APW Happy Hour

We're on Spring Break!

Hey APW,

Well it’s been a whirlwind of a few weeks. We had a big photo shoot last week for our partnership with Rit Dye. (Go see the result of that here. It’s genuinely my favorite thing ever. Do you ever get an idea in your head that you just have to get out? This was that.) And then we shot the cover for the 🎉 second edition of Meg’s book 🎉 on the same day.

I don’t know if I ever talk much about the behind the scenes at APW, but we are a really small team for what we do, with three full time staff members and four part timers. Which means that when we have a photo shoot or anything more involved than—you know—writing a post, we usually wear a lot of hats. Sometimes it’s stressful (so many hats!), but sometimes it’s the best part of creative work. On this shoot I got to play producer, stylist, photographer, and hype woman. And it was one of those days where everything came together exactly the way we needed it to, including our incredible makeup artist and hair stylist asking if they could jump into the shoot, because they loved the veils so much, and then us magically having extra dresses in their sizes. It gave us the exact shot we had originally wanted but frankly couldn’t budget for. And I hope there’s a lot more of that kind of synergy this year.

Speaking of which! Meg and I got an invitation to speak at Alt Summit next week (we found out on Wednesday with like… three hours to make a decision, NBD). So if you’re going to be there, let us know! (Or just come up and say hi.)

Through pure circumstance, we had actually planned on taking a publishing hiatus next week to focus on some bigger picture strategy (see above re: small team), so you won’t find any new posts on the site until we get back. (Though there’s always the archives!) And with that I, um, have a talk to write. 😅 It’s your happy hour, so go do your thing.



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