Meg’s Vacation = Team Practical’s Party

As I’ve mentioned, I’m hopping on a plane Saturday for two weeks of (blessed) vacation. For those of you up on your dates, yesssss…. it’s a first anniversary trip. So. I wanted a way for APW to keep up and running, but in way where comments were still moderated and you guys were all still taken care of in the good old sensible-tough-love-with-hugs APW style.

Soooo…. drumrolll please….. I decided to ask two regular commenters and Team Practical members to take over while I was gone. I wanted to ask people that both I knew, and you guys knew, really well. I wanted people you trusted. So, let me introduce the, erm, Megs-In-Training? Temporary-Megs? Probably-better-moderaters-than-Meg-anyway-ladies?

First, we have Liz. Here is her comment picture:

You’ll remember her from her wedding, her self catered desert reception, her waiting-to-have-sex-post, her blog, and the fact that she invented the term A-typical traditionalists. She lives in Philly, and she’s gonna have a little baby soon! When I was trying to describe what commenter she was to my friend Kate, she looked confused, and then finally said, “Ohhhh! Liz who says all the smart things?” Yup, that Liz.

Second we have Alyssa. Here is her comment picture:

You’ll remember her from her wedding, and from crying in the car. She lives in Dallas, she has your back, and she’ll call you sweetheart and make you laugh. As my friend Kate said, “Alyssa? Oh, the HILARIOUS one?” Yup, that Alyssa.

So their comments will be in pink (like mine normally are) starting on Monday. They’ll have the power to pull down mean comments, and generally help stear the conversation. Treat them just like you would me, yes? But nicer. They are doing something really nice for all of us, and particularly for me. I told them I would try to check in by email, and they told me, “NO WAY! HAVE YOUR VACATION! We got this.” And I’m so so glad to finally share the APW responsability a little.

Posts will continue as usual, but with these two ladies steering the ship.

I’ll see you on the flip side… hopefully far more rested and with stories to tell.

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  • Meg, I think the whole of APW should love-tap you round the back of the head if we see you round these parts over the next 2 weeks.

    Have a FABULOUS holiday, and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

    Also, excellent choice there. It will be in very safe hands, I’m sure.

    • Yes. What she said. (How do you always say what I’m thinking?)

      Also, I’m pretty excited about meeting Alyssa at the Dallas APW Book Club meetup.

  • ddayporter

    what! this is awesome. it’s like when your parents are going away to do something fun without you and you’re told you’ll have babysitters, and you’re bummed until you find out your babysitters are actually rockstars.

    we’ll miss you Meg but I’m thinking you couldn’t have found two better ladies to take over!

    • Um, best. analogy. ever. :D

  • Kim

    You guys enjoy your time away! Mmmmmm, vacay.

    (P.S. You think you’re behind on comments now, you just wait . . . ;) )

  • Very fun, great idea:-)

    Happy Anniversary! Enjoy a wonderful vacation!!!

  • Ooooh yay! I am excited for this Team Liz/Alyssa pwning APW for a bit while you’re away.

    Happy Anniversary and enjoy the vacation!

  • Sophia

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Hope you enjoy your well-deserved vacation!!!!!!

  • Yay!! So excited for these girls to be taking the lead!

    Have a great trip!

  • Have fun!

  • Rachel

    happy anniversary! Have fun!

  • Have a fantastic vacation, and happy anniversary!

  • As a huge fan of Ms. Liz, I am excited.

  • Michelle

    Alyssa’s was the first wedding graduate post I saw when I began reading APW, so yes, I *know* Alyssa. I look forward to her comments and read them even when I’m skimming.

    Meg, I’ll wait to e-mail you my post until you get back and get settled in a little.

    • Christina

      me too! Alyssa’s wedding was totally why I started reading this blog!

  • happy Anniversary!

  • Kristen

    Have a wonderful time! You deserve the perfect vacation!

  • Hypothetically, as a fellow bar taker, I’d just like to state that, if, hypothetically, David gets really drunk and then throws up all over the place, do not make him a passive aggressive list of laundry he needs to do. It’s not good spousing.

    With that, have a really really really fantastic vacation. You guys deserve it!

    • Engyln

      “Spousing”?? New word of the day… and the concept of good spousing = awesome!

  • kelly

    Happy anniversary!!! I hope you and your husband have a fantastic time!!

  • Wonderful! I’m so glad you are taking a vacation and I know we are in great hands. Have a wonderful anniversary holiday and try not to think about us too much!

  • excellent choices! the best possible APW substitutes so that we’ll be in good hands while you enjoy your vacation! i can’t wait to see what this week has in store (besides the insanities related to the week before one’s own wedding, that is…)!

  • This is a Team of Awesome. Excellent choices. Enjoy your vacation!

  • liz


    i mean.

    hurry back! we’ll try not to burn the place down while you’re gone!

    • Alyssa

      Psst! Did you see all the nice stuff they said about us? We better not screw this up now, huh?

      • liz


        • kahlia

          But you guys, you’re not pink!
          (Also, yay! I’m so excited to have you doing this! You two are definitely some of my favorites!)

          • liz

            meg’s not gone yet. we’re not overly anxious to overthrow her thrown. ;)

            and also, thanks!! <3

          • liz


            it’s been months since i’ve had coffee. does it show?

  • Rachel

    have a great vacation!!!

  • Enjoy your vacation! You’ve earned it, no doubt.

  • Eliza

    Have a fanTAStic vacation!

    and Hooray Liz! Hooray Alyssa! I just went and read Alyssa’s Grad post and it was so very much what I needed to read today. Can’t wait to see you ladies rock out this place :D

  • Woot woo! F*ck yeah to vacation. Have a fabulous time, Meg!

  • Christina

    “I’m torn between the two apparent sides; being a Wifey-Poo and being all “Rarr, I’m my own person and I will rip your face off if you call me Wife!!”” HAHAHHA! That is some funny sh*t. Thanks for that Alyssa, (and the previous post links Meg)– it totally made my day.

  • Don’t even think about checking up on any of this while you’re gone Meg! Enjoy yourselves!~ :)

  • And as a side note – how does one go about getting a real photo of themselves with their comments? Not that I dislike the frazzled bride cartoon – but I’m just curious! :) haha

    • Christina

      I was wondering how in the world my actual pic came up on this site – as I’ve never given one. Totally weird and scary in a big brother kind of way…..

    • I know, and I have what seems to be a shy bride?

      • Um yeah, so I post and have a frazzled bride….nevermind

        • meg

          You have to set it up at Gravitar. It works across thousands and thousands of sites.

          • Ahhhhhhhh! Duly noted! Thanks ! :)

    • ddayporter

      hey ladies – you sign in over at and upload a photo and BAM. Christina I’m thinking you must have a gravatar account already? if not that is supremo-creepy that your picture popped up automatically…!

      • ddayporter

        umm, and by BAM I mean, if you use the same name and email address over here as what you signed up with on gravatar, the pic you uploaded at gravatar will load up here.

        • Christina

          ok – just learned that gravitar and wordpress are the same thing… and i had a blog with them for a little while. So there we go.

      • Christina

        Yeah… never even heard of Gravitar! Supreme creepyness. Well, I did have a google buzz account for two seconds with this picture so it must be from that….

  • april

    Have a lovely holiday and anniversary, dearest! xoxo

  • Alyssa

    Meg, I asked my husband and he said it was okay if you bring me a hot Italian boy , but only if you can fit him in your luggage.
    So please move some of your underwear around and see if you can work on that.

    And guys, thanks for such nice comments! (And seriously, how gorgeous is Liz in her pic?)

    • liz


      i was gonna point out your pretty smile, but didn’t want to seem too gushy.

      josh already thinks i have a love affair with this site.

  • Yay! Vacation the sh*t out of your anniversary! Don’t look here!

    Yay Liz and Alyssa! (Both hawt, both genius, both hilarious!)

  • Happy Anniversary and enjoy your vacation!! We’ll all be here when you get back but don’t you dare check in before that!

  • kahlia

    Meg, if you’re going to be in my town, I’ll be back there on the 2nd. Call me if you want a tour guide or need an interpreter! 345.838.6659
    (And I’m honeymooning in (and loving!) your town now!)

  • ……I love this website and the fact that a: awesome commenters are totally up for blog-sitting while Meg is away relaxing, and b: that the rest of the commenters are all WOOHOOOOO, ROCKSTAR BABYSITTERS.

    Seriously, so awesome.

  • Happy anniversary!!