APW Meetups – The Pictures!

How did the meetups go? Well. As far as I can tell from the emails and photos, they went pretty d*mn well. Here is what we learned:

  • More people will RSVP than show, but by and large it won’t matter because the people who show will be awesome.
  • If you’re having a small meetup, get each others cell phone number so you can be SURE they’ll show, and not leave you feeling sad and lonely. (Sorry Nashville!!)
  • Get ready to stay for four hours, since EVERY book club seems to have lasted that long. Except Dallas. They lasted six hours. No joke. They were drinking beer the whole time, and then your erstwhile moderater Alyssa had everyone sign the book, and left it for the waiter with the tip.
  • If you’re at a book club with me, don’t tell me lots of nice things in front of everyone. Then I’ll start blushing and hide under the couch with a glass of wine. And I NEVER blush. Though I do drink lots of wine.
  • APW readers like each other. Like, “I never have good girlfriends and hot damn I loved those women.”
  • And that we’ll be having more meetups, you DEMAND it. Next book will be, by popular demand, Elizabeth Gilbert’s Committed (it’s good, people, I’ve read it.) And we’ll organize those late October/ early November meetups soon!

And now for a selection of the pictures:

San Francisco, by Emily Takes Photos. They are laughing at my jokes because they are nice.

San Francisco, by Emily Takes Photos. We can be serious too.

Boston, looking wholesome.

In San Francisco, Emily and I got tipsy and put our hair on top of our heads. I don’t know. Don’t ask. This is how APW meetups roll.

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