APW Book Club Meetups


APW book club meet-ups are happening SOON (9/11), so if you haven’t set a location for your local meet up go to Facebook and do this thing. The marvelous Emily of Emily Takes Photos (bad-ass) will be collecting all that info into a master list that I will post next week. That and she’s throwing the Bay Area party that I will totally be stuffing my face at. And drinking. And discussing Dan Savage.

And if you are not reading the book because you can’t make a meetup, READ THE BOOK. You’ll love it. We’ll discuss it here after.



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  • Totally having a passage from The Commitment read at my finance and my wedding this coming Sunday. We both LOVED that book, read it to each other as we discussed our wedding, and will soon get to share it with our families and friends. !!

  • Can. Not. Wait. Just finished the book today!

  • Must. Start. Book! So ready for the Baltimore APW Meetup!

  • saveroomforpi

    Read the book, loved it. Read The Kid, preferred The Commitment, but in general really enjoyed Dan Savage’s written voice. No meetup in my neck of the woods, so I’ll be waiting to read everyone’s comments here :)

    • meg

      I need to read The Kid…

      • I read it for a Queer Theory class in college and loved it, but even more than loving the book, I loved the discussions it provoked. If nothing else, Dan Savage knows how to present lots of sides to a situation and let us readers have a free for all…

  • Sara

    Are you going to post a list of questions or anything to get the discussion started?

    • meg

      Oh, I’m sure I’ll post rambling thoughts, and ask people to submit rambling thoughts. Though I suppose we coudl do quesitons too.

  • Achtung, Chicago branch of Team Practical: We have set our location for The Book Cellar in Lincoln Square for 3-5 p.m. on Saturday, September 11.

    If you’re coming, we really, really need you to RSVP by THIS Saturday, September 4. I need to provide the headcount September 5. Please send in your RSVP’s via the Facebook Event Page: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=108287805895320 More information (The Book Cellar’s address, transportation options, etc) is there as well.

    My fellow coordinator and I are so psyched about this. Can’t wait to meet you all!

  • Christina

    I can’t wait for the meetups! My fiance and I both read the book. It was pretty awesome. It’s like reading David Sedaris with purpose.

  • woo hoo! I’m excited to meet some awesome ladies and talk about a great book.

  • I’m so pumped for the online post-meetups discussion, and also devastated that I won’t be able to make a meetup in person (I’ll be under the tattoo needle for 12+ hours that day, yikes). So, can I ask that we pretty please schedule another one soon? Maybe we could read Elizabeth Gilbert’s second book!

    • meg

      I know. I’ve been pondering that. Part of me thinks people will roll their eyes, but a bit part of me wants to.

      I did NOT adore EPL, but I really did like this one. It had structural issues that I could rip apart, and I still think she (like the rest of us) needs a firmer editor (“No, Meg/Liz, that’s nice but cut it. I know you love it. But cut it.”) But. I thought the book was effing fantastic content wise. So I’m on the fence and could easily be pushed over.

      • Lisa

        Oh how I did not get on with Eat, Pray, Love, but if you enjoyed the second one, I just might give it try!

  • lolo7835

    Man…I had to move out of DC didn’t I? :(
    Just finished the book, and it was awesome. Anyone want to drive up to State College, PA and have a chat? :D

  • LEE

    Oh I wish I was in town on 9/11 but we are having a wedding reception back east on that day. However, I read about The Commitment on APW and it was the second book (of 8) I read on my honeymoon. What a great read right after getting married! I hadn’t read any of Dan Savage’s books before and I am a huge fan right now (read another one of his on the honeymoon too). I love the fact that you are doing a book club. Hopefully (I am in SF) I can make a future meet-up! This is my first time posting as well – thanks for the thoughtful blog – I really enjoy it!