This Washington DC Photographer Will Capture the Little Things

Plus she'll make you laugh, with rates starting at $3200

bride and her father smiling at one another
Beneath photographer Angel Kidwell’s wisecracking exterior lies the soul of a true artist. The first thing Maryland-based Angel Kidwell told us was that she’s not the “artsy-fartsy” type that will make you and your partner stare off into opposite directions to look cool. Instead she’ll keep you loose and laughing—see the aforementioned wisecracks—and capture your actual dynamic instead of y’all looking like two models who’ve never met before. Likewise she’ll never direct you to re-create a moment that can’t actually be re-created—like when you first put on your dress and everyone got teary-eyed—just because there’s slightly better light closer to the window. Angel is instead drawn toward capturing the small, real, moments, and her observational skills, natural empathy, and photojournalistic approach to shooting weddings results in nothing less than true artistry. And with rates starting at just $3,200 for eight hours of coverage in the greater Washington DC area, you’re going to want to keep scrolling to see that artistry in action:two brides walking up stairsblack and white photo of two grooms kissingbride and groom standing in a tunnelAngel is the mom of four teenage girls—let’s take a sec to shout out how badass that is, and how you do not have to worry about her wrangling your family members, because girlfriend has skills—and it was motherhood that got her back behind the lens after loving photography as a child:

Being a mom of four, I know how important it is to document the people in your life. I’m always documenting; even if I just have my phone, I’m trying to capture just little situations, someone sitting by the window doing their homework. The photographer-artist in me usually has the light catch my eye.

I think that’s why I’m drawn to shoot weddings; it’s the little moments that someone might never have noticed. You’re wrapped up in the day, but I see your bridesmaid taking a moment to drink some tea, just chilling, or your mom sitting out over to the side watching everything. I like watching these little things and documenting them. I love watching people’s hands, because you can see where they’re at, sometimes they’re kind of tight… clenched… wringing their hands, or they’re just loosely in their lap, they’re relaxed. It’s the little things.

That’s why I don’t want to manipulate the situation, why I don’t like re-creating something just because the lighting situation is a little bit better over here. I try to control the light as best I can, but I don’t want to shuffle you over to the window and say, “Okay, have your moment again. Isn’t she gorgeous? Now cry.” Because then you’ll look at that picture and remember that this is when the photographer told you to cry. I know if someone said that to me, I would just laugh, and then that moment would be goooone.

It’s that focus on capturing real emotion that’s the basis of Angel’s approach to photographing weddings:

When I photograph a wedding, I don’t come with an agenda. My goal isn’t anything more than to capture the celebration of love with your nearest and dearest. My focus is the people, and keeping them happy and comfortable. Photographing a wedding, for me, is like getting that glimpse into your lives. It’s almost like you’ve invited me into your home, and I’m excited to see what happens next! That’s why it’s those split second moments I love. A glance, a giggle, a tear—it happened so quickly you didn’t notice, but I did. I want you to laugh, get choked up, and fall in love all over again when you look at your pictures. That is what drives me and my passion. I think the photos should reflect you, not something I made you do, or an over photoshopped version of yourself. Let’s keep it real, folks!

mother crying when seeing daughter at weddingbride peeking around a cornerCombine that sensitive, photojournalistic approach with A+ professionalism and customer service, and you get happy clients like these:

Angel touches the heart through pictures. Angel provided us with the most heartfelt photos of our wedding, every look, every smile, every touch. She has such a keen sense of capturing emotion, and I relive my wedding day by looking at our pictures. Look no further, trust me. Angel captures the moment like no one else.


Angel was wonderful to work with from the very beginning. We loved her approach of wanting to meet in person—or at least have a Skype video session—to get to know our plans and vision for our wedding and answer any questions. She is extremely personable and always professional.

Our package included engagement and wedding photos. We had to reschedule our engagement session twice due to weather, but Angel was incredibly responsive and checked the weather down to the hour to see if it would be okay and gave her thoughts on how the light (or lack thereof) may affect things. Our engagement photos turned out amazing and we received so many compliments on how beautiful they were.

On our wedding day, she was always where we wanted her to be capturing the special moments, subtleties and facial expressions. She rolled with all the punches that day and always had a smile on her face. She has a magical way of working with the light and is incredibly talented, creative and flexible. Thank you, Angel!

man and woman in bright colors laughing togethertwo women dancing at a weddingfamily laughing together at a weddingAngel Kidwell Photography’s wedding packages start at $3,200 for eight hours of coverage, which includes a second photographer. There are also hourly options available for elopements and intimate weddings. Angel’s coverage area is generally within 100 miles of Pasadena, Maryland, which covers the Washington DC area, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and all of Delaware. Farther afield? A little bird told us it can’t hurt to ask!

Oh, and APW readers will receive a free engagement session with any wedding package by mentioning this post when you contact Angel.woman taking a photo of a bride and groomman and woman after their wedding ceremonybride and groom dancing down the aisleWant to find out more about Angel? Head on over to her site to see more about her work, hear about her barbershop chorus, and bond over a shared love of The Walking Dead. Already suspect you’re a perfect match? She’ll walk you through the next steps here. And don’t forget APW readers will receive a free engagement session with any wedding package. Just mention this post when you contact Angel.

APW readers receive a free engagement session with any wedding package!

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