APW Happy Hour

From one season to another

Hey APW,

Here we are, on the other side of Labor Day. Here on Long Island the first Monday of September is like a light switch that flips the crowds off, so every year in that sweet spot between Labor Day and the first day of school, my mom and I would spend a day together with the beach all to ourselves. Without fail, the forced quality time at a place we both loved would end up being a chance to reconnect and cross the bridge between end-of-summer melancholy and start-of-fall-motivation. Last year was the first time I upheld the tradition since her passing more than a decade ago, and even though so much had changed, the chance to say goodbye to one season and hello to another was as special as ever, so I’m back at it this morning.

Speaking of the end of a season, as I write this Happy Hour, the Oakland team is rallying around Meg after the loss of her dad this week. He was beloved by many of the staff, and those of you who have been around since the beginning may remember he was one of APW’s very first commenters, as well as the groom in one of its earliest real weddings, to Meg’s mom, in 1974. We’re all sending our love and condolences to Meg and her family, as he will be very much missed.

man with cowboy hat talking a selfie with a redheaded woman and little boy at the beach

And if that wasn’t, you know, enough for now, our Associate Editor Mark was recently diagnosed with a rare inflammatory disease. You may know Mark as a wedding photographer who’s been around APW, since well, the beginning, and you definitely know him from all the work he does making sure all our posts have important things like links and photos—and you probably also know Mark’s wife Leah as The Compact’s Camp Witch and as the dole-er of excellent advice here on APW. While we are so glad to hear Mark’s finally received a diagnosis and things are slowly looking up, this is only the beginning of the road to recovery. There is a Go Fund Me for Mark, Leah, and family right here, if you’d like to support.

And with this rough week behind us, I hope all y’all get to soaking up the last of the summer and harnessing that September motivation this weekend. And now, it’s your Happy Hour…



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