APW Happy Hour

Are you coming to our party on Sunday?

Hey APW,

Hoo, boy it’s been a week! My handy Instagram astrologers tell me it’s because of the eclipse, but mostly we’ve just been busy getting ready for this week’s event with Crate and Barrel (with a short break to celebrate my biiiiirthday). Which reminds me, if you haven’t RSVP’d to our event yet, we still have a few slots left for Sunday’s party. You can read all the details right here or skip right to the RSVPing right here. We are going to have free aura photography and bougie cotton candy, and rumor has it there are a few giveaways too. So if you don’t have anything planned for Sunday at 9AM and you’re in or around San Francisco, come hang out with us!

In the meantime, we had a chance to stop by Lace & Liberty last week to see some of the designs on our plus size wedding dress collaboration, and you guys, I’m SO excited to share where these designs are headed. If you signed up for the bridal panel, you should be getting an invitation to a Facebook group in the next week. And even if you didn’t, we’ll have lots more to share in the coming weeks as we start to gather up lace samples and put the finishing touches on our initial designs. But for now, I can give you this little sneak peek of our studio visit here just to give you a taste. (That’s not a two-toned gown, much to my dismay. Just a little side by side action as we were deciding between lace and lining options.)

a woman tries on different wedding dress outfits

And now, a shameless baby photo, because it’s been a week and he’s real cute. Look at that grumpy face. That’s how we feel when our mom makes us wear SPF 75 and a hat and won’t let us drive our Little Tikes car all the way to the end of the driveway. The NERVE.

A little boy walks across a dirt field while carrying a baby doll

And with that, it’s your happy hour, so get to it!



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