APW Book Club, November

Dear Team Practical,

It’s book club time! As a recap, we’ll be reading Elizabeth Gilbert’s Committed (full discussion back here). We’ll be meeting on Sunday November 7th at (suggested) 1pm. Meet-ups will take place all over the country/world, just like last time, and you can sign up for your meetup on Facebook. If you’d like to help organize, please say so, and I’ll pick team leaders next week. I’ll be at the Bay Area meetup again this time (With Lauren! The APW intern!), but I won’t be planning it. I’ve got enough to plan.

Now go read the book (we’ll discuss it online after the in-person meetups), and sign up, and get excited. Wheee! APW DC and APW Boston are already meeting for drinks every month (how cool is that!?)

Happy reading,

Meg (and Lauren, who’s managing the Facebook process)

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  • Stacie

    Argh. November 7th is the day after my wedding. I’m sitting here at my desk trying to figure out if I can drop the relatives at the airport and still make it back in time for book club.

    You see what this website has done to me?

    • ddayporter

      haha! yes you can do it! but I’m gonna take a wild shot and guesssss the day after your wedding, you will not be at all interested in a book club. ;)

      don’t worry, we’ll prob do another get together probably not too long after that one!

    • meg

      DO NOT COME TO THE BOOK CLUB. Go bliss out with your partner for goodness sakes. You never get those days after the wedding back, exactly, and you should relish every moment (not with us).

    • Me TOO!!!
      Which is actually fine with me, as I’m struggling with the book, and dont know that I would have much to offer.
      Looks like I’ll be just reading up on the comments after I get back from honeymoon :)

  • maura


    That’s the NYC Marathon day! Are there any other APW-ers running the marathon or cheering who can’t make it? I’d LOVE to talk about that book, but at 1pm, I’ll be at mile 16 or so.
    Maybe we can plan something for the following weekend?

    • Kristen

      I was thinking the same thing – book club on marathon day, however will it work?

    • Have a great race! I hear NYC is one of the best. It’s on my list.

  • YES! See my lovely bay area ladies again!

    • OMG It’s going to be so much fun!!

  • Amanda

    Can we organize one in Holland ? Are there more readers ? I’m up for it, I saw there was a wedding graduate, …. but I work in the weekends so it would have to be around 19h00 local time, anyway with time difference it would be about the same time as in the US.
    Anyone there ?

    • Shelly

      I got a little overly excited when I saw your comment – except I am in Holland, Michigan. Not quite the same thing! Just moved here, so I’m not sure if there are any West Michigan APW gals.

      • amanda

        Hehe oops, no I am in Holland, the Netherlands… but I think I am the only one….

  • Joanna

    Hi Meg and Lauren – I relocated from the Bay Area to Reno… how can I offer to host/plan a Reno meet up (if there are any other APW types here)? Do I just post a discussion on facebook? I love the book club idea.. missed the last one, just barely..:(

    • meg

      Just post a discussion on Facebook!

      • Joanna

        THANKS!!! Will do.

  • Yay! I know of a couple people who were interested in Lincoln, so I’ll head on over to the discussion board. Whoop!

  • Yeah, the Boston group was completely thrown off by being called “wholesome” in our photo, so to make up for it, we met at a bar this time and had actual alcohol. By the end of the night, we were talking about our parents smoking weed. See? Totally not wholesome.

  • Dear Ohio ladies, I’d love to be your book/beer friend!

    • I’d be game for a central Ohio meet up.

      Is there a sneaky way around the facebook requirement for the luddites among us who just can.not.get.on.facebook?

    • meg

      Jolynn – Start a discussion on Facebook.

      Erin – Not at the moment. You’ll be able to attend, I’ll post all the info here, you just won’t be able to help plan.

      • cheryl

        excellent. i, too, am a non-facebooker, so i’ll look for the post where all the who/what/where/when is revealed. thanks!

      • Added to the Cleveland discussion! Thanks.

      • Thanks Meg! I also don’t have Facebook, so I’ll be waiting for information on the Seattle meetup!

        • Me too! I’ll be waiting for the Seattle info.


  • Sept Bride

    How can I learn more about this DC drinking club? I would love to join.

    • meg

      Go to the meetup. They’ll fill you in, I’m sure.

    • Jessica

      Agreed!!! I want in. :)

    • ddayporter

      yeah, come to the meet-up! we don’t have another get-together planned between now and then so you won’t miss anything.

  • So this is crazy, but I’m wondering if there is anyone else reading APW in the Fargo/Moorhead area? I will drive to Minneapolis again if not, but I just wanted to throw this out there just in case there’s another cool lady or two nearby.

    • meg

      Start a discussion on Facebook!

  • Yay! Let me know if you and Lauren need help organizing the RSVPs this time around.

  • november 7th. hoping it works out!

  • Megan J

    Hey all! I would love to participate in the Bay Area meet up/book club, but I don’t have a Facebook account (the horror!?). Can someone share with me the deets? Can I RSVP another way?


  • Not on Facebook, but woot woot to the Toronto meetup . . . Chantelle, you live just down the street from our place! (Queen Street, that is . . . )