We Love This Love Lock Wedding Jewelry

Please, please make this a thing

Large Padlock Dangle Earrings

Large Padlock Dangle Earrings ($480)

I was super delighted when I stumbled across these padlock earrings and matching necklace, designed by ethical jeweler—and APW favorite—Aide-mémoire Jewelry. This is possibly because I have a problem where I can’t just buy something. Wedding earrings? Key holder? Wallet? Doesn’t matter. I have to research it into the ground to find the coolest, most interesting, most design-y version of the thing so that I won’t have regrets. This makes me uniquely good at my job, since my job is to dig up all the coolest things for you, so you don’t have to spend exactly one billion hours researching things like wedding jewelry. (Also, speaking of. Wedding jewelry is not exactly a category that’s been ripe with innovation in the past… ever… years.)

But search no more, because this padlock jewelry is perfect. It’s gorgeous, and reminds me of the love locks people put on the Pont des Arts in Paris, and on other landmarks (which you should definitely NOT do, since they destroyed historic sites and had to be removed). But these padlocks hang on your ears, not a culturally important monument. It’s a design-y nod to the love locks symbolism that you can wear (or give to your people of honor, whom you’ve locked your heart to).

Small Padlock Pendant

Small Padlock Pendant ($250)

And guys, this Faceted Scatter Pendant with its nod to constellations isn’t half bad either, if you’re looking for something meaningful to wear on your wedding day (and remember it by later).

Faceted Scatter Pendant

Faceted Scatter Pendant ($875)

As it turns out, Aide-mémoire Jewelry just introduced a bunch of killer new earrings and necklaces, which coordinate with their gorgeous engagement rings and wedding bands or look damn good on their own. They’re perfect for gifting to a verrrry lucky MOH, bridesmaid(s), mom, or MIL, or you know, yourself, for your wedding or all those other occasions where jewelry is appropriate—which I mean, that’s all of them, yes?

3mm Diamond Ancient Pendant

3mm Diamond Ancient Pendant ($355)

Diamond Scatter Ancient Pendant

Diamond Scatter Ancient Pendant ($530)

Scatter Diamond Ancient Dangle Earrings

Scatter Diamond Ancient Dangle Earrings ($1055)

Square Stud Earrings and Hexagon Stud Earrings

Square Stud Earrings ($260) and Hexagon Stud Earrings ($230)

BTW, all those stunning metals are 100 percent recycled, and the stones are ethically sourced (including recycled, lab-grown, and conflict-free diamonds). Which makes these rings all the more fabulous:

Oblique Square Solitaire Engagement Ring and V Contour Band

Oblique Square Solitaire Engagement Ring ($460) and V Contour Band ($170)

Five Stone Ring and Men's Comfort Fit Hammer Textured Band

Five Stone Ring ($940) and Men’s Comfort Fit Hammer Textured Band ($450)

Diamond Half Eternity Band and Diamond Full Eternity Band

Diamond Half Eternity Band ($420) and Diamond Full Eternity Band ($890)

Shop Aide-mémoire’s pieces in person at their adorable Wallingford work studio and salon if you’re in the Seattle area, or schedule a Skype session to have all your options discussed and questions answered.


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