APW Meetups – The Pictures!

How did the meetups go? Well. As far as I can tell from the emails and photos, they went pretty d*mn well. Here is what we learned:

  • More people will RSVP than show, but by and large it won’t matter because the people who show will be awesome.
  • If you’re having a small meetup, get each others cell phone number so you can be SURE they’ll show, and not leave you feeling sad and lonely. (Sorry Nashville!!)
  • Get ready to stay for four hours, since EVERY book club seems to have lasted that long. Except Dallas. They lasted six hours. No joke. They were drinking beer the whole time, and then your erstwhile moderater Alyssa had everyone sign the book, and left it for the waiter with the tip.
  • If you’re at a book club with me, don’t tell me lots of nice things in front of everyone. Then I’ll start blushing and hide under the couch with a glass of wine. And I NEVER blush. Though I do drink lots of wine.
  • APW readers like each other. Like, “I never have good girlfriends and hot damn I loved those women.”
  • And that we’ll be having more meetups, you DEMAND it. Next book will be, by popular demand, Elizabeth Gilbert’s Committed (it’s good, people, I’ve read it.) And we’ll organize those late October/ early November meetups soon!

And now for a selection of the pictures (you can see all of them at APW’s Flickr page):

San Francisco, by Emily Takes Photos. They are laughing at my jokes because they are nice.

San Francisco, by Emily Takes Photos. We can be serious too.

Dallas. That’s Alyssa on the left, she of the moderating while I was in Italy.

DC, with the ladies who started it all, at Scion, a resturaunt owned by a Team Practical member.

Chicago, looking sassy. By Christy Tyler Photography.

Boston, looking wholesome.

Durham. Adorable.

In Dallas, they got “Exactly!” Magnets, courtesy of an ex-DIY-crazed bride. Lucky ducks.

In San Francisco, Emily and I got tipsy and put our hair on top of our heads. I don’t know. Don’t ask. This is how APW meetups roll.

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  • Makia

    awwww, i wanna go to a meetup! looks like so much fun!

  • Me too Makia! Why aren’t there any APW ladies in Las Vegas??

  • Nicole

    Agreed to the both of you!! I really wanted one in the Nebraska area (even totally willing to travel — well, you know, within reason) but alas. Maybe in October/November…?

    • Maureen

      Hi Nicole,

      I’m in the Nebraska area. Lincoln specifically. Anybody else? I’d love a meet-up. LOVE!

      • Nicole

        Yay!! There’s someone else on Facebook who wants to meet up! This makes me so happy! If you have fb, come discuss on our thread about the next meet up, and if not, well, we’ll just have to figure out another way :)

  • Rizubunny

    Aw, dang…we completely forgot to take pictures. But the Orlando meetup was awesome!

    • Jess

      The Orlando meet-up was fun. Excited for the next book, and the next meet-up!

  • Our meetup in Minneapolis was a breath of refreshing air. It felt sooooo good to discuss with some really intelligent, thoughtful women about weddings, planning, marriage, the book, off topic topics, etc. Since I just relocated to a place where I have very few friends, I just really appreciated meeting women who were my kind of ladies.

  • Laura

    Love the pics! Two of us in Dallas actually stuck around another half hour… My FH thought I’d been held hostage. Just kidding. :)

    • Hahaha, yeah we did! It’s just hard to stop talking sometimes, you know?

      • Alyssa

        I was in so much trouble when The Boy picked me up, apparently he’d been out there for a half hour and I had no idea…. Y’all are my witnesses, my phone SO did not ring.

        But it was so much fun meeting you guys!

        • Laura

          Your phone definitely did not ring. You even checked your phone several times to make sure. Show him this post for proof.

          I’m excited to hang out again!

  • Shoot shoot shoot. MEG, I was trying to get some work done tonight, and now I can’t stop looking at all the pictures of the obviously awesome ladies all over the country.

    If the Chicago group is in any capacity indicative of the entire group’s coolness, it just doesn’t get any better than this!

    • Sarah Marie

      your totally right kinzie! i am already looking forward to our next meet up!

    • I’m so bummed I had to leave early! How long did you ladies end up staying???

      • It was just a little after 5 — maybe 5:30? Perhaps the next one can happen without the time limit, though since I was paying for parking, I had to jet anyways. Because of that German-American festival that kept me from arriving until 45 minutes late, and paying for parking, I think I’ve learned my lesson: public transportation is a great thing.

        • Katie L

          Dang! I missed the Chicago meetup! Where did you all meet? Next one ladies, I’m there!

          • Ahhh – I see! Yes – next time we’ll need to confirm there are no neighborhood festivals when we pick a location… :) There were festivals all over the city last weekend! One right outside our door as well… you couldn’t get anywhere easily! haha

          • We met at the Book Cellar in Lincoln Square :)

        • KD

          I really hope next time isn’t on a Saturday. I work most every Sat. I was hoping to be able to make it for part, but it didn’t work out. My heart kind of broke when it was announced as a Saturday thing.

          If I am free to attend next time, I’d be happy to offer my house for a meeting too. I live in Wicker Park right off the blue line, and my block has non-permited parking and it’s usually pretty open unless it’s late on a Friday or Saturday.

  • Umm, the SF party didn’t shut down until around 8:30pm! And it wasn’t just drinking either, we got lessons in LGBTQ pronouns and continued the marriage discussion (though we didn’t follow the official list of questions).

    And also, YOU put the hair on top of our heads. I was holding the table for balance. Get your facts straight! :P

    • meg

      That’s true. Emily was exceptionally not exactly sober, and I did put our hair on top of our heads… AND… we’d just talked business two seconds before because SOBRIETY IS FOR THE WEAK. Achem ;)

      Next time if y’all tell me APW is nothing special and act bored with me I’ll totally stay till 8:30, because I’ll have to make you all my friends. It’s what I do. It’s lame when you have a head start with people liking you already.

      • robin

        OK. I’m apologizing again for the blush-inducing niceties. But really, I was just trying to get people to say something about why they read APW. As in- I just got married, or I’m engaged. I’m not responsible for all the gushy things everyone said. Except what I said. :) Em, thanks again for hosting!! Next time, I will not dash out for my birthday dinner!

    • Allison

      Oh and we continued to drink more of those awesome “Pineapple Lime Mint” drinks that Alexandria was making!
      Meg, next time we’ll all just “hang out” and you can me just MEG and not “Meg who founded APW” but be prepared for us to still compliment you on things like your shoes or cute shirt just because that’s how we roll.

      • meg

        Deal! And my shoes and shirts are clearly exceptionally cute, so that seems only resonable ;)

        • ANI

          I just had the bestest bestest bestest time EVER!!! Seriously!!! I am in love with you ALL! I knew this was a very special group but I really didn’t know how HOW HOW special! XOXOXOXO Anyone want to facebook me FEEL FREE!!! Please! Cause I want you all to come to the movies in SF with me this Sat! I’m serious. Sat. 3:45pm Movies. Facebook me.

  • Liz

    wish i knew they lasted so effing long!

    i got out of my meeting an hour after the philly one started and TOTALLY could’ve made the last half.

  • Nina

    We didn’t take pictures but our little group of 3 in Vancouver was fantastic!

    And now I’m so excited to have an excuse to read Committed sooner than later.

  • Sarah

    Hooray! The photos are great, an dit sounds like everyone had as much fun as we did here in DC!

    Also … what a hot group of women we all are … jeesh.

  • So.Much.Fun. Like, words fail me (and they never fail me) fun. I am strong-arming these women into hanging out if need be, book meet-up schedule be damned. Luckily they seem pretty receptive so far. So. No molestation charges yet. But I’ll keep you posted.

  • Cat

    I was the Dallas APW-er who left early. =( I had to go to work at 4am that morning, so I was falling asleep at the table after three beers! I wish I had stayed though, it was exceptionally awesome.

    • Alyssa

      We missed you!

    • Joer, ya he encontrado a alugien con el mismo portatil, y con el mismo problema.Veo que tu has encontrado la solucif3n, yo todaveda estaba de1ndole vueltas al asunto y he tenido que regresar a jaunty.Saludos y te seguire9 el blog a partir de ahora.

  • Ohhhhh YES YES YES!!! I’ve already read it, and it’s awesome. :) I’m so excited for the next meetup since I couldn’t go to the last one. :)

    (And, all, I’ll be a married woman by then, as I’m getting married ON FRIDAY!!!!!!!)


    • meg


      Wedding grad, wedding grad, wedding grad (later).

      • I’ve already sort-of been writing one in my head. Is that cheating? :)

        • ha! It’s not cheating if we all do it. At least I did… so even if we’re the only 2, at least we’re not alone! ;)

          Have a wonderful day! <3
          (And take notes as soon as you get a moment to yourself.)

          • Thank you!

            In the meantime, I’m going to be up half the night finishing our CD favors. FH is puttting together our card box. Oh, and I still have to finish packing. :)

  • Oh, I’m so sad I had to miss my local meet up because I was out of town this past weekend :(
    “I never have good girlfriends and hot damn I loved those women.” I wish this could have been my statement as I’ve been missing have really close female friends in my not-so-new-anymore city.

    • Kibbins

      Sorta Exactly… I had to miss Madison’s to watch my sister-in-law play roller derby and qualify for the WFTDA Championships *WOOT* — sorry Madison (but the Mad Rollin Dolls qualified too!).

      Next meet-up will be post-wedding and post-move-to-Atlanta and I will definitely be needing to meet some fan-freaking-tastic women. So, as long as it doesn’t occur on the same weekend as Derby Championships (Nov 5-7), I’m very excited to attend the next one :-)

    • Rachel

      Exactly couldn’t be more correct!

      I too would’ve been to the Madison one (how weird is that?!) but plans with the boyfriend, long-distance, mind you, and other goings on kept me away. AND the fact that we’re not engaged (and probably won’t be in the too near future but geee do I sure dang hope so) and I was kind of nervous about meeting up with ladies ultimately brought together about wedding/marriage-relatedness, I admit. Do it again! I’m so bummed I didn’t just jump in and go. The pictures and stories are so fun to gush over.

  • Okay, I gotta ask, and believe me, it’s in the lovingly-teasing way, but when did jeans-and-a-fitted-tee become the official APW uniform?

    There’s a pretty heavy lean towards denim pants in these photos!

    • Meredith

      And a cardigan (at least in Boston, we were outside though).

      Please also note our lovely, lovely name tages (thanks Lauren!) made from post-its and packing tape.

      • Because that’s how we roll.

  • Oh, and the Durham meetup? I’d like to say we went through the questions and all, but instead it was just an amazing chance to talk about marriage and life and kids and all with some really awesome women (one of whom drove from out of state to join us!).

    And can I vote we don’t have the next book club during the Nov 6 weekend? That’s, um… my wedding. And really, you can’t expect me to choose between APW meetup and wedding. That’s just cruel.

    • Because you’d probably pick the meet-up, eh? And then your honey would be out of luck… ;)

    • meg

      My dear, you’re not going to be able to go the weekend before your wedding eaither. Lets be realistic :)

      • Alyssa

        Screw it! Invite the APW members to your wedding! It’ll be fun…..

      • True story :) I’ll be in South Bend that whole week before. But the weekend after… :)

    • How did I not know there was a Durham meet-up? Bad on me. Next month I am very in.

  • Ashley

    I’m the lonely Nashville girl:) Much jealousy looking at all the photos!

  • Mallory

    Looks like a blast, can’t wait to join the next Dallas meeting! Also I’m currently halfway through Committed so that was a convenient choice! I’ll have to go back through it though and start taking some better notes so I can discuss it in a month or two.

    • Alyssa

      I’ll save you an “Exactly” button and magnet for next time! :-)

    • Laura

      Eh, we kinda failed in the book discussion portion… but maybe we’ll be better next time!

  • I am one of those jerks who RSVP-ed and then couldn’t make it at the last minute. My fiance’s entire family was in town last weekend, and I thought I’d have time to slip away, but I didn’t afterall. :-( But I read the book and LOVED it.

    How was the NYC meetup? If the next one is in early November, that is perfect, and I will be there with bells on, and would be happy to help organize.

    • ka


    • Sarah

      It was great! We had, what, 12 women? Started with book questions – monogamy was a big topic, and eventually dissolved into decorations and wedding logistics. But how fabulous to talk to grounded, thoughtful woman going through the same stuff as you! I probably won’t make the next one, so go for me!

  • Jessica

    this looks like lots and lots of fun! Not only are the ladies on here smart and thoughtful, they’re damn cute too!

    Next round in DC I am in!

    • Sarah


  • Boston rocked. We sat on the grass in the middle of an arts festival that we had no idea was happening at the same time, and just talked about life.

    Also, I didn’t notice at the time, but that picture proves that we like jeans and cardigans in Boston. Like, a lot.

    • Meredith

      I also didn’t notice until I saw the picture. And what’s funny is that the only person (Karen) not wearing jeans and a cardigan just moved here from Texas.

  • Cleveland didn’t get to have one, but we will!

    I look forward to it.

  • Estrella

    Yay! I’m so glad there are going to be more meet-ups. I had my bachelorette party last weekend and while I had a BLAST (yes there just might be a video of me modeling my new lingerie coming up on youtube sometime soon), I was totally bummed to miss out on the East Bay fun. Also, knowing that I was going to miss the first meet-up, I never got around to buying the book. Any Oakland ladies have a copy I can borrow?

    • Allison


      I left my book at Emily’s but when I get it back I can totally lend it to you as long as you don’t mind dog-eared pages and highlighted passages!

      E-mail me: al(at)allisonandres(dot)com

  • Christina

    I didn’t make it back from my honeymoon in time to make the meetup (missed by a few hours) — and I cried.

    That’s how much I love APW.

    I can’t wait for the next meetup.

    • meg

      Oh, coming back from honeymoons makes criers out of us all, don’t worry.

      • Alyssa

        I had a meltdown about a lost hat on the plane. You are not alone, sweetheart.

        • Better than snotty-faced sobbing ON the first night of your honeymoon. At dinner. The waitress wouldn’t come anywhere near us (and I REALLY needed a tissue). Ha ha ha.

          • Oh, wow. Late to the party (sorry, I was two days from getting married when this was posted), but yeahhhhh to sobbing on the Honeymoon. Had one particularly tricky night where I cried on the beach (during an amazing sunset, no less) and threw my sandals at my husband. Whoops?

  • ddayporter

    another thing that happens at APW meet-ups? you find out the girl across the table from you was the random stranger who bought the dress from you the year before (the wedding dress you thought you wanted but then you find a different one you want even more so you sell the first one online)! and THEN you find out this girl is actually soon-to-be-related-by-marriage to your college roommate. and you were both at the wedding of said college roommate 1.5 years ago. (anyone following this?? haha)

    that is the magic of APW.

    • Stacie

      STILL boggling, over here, at the multiple, independent connections. The universe was obviously insistent that we meet…

  • merryf

    Oh my, these look like they were so much fun! I wasn’t able to make the NYC one but I would be totally there in a heartbeat if another is scheduled. I’m desperate for some smart thoughtful women friends and to talk about marriage, and a book too, well, that seals it!

    (And I’ve been writing a wedding grad post in my head for the past 2 months but just can’t seem to commit to the keyboard, guess I should get my middle-aged-bride-a$$ in gear and do it…)

    • meg

      Indeed you should.

  • Allison

    Those San Francisco pictures just make me so happy!! I am so glad I met so many wonderful APW ladies after missing the book reading!

  • Thanks to the other Austinites who came out :) We’re now friends on Facebook, ha!

    • Alyssa

      Dude. After we get a couple of these under our belts, we totally need to do a car-trippin’ meet-up in like Waco…

      • Laura

        Oooo! We could get kolaches!

  • I see awesome ladies I love!

    Dude, did the London meetup even happen? Maybe we’ll stage our own (out of sync) meetup. And use the book as coasters for our cocktails. :)

    • Also, I KNEW that would be the next suggestion. I’m going to have to trust you hard on this one, my lady.

      • meg

        I wasn’t my vote, exactly, though it’s on my shelf. The public spoke and here we are.

        Look, it has structural problems, flat out. The way she tried to structure this ‘somewhere between a memoir and a socio-historical discussion of marriage’ ended up being pretty problematic. That said, there is a ton of good stuff in there. I put off reading it for months, because hello, it had work written all over it for me… but when I finally did, I dog-eared a million pages. So I think it’s worth the read. And I don’t have a lot of love for Eat, Pray, Love, to say the least. Though I like Liz Gilbert and really need to read her critically acclaimed NOVELS.

  • So bummed I missed this one (especially as my other plans fell through!). I’m going to spear-head the Ottawa effort for next time though!

  • Alyssa

    Also, she of the eyes closed in EVERY STINKIN’ PICTURE SHE EVER TAKES… *SIGH*

    Dallas rocked it hard. Even though I was 45 minutes late AND covered in dog hair from our new doggie we got from a rescue place. I kept hollering in the car to The Boy, “I can’t meet these women smelling like animal and covered in hair!!” But apparently they didn’t mind. :-)

    I DEFINTELY second the cell phone idea. I thought about it the night before but thought, “Oh, I’ll be there on time, no biggie.”

    And those are APW magnets and “Exactly” buttons! The creation of both which was fraught with as much drama as my wedding DIY projects were. (WHEN will I LEARN?)

  • Jennyusagi

    Just putting in an early vote here to have the SF meetup in November – I really want to be able to go but we’ll be in France for our honeymoon/anniversary trip in October.

  • ANI

    “I never have good girlfriends and hot damn I loved those women.” YES YES YES YES A Thousand times YES!

  • K

    I’m reading Committed now and it is AWESOME. And I was very hesitant to read it.

  • Ashley

    As usual, I’m a couple of days behind the curve on my commenting, but I just had to say that I wish we could have APW meetups every day. Instead of work.


  • Mallory

    FYI, I just finished Committed and its awesome… I LOVED it (I’ve been reading a lot of marriage/wedding books lately and its by far my favorite so far). I can’t wait to talk about it.

  • [I’m late, and I don’t care.] BOSTON!! Represent!!

    It is absolutely heartbreaking to me that I couldn’t make it to the Boston meetup. It was, unfortunately, only five days before my wedding, so y’all will have to forgive me if I was a tad busy.

    HOWEVER, I am wicked excited for the next meetup and will absolutely be there (barring crappy scheduling). This is also my quick vote for variety in timing– my weekends get booked EARLY, so a midweek nachos & beer meetup would be awesome. Just a thought.

    Also: Committed really is awesome, and I’m PSYCHED to re-read it for the meetup. Yeehaw, APW!

    • meg


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