Engagement Season Is Here. Let’s Browse Some Baubles!

Engagement rings, bands and sets. Here we go!

We’ve all heard the statistics about just how many people get engaged over the holidays (it’s around 40% between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day according to Wedding Wire). Heck, you might even remember last year being overwhelmed with the ‘we’re engaged’ social media posts right after Christmas or New Years’.

If you had asked me about holiday engagements last year, I might have just rolled my eyes and called it too cliche (sorry). And then… 2020 happened. I got engaged in the midst of pandemic hell, over the summer, and quickly realized that for all the hardships of this season of life, the joy that has come with calling my partner “fiance” every day is priceless. So now, I’m on team just-do-it!engagement ring graphic

What I learned while Engagement ring shopping

I haven’t said this out loud until now, but.. y’all… it turns out that the process of getting two secret surprise wedding rings right on the first try… just doesn’t always happen. Our ring journey has been a little less storybook than we might have hoped.  We have had to deal with some back and forth on design/style/sturdiness on my first ring, and sizing back and forth on both rings… and now, finally, 6 months after our double engagement, we both have rings on our fingers. I don’t tell you this story to scare you, just to share that if you’re on the hunt for the perfect engagement ring (or wedding band), I have a few words to the wise:

  • Work with a company you have trust in—do your research, read the reviews, trust your gut.
  • Try to really know the ring size you need—be sneaky, enlist a friend or family to help, or whatever you need to do to figure out what size is going to be best.
  • Take deep breaths and stay patient—it will all come together and be oh so magical, swear.

To help you out on your wedding ring hunt journey, we’ve rounded up a whole bunch of our favorite options from around the internet today. Even though I have my dream ring on my finger, that my amazing partner chose for me, it is still endless hours of fun to look at all the baubles out there. So engagement ring, simple band, or wedding sets… we’ve got you covered. (Now… how do I tell my girl that I want like six different wedding bands?)

2021 Engagement Rings

Traditional-ish Engagement Rings

sparkling diamond cluster wedding ring

Diamonds Cluster Ring by Mejuri

We couldn’t resist the sparkle of this vintage-looking diamond cluster ring. I mean, c’mon!

solitaire diamond band

The Emerald Solitaire by Gemist

Looking for something simple and stunning? Send a hint to your love with this fab emerald cut ring.

triangle diamond wedding ring

Trillion Diamond Ring via Vrai

We’ll be dreaming about this dainty diamond from Vrai.

moissanite rose gold ring

Moissanite Engagement Ring by Olive Avenue Jewelry via Etsy

Love the look of diamonds but want a different stone? Opt for a moissanite ring!

heirloom ring

Heirloom Petite Milgrain Engagement Ring in 14k Yellow Gold via Blue Nile 

This beaut is sure to have you in awe for years to come.

inverted diamond ring

Inverted Three Diamond Ring by Lauren Wolf Jewelry via Esqueleto

If you want a unique twist on a traditional three stone ring, think about an inverted option like this one!

diamond dome wedding ring

Sleek Diamond Dome Eternity Ring via Blue Nile

Give us alllllll the sparkle.

oval moissanite ring

Rose Gold Oval Brilliant Cut Moissanite Engagement Ring by Love By Oh Kuol via Etsy

A rose gold twist, here for it!

art deco gold and diamond ring

Art Deco Diamond Triangle by Artemer via Local Eclectic

We never get tired of art deco vibes and this ring is bringing vintage vibes right into the new year.

vrai oval ring

The Signature Oval by Vrai

Sometimes you just want a simple showstopper. This is it!


white gold diamond ring

1/2 ct Lab Grown Diamond Solitaire Ring by Welry 

baguette ring

Medium Five Baguette Diamond Ring by Artemer via No.3 Shop

Hello, pretty baguettes!

solitaire engagement ring

Kobelli Diamond Engagement Solitaire Ring, 1 Carat

For the modernista in your life.

trio diamond ring

Trio Diamond Multi-Stone Ring by Vrai

Two is company and three is a crowd? Not in this case!

art deco ring

Art Deco Engagement Ring by Evorden via Etsy

Bring on the bling!

Gemstone Engagement Rings

green cluster ring

Italic Cluster Ring by Mejuri

Affordable, unique and extra sparkly. Sign us up.

morganite and aquamarine ring

Morganite and Aquamarine Diamond Cathedral Ring by Blue Nile 

For all the folx that say yes to “more is more” (that’s us).

yellow sapphire glitter ringGlitter Vibes Yellow Sapphire Ring by Gemist

Add a little sunshine to your hand with this yellow sapphire wedding ring from Gemist.

3 stone ruby ring

Leda The Swan Ruby Ring by Catbird

You know we love a good pink and red moment.

3 stone emerald gold ring

Three-Stone Emerald and Diamond Ring by Blue Nile

Talk about a dreamboat of an engagement ring!

rose gold quartz ring

Kobelli Smokey Quartz Ring 

Love the look of darker gemstones? Think about adding smoky quartz to your list!

emerald cut sapphire ring

Eternal Ring by ManiaMania via Catbird

Is it blue? Is it green? The jury may be out on this one but we can all agree that this sapphire is wishlist worthy.

turquoise engagement ring

The Aster Ring With A Sleeping Beauty Pear Cut Turquoise by Alexis Russell

Step aside diamonds, you’re not the star of the show here!

cluster sapphire ring

Radial Cluster Hex Yellow Sapphire Ring by Bario Neal 

Here for using yellow-oranges as an everyday neutral. We’re not the only ones right?

oval cut sapphire ring

Oval Cut Sapphire Ring by Mejuri

Now here is the Pantone Color of the Year  of the year in all it’s glory!

peridot halo ring

Peridot Ring by Blue Nile

Are you getting retro Palm Springs vibes from this peridot ring? We sure are.

champagne sapphire emerald cut ring

The Emerald Solitaire (Champagne Sapphire) by Gemist

Here’s a pop of pink you for you!

opal east west ring

East-West Oval Opal Solitaire Ring with Diamonds by Angara 

Color us mesmerized. We can get lost in this opal all day.

Wedding Bands

pave wedding ring

Knife Edge Semi Pave Ring by Jennie Kwon via Catbird

We’re loving the sharp cut of this pave wedding band from Jennie Kwon.

gold hammered wedding band

HOLDEN Hammered Wedding Band

Like a little texture on your jewelry? Add this gold hammered band to your list. (It comes in white gold and rose gold too!)

turquoise band

Coexist Band by ILA via Catbird

Maybe you opted for the classic diamond engagement ring, so add a pop of color to your ring stack with this turquoise band by ILA.

curved wedding ring

14K Gold Curved Wedding Band by Kundanika Jewels via Etsy

Simple is the name of the game with this wedding band!

HOLDEN The Full Row Baguette

Is there anything more glam than a finger full of baguette diamonds? Not likely!

simple gold wedding ring

Automic Gold Curvy Mirror Band

No ring round up would be complete without a classic gold band!

rose gold vintage band

The Vintage Diamond Band by Noémie 

A vintage band to go with your vintage engagement ring.

tree engraved band

Woodland Ring with Single Diamond by Ash Hilton

APW fave, Ash Hilton, has us like 😍😍😍 with their collection of Woodland Rings!

enamel band

Shield Band with Blue Enamel by Bario Neal

A little enamel goes a long way with this Shield Band from Bario Neal.

multi-color band

Half White Diamond Half Multi-Color Sapphire Eternity Band Ring by Noémie

Can’t decide whether your want neutral sparkle or a little rainbow bling? Have the best of both worlds with the colorful wedding ring.

protect me salt band

Ring of Salt Band by Sofia Zakia via Fiat Lux

The circle of protection feels fitting for a wedding band, no?

flat gold ring

4mm Rose Gold Band by Good Gold

Another APW fave, Good Gold, can do no wrong with their simple (and comfortable) wedding bands for all.

floating diamond band

White Diamond Float Ring by Jennie Kwon Designs

Is it magic though? Nope. Just great design by Jennie Kwon!

onyx bands

Black Onyx Eternity Band by Olive Avenue Jewelry via Etsy

We’d cross over to the dark side for one of these black onyx eternity bands!

hammered band

Kobelli Titanium 8mm Domed Band with Spalted Tamarand Sleeve

Here’s a nature inspired ring for the earthy babe in your life.

star gold ring

Written In The Stars Band by Sofia Zakia via Catbird

Make this wedding band extra special by customizing it with your love’s own zodiacal constellation!

Engagement Ring Sets

stacked wedding ring set on stone

Moissanite Wedding Two Ring Set by Silly Shiny Diamonds via Etsy

Sparkle on top of sparkle, we have no shame!

drop halo bridal set

Korbelli Moissanite Drop Halo Bridal Set

Wear them together, wear them individually. Neither is a bad look!

Set of emerald bands

Cutting Edge Set by Gemvara

Are you and your boo both into colored gemstones? Add this set to your cart for the emerald bands of your dreams ASAP.

rose gold ring set

Triangle Cut 8x8mm Moissanite Ring Set by Breeze Studio Co. via Etsy 

Modern geometric styles aren’t just reserved for wedding decor, keep the theme going by sporting this look in your day-to-day!

gold ring set

Diamond Bridal Set (3/8 ct. t.w.) in 14k Gold by Macy’s 

Like the modern take on your mom’s wedding set, but make it 2021.

vintage ring set

Vintage Alexandrite Engagement Ring Set by Belloring via Etsy 

Hiiiiii. We’ll take one of these, thanks!

gold and diamond ring set

Vista Galaxy Diamond Set by Young In The Mountains

We wouldn’t be mad looking at this set on our hand everyday!

raw stone bridal set

Raw Stone Engagement Ring Set by Raw by Olivia Mar via Etsy

Raw stones deserve more love and this one is beautiful!

gold couples bands

Couples Ring Set by Pale Fish NY via Etsy

Maybe you and your partner are looking for complimentary rings and not the whole matchy-matchy vibe, we found it!

So, APW… are any of you planning to propose over the holidays? Or in early 2021? Have you chosen a ring? What about wedding bands? I’m frozen and can’t pick one, let me know what you’ve found out there.

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