APW Happy Hour

Meet our newest team members!

Hey APW!

It’s been a really lovely week over here, full of a lot of catching up on our to-do lists, some fun meetings, and our Studio Manager Chelsea’s birthday (see above, with us all dressed up). As our staff grows, there are more and more of our team members that you don’t see on the regular, because their main job is not writing for the site. But the women on the APW team are such a delight, and make my work life so enjoyable. So let me introduce you (from left to right) to Diana our new Marketing Associate (also a balloon installation artist), Chelsea our Studio Manager (also a florist), and you know, boring old me and Maddie.

How was your week? Hit it.




Racked explains why there are so many bra ads on Instagram.

I fell in love with this beautifully written story by one of our very own APW readers: “How Dad Lost His Voice—And Finally Learned to Listen.”

“Why We Disrespect Low-Carb Diets.”

This is a fascinating read in a “never thought about this” way: “How the ‘Grassroots Resistance’ of White Women Shaped White Supremacy.”

Ask A Manager explains what a lot of work terms you’ve heard really mean.

Luvvie helped create this list of Black women running for office. It’s now up to 450 women!

Netflix and Amazon have generous parental leave benefits for their tech staff. Now can we get this for everyone?

This piece from Michelle Singletary is inciting strong opinions on Al Gore’s Internets. Where do you fall in this debate?

And finally, someone tell Kim Kardashian West that they are Fulani braids, not “Bo Derek braids.” 

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