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Hey APW,

TGIF, y’all. We had a big photo shoot for Amazon Wedding Registries this week (you might have caught it on Instagram stories on Tuesday and Wednesday). There was a lot of fringe, AstroTurf, and kitsch, which is my idea of a good time. For a long time, APW didn’t do styled shoots (our vibe has never been about fake weddings, you know?). So when we get invited to do campaigns with brands, we always try to do it in service of something fun or informational. And this shoot might be one of my favorites to date. I’m excited to bring you the content in a few weeks, but mostly I’m excited to sleep (production days are l-o-n-g).

But before I go, I wanted to direct your attention here to a special we’re running for wedding vendors this weekend. We just revamped our vendor directory program to be much more community focused (think: group coaching calls with our staff and a vendor forum for sharing advice and referrals). And we’re offering $75 off all listings for the next 48 hours (so you get a whole year of the program for $350), plus a special inclusion in a roundup next month. You can read more about our advertising mission and apply for a listing right here (or, you know, just tag your favorite vendors in our IG post here and let that do the work).

And with that, it’s your happy hour, so get to it.



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