APW Book Tour: San Francisco, Denver, Boston, Brooklyn

You Guys!

I am in the midst of putting together big exciting stuff on the book tour front, and I’m adding new cities to the schedule. I hope to have more news soon! But! In the meantime, we have details on events in San Francisco, Denver, Boston, and Brooklyn, and we’re ready for you to start RSVPing. If you’re planning to come to the event, please RSVP on the Facebook Pages, so we can start to get a headcount and plan accordingly.

If you’re on the fence about coming to your local event (or driving to your closest event)… why are you on the fence? There will be awesome APW readers to meet (so don’t even worry about coming alone). There will be food and booze. There will be me. Talking! Answering questions! Making jokes! Signing your books! Meeting you! And seriously, y’all, I’m a funny speaker. All those years of acting training are good for something. So it will be good, and you should come. Plus, goodness knows when we’ll get to do something this massive for the APW community again, so let’s make it awesome. Now, the details:

The San Francisco Book Launch Party.
Thursday January 12th, starting at 6pm, speaking at 7pm, Green Apple Books

Ever wanted to have a cocktail party in a crazy amazing, rambling bookstore? This is your chance. Green Apple Books is hands down my favorite bookstore in San Francisco, so I’m pretty overwhelmed to be launching the book tour here. We’ll be serving appetizers from our very own wedding caterers, Trumpetvine Catering (their food is mindblowing, y’all), bubbly courtesy of Green Apple Books (That’s right. The bookstore is buying us booze.), and wine. Plus, Elizabeth from Lowe House Events is helping me plan it, so it’s going to be great. I’ll speak, sign books, and do a Q&A. You’ll make friends and wander around two floors of the store with a drink. It will be a spectacular time.

Please RSVP to San Francisco here!

Denver Books & Brunch
Sunday January 22th, 11am, Japoix Restaurant

When I first announced the tour, you guys positively demanded that I come to Denver. So, Sara, inventor of the term Wedding Dropout, stepped in and made it happen. We’ll be having a lazy Sunday brunch (Brunch buffet will cost roughly $20 with bottomless mimosas! Bottomless! Mimosas!), I’ll have books to sell you and a pen to sign your books. We’ll gossip, make jokes, and probably do a little Q&A to kick things off. I’m pretty excited about having a lovely relaxed way to get to hang out with y’all, so you’d better show up!

Please RSVP to Denver here!

Boston (Well, Cambridge) Book Talk, Q&A, and Informal Drinks
Wednesday January 25th, 7pm, Porter Square Books

Every single woman I know in Boston, from APW readers to my publicist, has told me that this bookstore is the place to be. Needless to say, I’m pretty excited. I’ll be speaking, and then longest-ever-APW reader (we got married on the exact same day) and APW book clubber Lauren will be hosting the Q&A. Afterwards, I have been told that we’ll be retiring to a local bar for some chit chat. That’s were you can ask me the inappropriate questions.

Please RSVP to Boston here!

Brooklyn Book Talk, And Full Scale After Party Madness
Saturday January 28th, 2pm, Park Slope Barnes & Noble
After party 3:30pm-5:00pm, within walking distance, details given out Speakeasy Style, at the bookstore

I might actually be the most excited about this event (shhh, don’t tell) because it’s in my long time neighborhood bookstore. When it came to a New York City event, I specifically requested the Park Slope B&N, where I went to readings for years. And now I’m speaking there! Mindblowing. But if anything is more exciting than that, it might be the after party. A trio of APW advertisers are throwing a stylish bar party. You won’t get the full scoop till you show up a the reading, but with Meg of La Vie En Rose Events, Amber of Amber Marlow Photography & The Amber Show, and Michelle Edgemont at the helm, this party is going to be good. Full stop.

Please RSVP to New York here!


Now. One last thing. I know a lot of you bought books on Amazon (I love you!), but I need to ask one more favor from you. If you come to these bookstore events (and please do), which are totally free to attend, hosted by bookstores… please consider buying the book at the event, and having me sign a book that you bought from the bookstore. That really matters to the bookstore, and hence to me. Think of it as a super cheap ticket to a super awesome event. Brick and mortar bookstores are important to me, and they’re important to many of you, too. They are hosting all of us so we can get together in real life and chat and hang out. In return, they really need us to buy those APW books they ordered. I tell everyone that APW-ers are the best, smartest, funniest, most gracious crowd in the universe, so if we could do right by the bookstores I’d be profoundly grateful. In exchange, I’ll come to visit and make lots of jokes. Deal? Deal.




Photo: Me in Green Apple Books (told you I loved it there) by One Love Photo

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  • Erica

    So I went to my brick and morter bookstore to buy the APW book yesterday, not sure if they would have gotten copies otherwise. I looked on the shelf, and it wasn’t there, so I went to ask them to order it, and the bookstore owner said, “Yeah, we sold our last copy yesterday!” So, they had MULTIPLE copies! That sold out before I could get there. Yay APW! (Mine is coming…)

    • meg

      What book store? (The book is in lots of stores now! In fact, it was in every store we checked over the holidays.)

      • Erica

        Northshire Bookstore in Manchester, VT

        • Oh, I love them! Or, rather … OK, I’ve never been there because it’s not close (1.5 hr drive), but I imagine I would love it if I went there, because the owner advertizes on WAMC, and I just adore her spot!

  • Amanda

    I’m not sure if this is standard, but at the last reading I went to (at a now defunct Borders in the Seattle area) the only book you could have signed by the author was the one you had purchased *that day* from *that store* (you had to show your receipt!). So… another reason to definitely purchase a copy the day-of — to ensure a signature, and thus a few seconds with Meg :) (And Meg – if this won’t be the case, and we can actually have our Amazon, etc.-ordered books signed, it would be great to know!)

    Best wishes for a very successful tour, and here’s to hoping you make it to the Pacific NW!

    • meg

      No, what I am saying is this *should* be the case at bookstores. I’ll be using the honor system, though some bookstores might be stricter, I don’t know! Bookstores are hosting the events for us for free (and it costs them money to host it), so it’s only respectful that we support them in turn! Besides, buying a book helps me pay for alllll the out of pocket expenses of coming to see y’all :)

  • I just feel in love with Green Apple Books. So much goodness.

    (Also, your cardigan and silver belt combo, too cute.)

  • Alicia

    Is there a deadline to RSVP?

    I’m crossing my fingers for a DC-area stop, but otherwise I’ll bus it up to NY.

    • meg

      Unless someone steps in and offers to organize a public event in DC, like Sara did in Denver, there will not be a DC area stop. We tried really really hard, but it’s next to impossible to get a DC bookstore to host an author event for a non politics or history author. So, we struck out, I’m afraid.

      • carrie

        Would you be able to do a DC event on Sunday the 29th? Or is that too close to the Brooklyn par-tay?

        • meg

          It would need to be the night of Monday the 30th. I’d need to re-juggle my travel schedule a tiny bit, but that’s when I could do it!

      • MDBethann

        What about Baltimore instead? There’s an awesome Barnes & Noble at Inner Harbor (used to be a power plant) and then there’s another one in Ellicott City, between Baltimore and DC. I’m game to start bugging some of the Baltimore area book stores if other DC and Baltimore area APWers are up for it.

        • meg

          Ah! For bookstores, my publicist needs to make the request. I’m a little dubious about Baltimore, because A) most readers are in the DC area, and B) It would need to be a Monday night, so I doubt most people would be able to travel that far…

      • MDBethann

        Another option might be the National Museum of Women in the Arts in DC – http://nmwa.org/programTours/. According to their website, they have literary events. Your book is non-fiction by a woman for women regarding one of the biggest events in a woman’s life – marriage. Might be worth a shot.

      • MDBethann

        And there is also the Sewall Belmont House in DC, which does book signings and lectures. If DC area book stores are going to be all about politics, then maybe one of DC’s other fabulous, female-friendly venues might work.

  • How exciting ! Wish you were coming to Europe ! And… engagement season truly is engagement season, My brother just got engaged and I am so happy, I ahve the best sister in law. So now it is both sister and sister in law who are going to enjoy your wisdom Meg :)

  • Those look like they will be great events! I’ll be up in Canada and not able to attend, but I can report that I just bought a copy of the book for my first newly engaged friends of the year (New Years engagement!) and promptly mailed it off to them! I loved being able to stroll in and buy it from my favorite bookstore in the world, and send it off to two amazing friends to help them sort everything out. So, thank you for writing your awesome book! Have a great tour!

  • Holly

    Yay, Denver! It’s the closest anything good ever comes to my neck of the woods. I’ll try to make it, but I live 6 hours away in Wyoming and it will really depend on the weather.

    • Holly, where in Wyo. are you?

      • Holly

        I live in Riverton.

        • Yay Holly! Japoix is sooooo worth the drive. And maybe you can bunk at another APWer in Denver’s place for the night before!

        • Ah. I’m in Jackson. D-town is JUST out of feasibility. Ergh.

  • Abby

    Great choice of venue with Green Apple Books! Can’t wait!

  • So close … yet still so far! I’m going to have to do some serious schmoozing with my Denver homies to convince one to go for me … and maybe send a stick figure of myself … Is that creepy?

  • Kim

    I’m SO bummed we have a baby shower on Brooklyn’s day! (And it’s for people I don’t even really like.) :( Perhaps I can get a heads up about the party so we could try to make that? Either way, I wish you much success on the tour! :D

  • YAY for NY! I’m so excited :-)

  • Elly

    Too bad about DC! Have fun on the tour.

  • Jen

    LA?! LA?!

    • meg

      Yes. I mean, I ASSUME yes. Our families are there for goodness sake. We’re working on it :)

      • I would like to second the call for an LA reading!

    • PLEASE LA!!!! I will be there with hundreds of bells on!

  • PA

    If you’re doing a second round of the tour, I’d like to put in a plug for the Twin Cities! We’re a lovely group of people, I swear!

    • meg

      Nope! There may be a Southern Leg, but I can’t come everywhere, sadly. I’m feeling super human just pondering as much travel as I am… eep!

      • Kelly

        Hopefully New Orleans will make the Southern Leg cut, I’d LOVE to buy (another) book (or two) and chat with you and shake your hand vigorously and thank you profusely. There are a ton of independent, awesome bookstores, and of course, well, its New Orleans. :) If not I may just have to make a road trip if you’re anywhere nearby. Good luck with the tour planning and preparation!

        • meg

          It looks like I AM going to be in New Orleans (for a whole weekend, lucky me) but I wasn’t sure if there were enough readers there to even consider doing an event. But I can be swayed. We could also do something in a bar or restaurant, if it’s going to be small!

          • Kelly

            Yay! I haven’t found any other Team Practical peeps in town, sadly, though I’m constantly gushing about APW to my friends. I hope if there are any other New Orleanian readers lurking here they’ll speak up. Either way, I’d absolutely love to meet up!

          • Claire

            Let us know when you’re ready to share your dates for New Orleans. I’ve got a flight to book ;)

        • Claire

          Well, since my current home base of the Twin Cities is out, I guess I’ll just have to fly home to New Orleans for this! And I can probably round up a few more women who would be up for some awesome conversation.

      • PA

        It will be a whirlwind – but I think a delightful one! I’m spreading the word with my Denver friends!

  • Beth

    I am trying to RSVP to the SF Facebook event but it tells me “you don’t have sufficient permission to do that.” : ( What am I doing wrong? Do I have to be friends with Meg to RSVP? I really wanna go!

    • meg

      No, you don’t have to be friends with anyone. It’s a public event. You should just be able to hit join.

  • KC

    Wish I could make it down to your Brooklyn stop!
    If you head up to upstate NY I’ll be there with bells on :)

  • Kt

    still crossing fingers for Ann Arbor/Michigan!

  • Becky2

    Are there any midwestern stops planned/pending, or is Denver the closest you’re coming? If you’re looking for a place I may have some suggestions.

    • meg

      Nope! I can’t travel everywhere, I’m afraid. As it is, it looks like I’ll be on the road a month (though, thank goodness David is meeting me in New York). So, Denver it is!

    • HeatherM

      I know, you left out the entire Midwest! Chicago IS half-way between Denver and Boston :). If you do look at Chicago, the Chicago Cultural Center might be a great fit for you. They host all sorts of talks and lectures and authors. And the cultural center is where Chicago hosts their city hall marraiges and civil unions.

      • meg

        I’m only in Chicago for a few hours… train schedules dictate the timing, and I have to make it to Boston in time. Sara took the spare day for Denver, I’m afraid!

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  • Excellent! My sweetie and I had planned to get some books from Green Apple for our wedding party, so this is perfect planning serendipity. Will be running a little late due to work and Muni, but we’re looking forward to it!

  • Nissa

    I hate to be off topic, and I honestly didn’t check other posts for coverage, but since yesterday or perhaps the day before, I can’t load the main APW page. Instead of going to apracticalwedding.com, my browser downloads a file called download.gz, which doesn’t appear to actually be anything. I got here by Googling, and asking for the January 2012 archive. I’m using Google Chrome (16.0.912.63), but I didn’t see anything in the New Year post about not supporting it..? I’ve never had a problem before.

    I’m really sorry again for being off-topic, but I’d hate to think this is happening to anyone else and we can’t read APW (conveniently) anymore!

    • RE: Brooklyn…

      @ the locals who are on the fence about Brooklyn – that can’t be comfy. So get the fence out of your ass & RSVP.

      @ Everyone who isn’t near a tour location – ummm, helllo, weekend getaway in NYC? January is a great time to get deals to NYC. Field Trip!

      @ Everyone in the other book tour cities – be nice & chill – we’re at the end of the line & we need Meg in full force for this one. :)

      @ Nissa – clear cache? They updated the site – it was being wonky on me til I did that.

  • Awww! I’m so sad I don’t live 5 minutes from Porter Square anymore!! This makes me miss the city so much!

  • Alyssa

    I’m holding out to buy the book in store in Brooklyn – it feels like a really long wait! I want to read it today!!! :)

  • Bethie

    I’ll be there with bells on in Brooklyn – and I’ll be buying my first copy in store :)

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