit the send button and it looked like it went through. I even signed my name to my fill-in-the-blank section so you all would know where the love is coming from. After 9 months I totally still feel like a newlywed — in fact there are still some days where I look around and do the cosmic double-take and say, holy cr*p, did I actually GET MARRIED?

    • Sixteen months in and every so often I still look at my husband and say in a gooey voice, “We’re married!” Like it’s big news or something.

  • LBD

    Thanks so much for opening it up again a bit for us west coasters! I find it fascinating the demographics are the same. I think I have this perception of people on the east coast spending more on weddings, but likely it’s just the crew I hang out with here in Seattle vs. my growing-up friends and family back east. Very different social circles. Among my friends here, Beer+outdoorsy venue=wedding, that is, if you don’t just elope, haha.

    Seems like there were fewer written response areas than last year’s (or maybe I just wrote more last year, ha), and you’ve got more of a crew to help this year, so I hope that it’s an easier number crunching process for y’all this time. Good luck!

  • Hot damn survey time!!

  • G

    Thank you for reopening the survey! I got mine in.

  • Beth

    I filled out the survey, only to find that it was closed! Ha!

    Well, I just wanted to give my two cents about the last question you asked, which was “if you could add anything to the APW site, what would it be?” (or something of that nature)

    I would like to throw the idea out there: what about some wedding grad posts, or posts in general, about couples who get married (or re-married) in their 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and up? That’s probably not the demographic who reads the blog regularly, but I’m sure they’d have some awesome wisdom about what makes marriage work, or not work. Also, how kick-ass would those wedding grad pictures be?! Pics of an 85 year old wedding? Um…yes please!!

    And I just wanted to say thanks for all that you do. I am currently pre-engaged to my transgender partner, and I come to your site as THE place to get info and support. I feel like you’re definitely supportive of the GLBT community, and that is much appreciated. So thanks!

    • meg

      I would love that, now just get me some of those weddings and I’ll run them! Done!

  • Kayakgirl73

    Darn, the one day I don’t read the site early, oh well. I’m really interested in the upcoming married life stuff. Maybe a separate survey on that topic.

  • Kristen

    Wait. Can we please go back to “And when you call us stupid c*nts, it makes us cry real tears.”???

    Please tell me that doesn’t really happen because when I saw that it about made me cry real tears because it makes me sad for y’all to be sad. Then it made me furious that someone would do that to you.

  • Em

    Awww, it was midnight Aussie time when this was posted. I think. Or 2 am. Boo, and I love doing surveys, too! Oh well!

  • Jess

    There should’ve been a “I’m going to borrow it from the library” option for your book. I’m definitely going to read it but I’m almost certainly not going to buy it, at least new. I’ll probably wait until I can get it at the library or used on Amazon, the way I do for almost all books.

    • meg

      Here is the thing: I don’t get to publish another book unless this one sells well. It’s a weird thing to say as an author, because obviously I love libraries, but when you buy a book used or get it from the library, you just read it for free. You didn’t help the author pay the bills, and you didn’t help them write a follow up book. If you want more books to be published, and if you want authors you love to get book deals, you HAVE TO BUY THE BOOK. It’s really, really, really beyond important.

      I don’t say that as much for me, because I’m fine, as much as I do for the publishing industry. Buying a book used/ getting it from the library means you don’t care about supporting the author. And that’s a huge deal, in an industry that’s dying.

      Clearly I care a lot about this, and buy A LOT of books.

      • Other Katelyn

        I exactlyed this because I agree totally about supporting authors you love with real dollars, but with this caveat– if you’re so broke that buying this book means you won’t be able to buy groceries or health care, if you’re in that kind of budget crunch (and yeah, been there), don’t feel guilty about going to the library to get Meg’s book. I’m sure she’d rather you read it than not, after all’s said and done.

        • meg

          I could not agree more.

          • Jess

            I’m currently making $8.50/hr working at Starbucks and I’m only not in a huge budget crunch because I’m living at home rent free but I’m saving for the visas and international move that come after getting married. So yea, the thought is nice to buy to support authors but…I’m going to go to the library. And even if I bought new, I’d read it and promptly re-sell it on amazon to make something back and to have less to move trans-atlantic. So I’d be fueling the used book market in any case.

          • Jess, I hear you on (the ridiculous, surprising expenses involved with) visas and trans-Atlantic moves! Mine’s going the other way (Spanish partner, moving both of us to the U.S.), but for now we’re navigating registering the U.S. marriage in Spain, getting residency/living legally in Italy, etc. so I have some experience over here, too. Email me! RegularlyAmazed * gmail.

      • I’d love love love if you brought out an ebook version! also on the news the other day over in the UK they were saying that when you buy an ebook the writer gets more of a profit. can’t wait to read the book and enjoyed filling out the survey can’t wait for the results.

        • I’m a big used book buyer, but I work in publishing and completely understand (and adhere to) Meg’s rule about buying new books from authors you love. I might pick up a used copy of Hemingway or Stephen King, but most of the poetry I read is new, just to support the authors and their small presses. Getting an e-reader has been a big help for this (well, I don’t read poetry on there, but that’s another story for another time), since everything I read on there is new and paid for in full. In the US, I think the royalty rates for e-books are often lower than they are for print books, but that may be changing as they become more popular.

          Also, while I love my e-reader, I think I’ll want a print copy of the APW book, because sometimes, you just need something to hold and pass around, and I have a feeling this will be one of those books!

        • meg

          There will be an ebook, and that story is correct. We authors make way more from ebooks. It’s weird, because in my personal life, I’m very anti-Kindle, but it’s fantastic for getting creative’s paid, which I adore.

      • This is the reason I bought an e-reader. We simply don’t have the space for the amount of “book clutter” we had both amassed (which isn’t clutter … unless it is). I get to cut down on the “clutter,” get instant-gratification book purchases (plus freebies on classics), and still support authors I love. BAM.

        • Me too, on all of those reasons, PLUS, I have the added bonus of not having to move physical books to another continent later this year. WIN!
          Though mine’s not a Kindle, it’s a BeBook. It’s non-proprietary and I love it! (In case anyone reading this wants options.)

          • I went with the Kindle because it had the best/most up-to-date technology profile AND it had a 3G option, which to me is SO worth it. I considered getting the Nook, but I read that it had the older eInk which was buggier and slower. I didn’t like the idea of paying more (even if nominally) for an inferior product.

            The only technically comparable one was the Sony Daily, and it was significantly more expensive.

            My guess is the Kindle can afford to lowball on pricing because they know you’ll be purchasing books exclusively from them. I don’t love that, but on the other hand, though it has it’s problems I am overall supportive of Amazon’s corporate model.

            (I didn’t know anything at all about the BeBook – I was only familiar with the Sony, the Nook, the Kobo, and the Kindle (of the eInk readers, that is), and now I am curious …)

  • Amber

    Yes Meg, how are you going to become huge and international if half the world was sleeping when this survey was open?

    • meg

      It’s *because* APW is huge and international that the survey closed while half the world was still sleeping. Y’all would have eaten through 5,000+ responses in 24 hours.

      • Ris

        Oh no I missed the window! That’s a little sad… hi, I’m a chronic lurker. For some reason I can never bring myself to comment, but I do love a good survey. Guess there are some downsides to only reading APW at night! At least there’s one positive – disappointment has finally forced me to de-lurk ;)

  • Johanna

    aww, I guess I missed even the west coast slots… So just a comment on the site:

    I love the wedding graduate articles! Less than 4 months from my own wedding, I enjoy the wedding ‘porn’ but I love the thoughtful articles on love and marriage even more. This is one of the only sites that really highlights this aspect!

    (I’m also now considering donating my dress to charity – something that had never crossed my mind before.)

  • Jane

    Meg, this is beyond irrelevant, but I’m just curious and have to ask: is the silhouette associated with “engaged” on the graphic a pregnant woman crab walking? If so, awesome. Just not sure if I’m missing something…ha ha. :)

    • Emily

      I had to go check the graphic, laugh out loud and then come back to say you are very observant and very funny.

  • Dang! I’ve been looking forward to giving my two cents in a survey and I missed my chance! Sad face :(

    • Kim

      I too missed the boat. Any chance you could post the questions, at least when the survey results are ready? I love to brainstorm but was facing doggy surgery and vet appointments on Thursday, so I’m just coming back to reality, too late it seems!