Applications: Five Marriages + One Universal Right

Five MarriagesOn Monday, we announced the two events that APW and Lowe House Events are throwing in New York City on August 25th. During the first of these events, we’ll be facilitating five marriages to celebrate New York’s recent passage of same sex marriages. The (legal!) weddings will take place on a terrace overlooking the city. We’ll also be hosting a cake & punch & bubbly reception indoors, throughout the day. We’ll provide each couple with flowers, an officiant, invitations, a guest list of up to 15(ish) people, and a photographer. Needless to say, it will be excellent.

So! Today we’re officially opening applications. If you and your partner would like us to help you get legally hitched, please apply here. And get the word out! If you know someone this is perfect for, by all means send them this link. And feel free to Facebook it, or Twitter it, or post about it. Team Practical, let’s do this thing!

Applications will be open for a week! And as much as we want to marry everyone, we’re going to do our best to select five people who are a brilliant fit for these events. We can’t wait to meet you!

Art designed and donated by And Kathleen of Jeremy and Kathleen

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