Meg’s Vacation = Team Practical’s Party

As I’ve mentioned, I’m hopping on a plane Saturday for two weeks of (blessed) vacation. For those of you up on your dates, yesssss…. it’s a first anniversary trip. So. I wanted a way for APW to keep up and running, but in way where comments were still moderated and you guys were all still taken care of in the good old sensible-tough-love-with-hugs APW style.

Soooo…. drumrolll please….. I decided to ask two regular commenters and Team Practical members to take over while I was gone. I wanted to ask people that both I knew, and you guys knew, really well. I wanted people you trusted. So, let me introduce the, erm, Megs-In-Training? Temporary-Megs? Probably-better-moderaters-than-Meg-anyway-ladies?

First, we have Liz. Here is her comment picture:

You’ll remember her from her wedding, her self catered desert reception, her waiting-to-have-sex-post, her blog, and the fact that she invented the term A-typical traditionalists. She lives in Philly, and she’s gonna have a little baby soon! When I was trying to describe what commenter she was to my friend Kate, she looked confused, and then finally said, “Ohhhh! Liz who says all the smart things?” Yup, that Liz.

Second we have Alyssa. Here is her comment picture:

You’ll remember her from her wedding, and from crying in the car. She lives in Dallas, she has your back, and she’ll call you sweetheart and make you laugh. As my friend Kate said, “Alyssa? Oh, the HILARIOUS one?” Yup, that Alyssa.

So their comments will be in pink (like mine normally are) starting on Monday. They’ll have the power to pull down mean comments, and generally help stear the conversation. Treat them just like you would me, yes? But nicer. They are doing something really nice for all of us, and particularly for me. I told them I would try to check in by email, and they told me, “NO WAY! HAVE YOUR VACATION! We got this.” And I’m so so glad to finally share the APW responsability a little.

Posts will continue as usual, but with these two ladies steering the ship.

I’ll see you on the flip side… hopefully far more rested and with stories to tell.

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