The High-Quality (Yet Affordable) Wedding Albums You’ve Been Waiting For

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Wrap cover wedding album

When the dust settles after your wedding and you can finally take a moment to binge watch some Netflix and just generally start living life again, the last thing you probably want to do is one more wedding-related task… like sorting out a wedding album. If your wedding photography was important to you (and possibly something you spent quite a lot of cash on), there is something to be said for celebrating and immortalizing those images in an archival quality hard copy, rather than letting them sit neglected on a flash drive (that might fail, or files might get corrupted or… y’all, just get those photos on paper).

There are high-end super expensive options for doing this (order a professional album directly through your photographer) and low-end options for doing this (spend hours creating a non-archival photo book from one of those sites that offer coupons). But what if you want archival quality, without a huge price tag, and without spending a gazillion hours designing the damn thing yourself? For that, there is Albums Remembered. They offer professional quality flush mount wedding photo albums with free one-on-one custom design services and unlimited revisions starting at just $350. Oh, and they have award-winning customer service, too.

archival board flush mount wedding album page thickness

High quality options at affordable prices

What makes Albums Remembered unique—and how they are able to maintain their relatively low price point—is that they design and print and bind all in house. They also offer one of the largest varieties of cover styles (8 different sizes and over 20 cover materials, including acrylic, photo wrap, linen, and leather) out there.

Album prices range from $350 to $1150. All albums include:

  • Professional album design
  • Unlimited revisions
  • Printing and binding (printing is on professional quality archival photo paper and archival board and binding is done by hand)
  • Box and protective dust bag
  • Album sizes and prices start with 30 pages (10 more than any other company in the industry)

Albums Remembered provides a detailed breakdown of pricing right on their website, so you can think about what you might want and how it fits with your budget before you even reach out to them.

flush mount wedding photo album spread of Indian wedding

Free custom design by a pro

Anyone who’s ever designed one photo book of vacation snapshots and said “Never again” knows that designing an album can be a tedious and headache-inducing task. In fact, there are plenty of professional photographers who don’t even like doing it. The beauty of Albums Remembered is working one-on-one with someone who straight up loves designing albums and will design yours for free—no matter how many revisions it takes to make you happy. Designer Monica will literally treat your wedding album like a work of art:

There is a creative element that I just absolutely fall in love with when I design an album. And it’s amazing to see that after designing hundreds of albums, I still enjoy each one individually. Once the images are downloaded that’s when the work really begins. It’s like being an artist who has just opened ten fresh paint colors and has nothing but a blank canvas in front of her. There is a flow to the design process, and just like painting, not all initial layouts pan out the way you expect. But when it finally comes together it’s even better than you expected. There is an element of trust that each couple gives you, so nothing beats when you receive a review or an email that expresses their gratitude.

stack of flush mount wedding photo albums

Award-winning customer service

Along with taking pride in their designs, Albums Remembered truly cares about the quality of their albums, the timeliness of their delivery, and the key ingredient to it all: awesome customer service. Actually, more like award-winning customer service. Three consecutive years of winning a Wedding Wire Couples Choice Award, specifically, and a hundred positive reviews on Wedding Wire.

Part of that stellar track record is undoubtedly due to Albums Remembered’s policy of offering unlimited revisions until you are completely satisfied with your album. As one of those hundred positive reviews says:

I really wanted an album for my wedding, and the price my photographer quoted me was so high I had to sit down. I heard about Albums Remembered on A Practical Wedding and for the price my photographer quoted me for one 8×8 10-spread album, I got a 10×10 30-spread album plus two parent albums. I can’t speak enough about how high quality these albums are. I went with leather covers and it really feels thick and each of the pages is simply stunning—really crisp, clear, and the colors are stunning. I love all the layouts; they make the whole album feel like a story. I think what mattered to me the most was that Monica was constantly willing to make changes. I decided after looking at the whole album to take out an entire spread and put something else, and within hours Monica had it done.

flush mount wedding photo album layout with cake

If you’re looking for someone who will make your own (possibly highly procrastinated) wedding album design and ordering process hassle free, Albums Remembered has got you covered. Free design plus unlimited revisions means the end results will look super professional without you losing control, and everything will be shipshape before the final product is printed. Albums Remembered even tells us that some clients have felt the whole process is fun! Which, when it comes to those tasks that linger long after the wedding is over, is priceless.

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  • Just wanted to say that our wedding album from Albums Remembered was a perfect way to commemorate a special occasion in our lives and the quality of the album is stunning. Working with our designer was super easy and I was blown away by their customer service. I was able to take advantage of a deal they were offering before our pictures came in, and discovered later after payment had been settled that the specific cover I had requested was discontinued. I also ended up needing a smaller album size then I had ordered. Albums Remembered worked out the correct refund and were super chill about the whole process. Every time we have visitors, everyone oohs and aahs over the finished product which always makes me do a happy dance because you know…there’s nothing better than money well spent!

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  • Dave Kom

    Don’t forget sunglasses if it’s sunny… We ordered 15 pair from and it saved our pictures from squints and closed eyes!!! Cheap too…

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